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 All five feet, eight inches of a six-winged, wandering
soul strolled out into the night in the wake of a movie
of a very particular and unsavory genre.  Gabriel was still
nibbling crackerjacks from the bargain-size popcorn bowl
when the sky blackened.


                  “Aw, criminy,” he scoffed. 

The tempest that brewed in the vicinity signaled
Raphael’s arrival well before the Trickster heard the violent
thrumming, like a very taut string that was subsequently
electrocuted, or a maddened radio signal.  

But the molecules of the dampening air v i b r a t e d
with the face-off of two Archangelic brothers. 

                “Didja have to make it pour on me, prima donna?” 
                the Lord’s Messenger quipped toward the sky.

He snapped his fingers, quirked his lip and conjured a
Hello Kitty umbrella with which he sheltered himself.
Hello Kitty, for the sake of being perverse. 

The high wind promptly inverted and broke it.

                R u d e, Ninja Turtle. 

Whisky-hued eyes glinted with cunning and repressed
malice at the figurative and literal dampening of Gabriel’s
fun: in other words, his perpetual flight from responsibility. 

Weird TMNT Dream

I had a dream that Raph was pregnant. 0.o That’s not the weirdest thing though. The weirdest thing is that I dreamt it more than once.


The first time there was no father and the dream wasn’t too detailed. The second dream was a bit more elaborate and it happened a few months after Invasion of the Squirrelanoids first aired. 

In this dream Mikey was the father, which is weird because I don’t support t-cest even a little bit. At one point they were questioning whether or not their relationship was ok but then they remembered Hikaru and Kaoru from the anime Ouran High School Host Club and thought “Oh well if they’re ok we’re ok. Cool!”


Anyway when it was time for the baby to be born they had to do a c-section because… well Raph’s a guy and how else would the baby get out? And they had to use a chainsaw because of his plastron. 


The baby was pretty cute though. He was so tiny he could fit in Donnie’s hand. 

I fully blame/thank Invasion of the Squirrelanoids for corrupting/enhancing my dreams. 

mermaidbabe12 asked:

8, 27, 48 :)

  • 8. Your pets:

    I have Raphael and Michelangelo, two beautiful baby cats. Raphael was a rescue from the animal shelter, and for a while I thought he was going to die because he got REALLY sick. I managed to get him through the worst of it, and then he suddenly turned into a freakin moose. Michelangelo was found by a dumpster by my neighbors and they brought him in, then changed their minds. They knocked on my door and were like “Take this cat, we dont want him, or he’s going back out on the streets.” So I got a new baby. Raphael is extremely indifferent, he’ll do whatever he wants and either run sorta (a set distance) then roll over and show his back, or just stare at you like “…what?” But hes definitely the daddy’s boy. Mikey is super skittish (shoulda named him donatello) and still kind of feral, so he doesn’t really act like a cat.
  • 27. Your good habits

I dunno that I have good habits. I make sure I eat and I go to the gym, and I read a lot and drink water? …hmm

  • 48. Your role model/inspiration

Evan Centopani is probably who really got me started in the whole fitness world. I used to see these badass, hardcore gym style posters with him and motivational words, and it ended up sticking with me enough that I went back to the gym. My other role model is superman, because I like ascribing impossible ideals to myself. :P