Ciao ciao! Sono Nicoletta!

L’arte d’Italia e una parte della cultura italiana molto importante. Quando si pensa d’Italia, l’arte del Rinascimento passa per la testa. Alcuni dei artisti migliori sono italiani: come Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Boccaccio, ecc. Sono molto interessato nell’arte d’Italia e quindi ho pensato che sarebbe un buon’idea scrivere d’arte.


Questa è mia nipote! Si chiama Evan Elyse. È molto bella, sì? Questa foto mi descrive perché la mia famiglia è molto importante per me, particolarmente la mia nipotina!

Studio i relazioni internazionali a UT. Mi piace imparare delle culture e la storia, per questo scelgo studiare gli studi internazionali. Inoltre, voglio aiutare con l’iniziativa umanitaria nei paesi del Terzo Mondo e credo che gli studi internazionali mi aiuti con quello.

La lingua italiana è rilevante oggi perché Italia ha una parte importante nella politica mondiale. Però, la cultura d’Italia è diverso da la cultura dei altri paesi d’Europa.  Per questa ragione, è importante imparare la lingua d’Italia perché quello ci da una comprensione migliore della cultura d’Italia.


Paige: Hey, uh, this is kind of weird to say, but I feel like I know you from somewhere.

?: Odd as it sounds, I too feel that way. But where could we have met before?

Paige: That accent…Raphael?

Raphael: Paige?

Paige: Its been so long! When did I last see you? High school? I’ve missed you!

Raphael: I have missed you as well!

High school friends, reunited at last.

Wish that I could make the road easy

I wish that life was fair

Don’t wanna see you cry

Even when it rains

And I hope you don’t forget this

You were born for better things 


A birthday present for my Idiota. I hope you like it! 

I was really driven to draw this because I rarely seem to see anything remotely of Raph and Splinter (or maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places) but this is my attempt to rectify this! This is Raphael, to Splinter, who he would fight for because he loves his daddy 8D 

Posting it here, rather than my personal, because lolz


So now we get to the Leo vs. Raph fight. I gotta admit, when If irst saw this I rolle dmy eyes because o course they were going to have Donnie and Mikey get taken out easy and focus on the rivalry, like always. After 2k7 I was kinds fed up with the Leo and Rpah rivalry cause it felt like it was taking up a lot of time and I wanted to see other aspects and relationships within the Turtles focused on, like perosnally I wanted mroe Leo and Donnie stuff and Raph and Mikey stuff. Luckily I got the latter, but still it did annoy me that the rivalry was going to be a major focus… again.

Still when watching I was super impressed by the fight choreography and that helped sell em on this show. Still I was watching with a bored face cause I thought that I already knew how this was gonna go. I was like “oh great the two are gonna fight then Leo’s gonna pull some kind of maneuver that’s gonna take out Raph, he’ll get mad, they’ll butt heads, and Splinter’s gonna have to step in to make them knock it off. Please we’ve seen ti before so why are you even-“

Then Raph caught Leo with his sai and threw him to the ground. And I jawdropped. I never recalled a time where Raph actually BEAT Leo in a fight. It took me by surprise big time. Like… wow!

But on the scene itself, again the facial expressions tell so much. Leo is more serious and Raph becomes serious. We see the differences between them merely in their dialogue. Leo does the proper protocol (sorry I can’t remember the exact word) while Raph just gives a “Whatever you say” in response. Leo does the proper techniques and does what is expected int he beginning of a fight, Raph doesn’t at all care about doing tings the proper way. During the fight we see how focused the two are, both are taking the fight seriously. And judging from Donnie and Mikey’s faces when Raph gets disarmed, they’re VERY used to this. So while ti gets worst when Leo is made leader (something else that surprised me cause I thought he already was until Splinter said something about it) the rivalry already exists.

Still took me by surprise that Raph won, but int he good way. It was different than what I’m used to and I was SO happy with it. It helps establish Raph truly being the strongest fighter and fuel that arrogance that he possesses. it helps show why he gets so envious of Leo and his behavior towards him, sure it’s not right but we are seeing the early signs of it already. They did a really good job at character establishment and establishment of Leo and Raph’s rivalry here.

omg so yesterday I was at the bank with my friend and we were sitting down in waiting to talk to someone. Anyways suddenly these two little boys “surrounded me” (as my friend put it xD) and were running circles around the chair I was in and then sat down in the chairs next to me, switching seats over and over. I just laughed. xD Then my friend said “they were putting on a show for” me and they were playing/fighting with their dolls and would occasionally look over to me and smile ^v^ Then they got tired and just sat back in the chairs and asking random questions, like: what’s your name? is that a spider? (there was a tiny spider on the wall), who’s better Optimus Prime or Raphael?” So I was answering all their questions. Then I found a little glowing hole in the back of the TV so we went over to investigate it :3 Then they had to leave.

Btw, my friend (she doesn’t know I’m a shotacon) said that the boys were flirting with me, and… I was being a total cougar and flirting back! OMG I almost died of bewilderment there…XD

To say that Quidditch wasn’t his thing would be a complete understatement. It wasn’t that he didn’t mind the sport, it was the fact that people were flying however high in the air and their stands were just a little shorter than the hoops — or whatever the hell they were called. The height made him feel dizzy, but that was why he didn’t look down. Puckerman was surprised when he said he was going to the Quidditch game, an extremely confused look on his face accompanied his question. But the brunet waved him off and told him that he was going to be a bit late, so he needed a place to sit — which the other Slytherin eagerly replied with a nod.

And Raphael was true to his words. The game had only been a few minutes in when he had reached the stands, the brunet sucking in a sharp breath as he pushed his way through the crowd of Slytherins, his silver and green scarf wound tightly around his neck. He kept his eyes on the ground, nervous to even look out because he was sure that he was going to flip if he happened to look over the edge. He wormed his way between Puckerman and one girl — he couldn’t remember her name, but he was sure that she was probably a Potter or a Weasley. Those people seemed to be littering the halls. Arms folded across his chest, his eyes scanned for the blonde. The main reason why he had shown up in the first place.


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Slash X Raphael?



Since both of them are the protectors over the ones that they love, they are always looking out for each other. They love to hold hands, but not in front of anyone because they’re both too “tough” to be seen so vulnerable. Slash has an easy temper, but Raphael always manages to calm him down and bring him back to Earth with a kiss. Then they make out like craZy  <3