I did a 2014 Version of this (x) I thought, why not a 2012 version as well? So, just to let y’all know, I am going to be submitting every day through Christmas. I am just dumping some non-Christmas stuff for this weekend but starting on Monday, I am planning on starting to submit all Christmas themed pictures. Maybe even have the energy for a comic or two… who knows? Be sure to check those out. Those were intense labors of love just for y’all. Have a good day, everyone!

Also, this weekend, I am submitting some more nsfw. Today’s was a little 2014 Raphril to change things up. It is nsfw though. Be warned.

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"I’ve read somewhere that people sometimes take characteristics of their favorite characters.. Now, I’m not sure how true that is if it is at all worth it’s weight in psychology but.. I sometimes wonder if I’ve channeled Mirage Raphael a little bit too much in my life. I’ve been known to lose my temper, though not to rage-a-holic levels, and even my Mom wonders where this anger came from.. And for the life of me, I can’t even remember either."

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Hamato Pile by suthnmeh

What began as a teeny tiny goofy doodle on my sketchbook eventually, through some weird miracle, became this.
I have http://drawannon.tumblr.com/ and http://violette-aner.tumblr.com/ to thank especially for the critiques and inspiration.

Donnie gets the hug from April because that is an actual real common THING in this series and Donnie’s such a goddamn magical person he deserves it, k? Look, he seems so happy TvT
Why does Leo shine? Motherfucker turned out beautiful.
And look at Raphael, the smug little shit.
Mikey stop being so disgustingly happy and wonderful, wait, don’t stop.

Splinter and Casey are taking the picture, I guess. Not like I forgot about them^^


I also have a bunch of different color variations and I don’t know what to do with them. Wanna see them?