This is pretty much how I pictured a first kiss for them going. Both watching a horror movie and playful banter ensues over popcorn. The two had been skirting around each other for months — waiting for the other one to make the first movie. Later on,it had been mainly about April trying to get Raph to just make the first move, while Raph just stewed and thought maybe April didn’t feel the same way he did and he wasn’t going to give her the benefit of the doubt unless she was the one to do something about it. Halloween approaching, April is on her last nerve and during the movie — seeing his easy smirk and beautiful green eyes — she just can’t take the waiting anymore and finally kisses him. Might write an accompanying one shot but we’ll see. :-D Hope y’all have a great week. :-)



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"Donny, just do it. It’s not worth the trouble." April pleaded with me. I stood, the ray gun still warm in my fingers. My hands shook, my mouth agape. I stared at April who stood chained to a kraang table, wires protruding from her head and arms.

It was supposed to be a good day. We were supposed to train with Leo, I was going to work on my new Metalhead, and we weren’t supposed to even be found. I don’t know how it all went so wrong.

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Whenever people imply cinema is dead or the well is polluted and dry in some way or another I just think like, who stamped on that cute little light inside you? Especially with the movies that have come out this year and the last. Like are they serious????

Mommy review (SPOILER FREE)


I never thought I’d be applauding like my life depended on it as a Lana del Rey song played, but it happened tonight.

Xavier Dolan’s followup to his already formidable Laurence Anyways is a force to be reckoned with, more like a thumping heart than a movie.

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