• courtney:ok please listen to me
  • me:ok
  • courtney:dont hang up though
  • me:ok
  • courtney:just wait till i've explained
  • me:OK
  • courtney:please don't drink too much on new years because you know what you're like drunk, you're easily rapeable.
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I freaking love them! Can’t wait til Warped Tour!!!

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anonymous said:

So Paige recently called user suburban-heroin-genius out for posting a...disturbing gif + message about rape, is this enough to get them reported tho? I haven't been on Tumblr long and i'm not sure. Also, they seem to be a a giant dick. One of their previous posts is about rejection and they said that they'd got rejected before. Jee, just look at their most recent posts (also about 'rapeable' girls). No wonder why they were rejected. According to one of their old posts they shoplifted too... :/

You can definitely report them. They put purposely triggering content in tags that it doesn’t belong in, they are advocating rape, they are clearly a violent and disturbed individual, so yes, they can be reported, and please do report them when you get the chance. - Paige