A Long Strange Story that Just Happened to Me

As I was walking from my car into school, I saw this tiny kid walking the other way to the elementary school wing in a Rainbow Dash sweatshirt, one of the ones with the mane and ears on the hood, and it was way too big and she was adorable, and I was going to tell her I liked her sweatshirt, but when I smiled at her, she stopped me.

She took my hand and pulled me around the other way. “Look! There’s a rainbow over there!” 

And it was a really cool rainbow, and I was like, “Whoa, man. Thanks for showing me that. I would have missed it.” and she nodded very seriously and said, “It’s the wrong end though. I checked. Did you know that scientists have no accurate way to predict which end of the rainbow has the pot of gold.”

This really blew my mind, to be honest, because I guess I always subconsciously assumed that scientists did not, in fact, have any sort of system to work that out, but it had never been phrased that way to me, and she was so sincere and serious that I was like, Damn, they really need to get on that. That’s something scientists should fucking figure out.

She told me they also have not found the second half of the Titanic. I didn’t know this either, but according to Tiny Scientist Rainbow Dash, scientists believe that half actually is buried somehow beneath the ocean floor. She’s saving up her allowance to send to these people so they can get a big x-ray machine and look for it, but it’ll be expensive, because it has to be waterproof.

I acted like this was a totally reasonable plan. Heck, I’m not a Titanic expert, or an oceanographer. Maybe they do need a big waterproof x-ray machine you can buy with a child’s allowance. I don’t know. 

Honestly, she was a pretty smart kid, and a lot of what she said  went over my head, but she’s very concerned with the preservation of the wreckage and she’s upset that they’re bringing artifacts from the ship to the surface because they could really damage it and it isn’t the same if it isn’t exactly where they found it. 

On the other hand, it’s rapidly deteriorating— her phrasing, not mine— and eventually the ocean pressure will cause it to collapse. Which seems like a shame. But there are thick rubber suits normal people can take down there to swim through the ruins while they’re still there. Also, one time her mom touched the smoke stack. That’s how they found it, actually. The smokestack in the water. 

She doesn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio, she told me.

One day, when she grows up, she’s going to go down to the wreck and swim through it. She doesn’t care if it’s a bucket of rust shards by that point, she wants to be there. I told her I think that’s an awesome goal to have. 

She says there’s starfish in the bathtubs down there. 

Finally, I guess she realized I was the only teenager left outside because she let go of my hand and said, “But I don’t want you to be late for class! I’ll tell you about the rest later!” and ran off to the playground. 

I never got her name or told her mine, but I hope she finds me again. I want to know more about the Titanic from this kid. 

The ‘walking’ megalithic statues (moai) of Easter Island

“Explaining how the monumental statues (moai) of Easter Island were transported has remained open to debate and speculation, including their resource expenditures and role in deforestation. Archaeological evidence including analysis of moai variability, particularly those abandoned along ancient roads, indicates transport was achieved in a vertical position. To test this proposition we constructed a precise three-dimensional 4.35 metric ton replica of an actual statue and demonstrate how positioning the center of mass allowed it to fall forward and rock from side to side causing it to ‘walk.’ Our experiments reveal how the statue form was engineered for efficient transport by a small number of individuals.

We show how Easter Island statue variability is explained by transport in a vertical position. ► We ‘walk’ a precise road statue replica demonstrating how form enables vertical transport. ► ‘Walking’ multi-ton statues did not require timber and could be accomplished by relatively small groups” (read more).

***I don’t often post non-Palaeolithic articles, but this was too cool and the images were great.

(Source: Journal of Archaeological Science, 2013, in press)

Names associated with the hit BBC Wales production, Doctor Who, have seen a rise since 2011.

Amelia jumped from number five to the number one spot in the popularity tables between 2010 and 2011, Rory went from 132 to and 110, and River went from 1792 to 1239.

Characters in Steven Moffat’s hit show include Amelia Pond, Rory Williams and River Song. Rather unsurprisingly, there were no babies born in 2010 or 2011 with the names Doctor, Who, or Doctor Who. Time Lord and TARDIS are also yet to make an appearance.

However, there was a rise in the number of babies called Matt, the name was ranked at number 1425 in 2009, but rose to 1124 in 2011.


Traditional clothing of the Pacific Islands:

  1. A group of dancers perform a traditional dance (Samoa)
  2. Two performers in traditional clothing (Tokelau Islands)
  3. A group of women in traditional clothing (Maori- New Zealand)
  4. Girl in traditional clothing (Fiji)
  5. Dancers in traditional clothing (Rapa Nui-  Easter Island)
  6. Dancers in traditional dress (Cook Islands)
  7. Two women in traditional clothing (Huli- Papua New Guinea)
  8. A group of women in traditional dress (Ni-Vanuatu)
  9. Children in traditional dress (Hawai’i)
  10. A woman in traditional clothing (Tahiti)

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Bowser. The world’s most recognizable villain is also easily the world’s most misunderstood one. Here we have a single father of eight kids, doesn’t speak a word of language, and works a full-time job running an empire; can you blame him for trying to recruit the only maternal figure in the Mushroom Kingdom as a nanny? -mike