On the real though

while workin on everything for this album i’ve been scared if niggas will really be about everything i been doing and like…if i should continue on with the Crimewave project but from everything I’ve seen today it’s only shown me I should take it more serious

big thanks to everyone whos helped me start producing and rapping, and everyone who’s paid for the album

imma try to have something out by july….so just know that Crimewave is not gonna be sleep any time soon….


could use some feedback on this, it’s my first beat. 

RIP J Dilla, one of rap’s all-time great producers who passed away 8 years ago today from complications lupus and TTP, just 3 days after releasing the now classic and heavily sampled Donuts.

While any number of Dilla tracks could vie for title of “the best” from his early work with Pharcyde to neo-soul benchmarks with Erykah Badu and D'Angelo, it’s “Last Donut of the Night”, the final track from Donuts that I personally keep coming back to. Every fragment of his sound comes together in the track: warm but heavy drums, calculated snaps, tender soul vocals, invitingly obscure samples, and hypnotic guitar riffs. The track posits Dilla as “the star of our show”, and while the humble producer who often walked around with his hat pulled low never found that full “stardom” in life he has now it.

“Last Donut of the Night”