Don’t regret the bridges you burnt to move on
Some fires, even if accidentally lit,
Should ravage and destroy everything
And when facing the emptiness left behind
Pick up your bags and leave
Don’t let the smoke get in your eye
Trust me when I say
There’s nothing there on the other side
There is going only forward and never looking back
—  realizations at 2 am // d.y.

LGBTQ representation will never not be important.

Having 1 gay character does not mean “oh, that’s enough representation—no more”

Having a canonically gay character is VERY important because in many works, there’s not even 1 character. (Not to mention, in many shows and such the 1 character is usually a character of a day or something among those lines and used for comic relief and that’s just it)

However, that doesn’t mean representation is enough and needs to be stopped or whatever. Because for every 1 gay character there’s about 100 (in their individual show) heterosexual characters. 

Telling people that a piece of work doesn’t need anymore representation is basically saying “ok ugh 1 is enough that’s it everyone else has got to be straight” which is homophobic—because the idea of more LGBTQ characters…is bothersome? why is it bothersome?

People headcanoning characters as LGBTQ or aromantic, or asexual is also FINE! there’s nothing wrong with that and they have every right to. And people who ship yaoi or yuri ships also have every right to as well.

It isn’t disgusting, and even if it doesn’t have a “chance at canon”…why should they stop? there’s nothing wrong with shipping characters of the same sex even if it may not be endgame? I just??

Naniniwala ka ba sa 2nd chances?
  • My own POV:A BIG NO. Ako yung taong kapag sinayang mo yung unang pagkakataon na binigay ko sayo, wala ka ng aasahan pang kasunod. Bakit? Kasi di ako naniniwala na sa pangalawang pagkakataon may magbabago pa. Bakit ba? Kanya kanyang perspective lang yan. Para sakin kasi, ang pagbibigay ng second chance parang bala ng baril. Binaril ka na nung una, di ka pa natuto? Ikaw pa mismo magbibigay ng bala para barilin ka ulit? Ganito kasi yan, kung talagang pinapahalagahan ka ng tao, kapag gagawa yan ng mali sayo, lagi yang may choice eh, ang saktan ka o gumawa ng mas okay na paraan para masaktan ka pero maaayos pa. At kung choice nya na saktan ka sa una. Sa tingin mo ba hindi nya uulitin yon sa pangalawang beses? Ang tao kapag napabigyan, aabuso yan. Pustahan pa tayo eh. Kaya ako natuto na ko, dati grabe ako magbigay ng chances, sumobra pa sa 3, pero pag ang tanga natuto, lagot ang abusado. Kaya ikaw, magisip isip ka. Wag kang paabuso sa mga nananamantala. Wag kang magpakatanga. Walang second chance na hihingin kung sa una palang ayaw ka na nyang saktan.

do you ever find out about a person’s opinion on something and get really really confused because you don’t see how anyone could have an opinion like that

I wouldn’t know how to commit even if you forced me through 10 courses
Three years in high school and I’ve never gotten a B
But I can tell you this is one class I couldn’t pass
My parents split when I was 3
I haven’t seen my dad in 6 years
My mom constantly moved and I’ve yet to return to a high school for 2 years
None of these are an excuse
But I hope you understand
Why I am like water flowing through your hands
I always leave
And you always forget me
—  "Don’t know commitment" // a story a day #44 by d.y.

so thousands of  NYPD cops who apparently think they are angels on pedestals and shouldn’t be held accountable to anything turned their back on their mayor today and once again I’m going to state because I can, I really hate policemen who think they are angels put on pedestals and won’t be held accountable to anything. 

no one forced you into this job, it’s one you chose yourself. It’s not a secret that cops have a greater risk of job fatalities because of the line of work you do. It’s like the people who willingly live (and have other choices) in the midwest where 70% of the world’s tornadoes occur, and they are suddenly so shocked that there was a tornado!!!!!

Same places where people live in earthquake  areas, and are shocked they get an earthquake. 

You work at a policeman, you make enemies, you enforce the law. There are crazy people out there who hate that, like that guy who shot those two officers. 

You know that the shooter’s reason behind it was flimsy and transparent because he’s been arrested 19 times before and has been unstable for a very long time. 

These #blacklivesmatter Protests are just your scapegoats, Officers. And it’s a stupid one. 

The mayor holds you accountable for your actions. You killed Eric Garner and you Killed Michael Brown and your brothers and sister across the country in uniform have been accused of racial profiling, police brutality, and other actions that shouldn’t be happening when you are supposed to be the ones enforcing the law. 

I love how it’s the mayor’s fualt, I love how it’s the 5 looters in a growd of thousands, I love how it’s that one guy who was caught on camera saying BURN IT DOWN’s fault. 

But it’s never your fault. It’s never the deeply flawed Justice System’s fault (which by the way, 19 arrests and mental instability you think that some how this guy who shot the officers would have been picked up and thrown in jail at some point for a very very very long time). 

Stop bitching and moaning and whining and finding every excuse you can which all but says “my job makes me a better person than you are meaning I don’t have to be held accountable for anything.”

Grow. The fuck. Up. 

Little things about life that piss me off: women always being portrayed in media and art and everywhere as little beautiful delicate flowers who are abused and desecrated and stuff by men.

I don’t mind girls drawing girls being brutalized because these are our bodies we are drawing and we can do whatever the fuck we want with them - it’s my hedonist little fetish to see my body ripped to pieces, to draw myself helpless and dead, when in real life I will literally fuck anyone’s shit up if they even try so much as touching a single strand of my hair without my consent. The only person who gets to destroy my body, my female body is me, and by drawing dead girls what I’m saying is watch me do it, because you’ll never be able to do it to me

Because basically our bodies have always been fair game to men, it’s about taking away what’s most precious to them - ownership over our bodies. Somebody might say - but the end result is the same! and I’ll have to point out that it’s not the end result what one is looking for. The end result, the desecrated body, is just a little souvenir  of the process of desecration. People don’t go on holidays to take photos - they take photos to remember the good times on their holidays. 

But the thing about drawing doe-eyed helpless boys is that now we’re invading enemy territory - in painting, it’s about reverting the capture of Proserpine: now the one being captured is Pluto, who’s going to get dragged away from Hell to be desecrated by the selfish love of the goddess.

how do u guys get that creamy smooth look w ur brushes. … mine always feel so ?? sharp? not blending? lower opacity doesnt rly do it… 100% opac. can but its a lot of dropper tool and blending w shades instead.. which takes me forever l ol

i just want that painterly cream look how do i Not Understand

I wish there are more berry skintones. SkinTONES, not skin details. I like to play a sim save where the game generates a berry townie. It’s frustrating to keep going to Manage Households and convert the townies to berries myself. Though I understand that CC creators haven’t found(?) a way for that yet.

Is fate possible? A mathematical interpretation by sleep-deprived Agustina

So Ryan asked me yesterday night if I believed in fate. I don’t know if he expected a binary answer yes/no, but being that I’m insufferably nerdy I’ve always thought of it as “not quite so” so here’s a bit of a mathematical/philosophical thought exercise that draws on simple calculus, general systems theory, Gödel’s theorem and law of thermodynamics.

Suppose we’re working with linear time, this means that events are ordered in a sequenced manner so event 2 comes after 1, etc, and we could find a model which given x1, x2… xn number of variables would produce the prediction of an event y with a significant degree of accuracy so that f(x1,x2… xn) = y

We’re gonna work under the hypothesis that events in time are linked so that the effects of previous events would affect the outcome of our model - I initially said that we’d have to feed either previous outcomes (y1,y2…yn) to the model but that’d require different models for each moment in time

Since i’m working under the hypothesis that there’s only one model that can explain all, i’m just gonna use the same number of variables and thus the number n of variables remains constant, but the thing is all models like any system degrade over time - entropy, if you will, because if we suppose that for every computation there’s a margin of error, however small it may be, that error is gonna pile up until the system becomes unstable and is unable to make predictions anymore. Because we keep feeding our system the results of previous computations, and because of the number of variables we’re gonna use, which approaches to infinity, it is reasonable to assume that this deterioration of the model would happen in an incredibly short amount of time.

Now the real question is, the only true argument against fate is the level of perfection of the model that describes events - aka whether there’s any error at all or not

But the definition of error is the deviation from an expected outcome - which ultimately brings up the question, who decides what’s the expected outcome?

And more importantly, it’s also worth noticing that the error at n time can only be calculated at (n+1) time - the future, because you need to compare what you predicted to what actually happened

Therefore, should there be a margin of error, there wouldn’t exist such thing as fate because the ordering of events couldn’t be ascertained until it actually happened

So necessarily the model has to have a 0 margin of error - it has to be perfect. but if it was perfect, under the premises of gödel’s incompleteness theorem, we’d have to question whether something inside existence can actually describe existence as the model would need to be a perfect closed system

Only outside of existence there can be something that encompasses the entirety of existence therefore the model doesn’t exist

So my final answer is: there is no such thing as fate, but you can get close to determinism in a short term