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Its been a while since I drew these two and I had to draw annoyed!stiles. I have a headcanon that derek watches once upon a time and ships captain swan, also LOVES Halloween. This was Derek’s time to choose the costumes :D

Prompt [9/?]: "stiles and derek as pirates" - boy--wolf 

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This is one of my biggest pet peeve when it comes to questions about my OCs.

I will admit I had a hard time drawing girls for the longest time. I’ve been practicing non stop when it came to girls. I would never show them since they were always shit. Either too MANLY Looking or too BUTCH looking is what most people would’ve called them.

And not only that there are so many mean things people would call girl characters. One of them being Mary-sue. Just because you had a strong female character or if you have a super weak female character, someones gonna bitch about them all the time.

This is why I have so little female characters, but just because I have few doesn’t mean I don’t have ANY. I am very picky when it comes to making my females likable. 

And I want to make them strong and leader types too but still their own person. 

So just because I hardly have females doesn’t mean I don’t like drawing girls. Its because I want each girl to be their individual and unique. 



How so fucking sick of how, any time it FINALLY seems like ‘oh boy an ad about something that affects men’ and seeing it twisted into how the male victims themselves are the enemy and that we need to be shaming them even more because ultimately female pedophiles getting lighter sentences  —if they’re even convicted since apparently not rape when they do it— is somehow about how those poor women are so objectified they can’t even be proper rapists.

How tired I am of seeing domestic violence ads only targeted towards women while women beating men is so often seen as ‘the dude getting what he deserved’ or being turned into what he did, or how some of you mentally age five trash ass animals see female violence as empowering, see putting down men to boost your self-esteem as uplifting but then are the same ones who fall into a tizzy at the mere thought of a man putting his hand on a woman even in self-defense.

And I’ve had it up to here with all these people going on about how gender roles are oppressive and bad and everything under the sun, but then seeing people continue to bash men who do try and step out of that gender role and outright making it your mission to degrade them in any way possible just so you can make yourself get back at whoever didn’t like you in fifth grade.

FUCK YA’LL. I hope you people get spit on.

okay i understand the new tumblr is really shitty and looks terrible and whatever else

but there’s probably some poor designer sitting at his desk crying right now reading all these posts about how bad it is. it’s still someone’s work, you know?

anonymous said:

(3-sorry last one!) And when he asked last night what Zach thought he'd be remembered for, Murtz threw out stuff like "froot loop dingus" and "your friendship with Frankie" but ZACH is the one who said "Zankie" and didn't just echo Murtz by saying "my friendship with Frankie for sure" or something like that. I'm not 100% convinced he was actually trying to come out last night with the golf metaphor, but I am kind of convinced that he's cool with the name Zankie because he knows it's real.

I was so surprised that he said Zankie because he said it of his own accord. Actually, most everything he said yesterday was of his own accord, which is why it was so significant.

Usually the interviewers will try to pressure him into questions, or lead him, but Murtz was very, very, very lowkey about Zach’s sexuality and his relationship with Frankie. He didn’t address it or imply anything until the very end of the interview. Yet Zach… Zach took it upon himself to drop several hints that his relationship with Frankie was more than platonic and that his sexuality was up for question.  

And even if he had never mentioned the golf analogy, I would still think he had finally come to terms with his feelings for Frankie and finally become comfortable with his sexuality based on the rest of the interview paired with how he’s been acting this entire week.

Like, the golf analogy came at the very end of the interview… and before he even said anything I was already certain that he was out. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that he didn’t say that he was straight once during that interview when in every other interview he went out of his way to assert it the second anyone even began to imply that he wasn’t.

It would be one thing for him to simply stop being defensive, he could do that by saying “Frankie and I are just great friends.” when the subject is brought up, but instead he said “We became friends, then we became… you know.” when the subject hadn’t even been brought up. Murtz was just asking about their friendship, he didn’t even hint that it was anything more… but Zach really seemed to want to make a point that it is something more.

Also, Zach has been saying he wants a girlfriend since he was on the show, but when Murtz brought it up, he showed complete disinterest. First he cleverly disregarded when Murtz asked “What do you look for in a girlfriend?” by saying “Oh, you want to know what my type is?” instead of saying “Oh, you want to know what I look for in a girlfriend.” Notice how “type” is gender neutral. Then he said he liked smart girls, only to immediately say that he doesn’t “really date girls though.” Then said, without using gender, that he likes “smart and funny”. And who did he say was the funniest, smartest person during that interview? Frankie and Frankie alone.

I feel like it took these last… three weeks? Four weeks? For him to fully come around to accepting his feelings and sexuality. And now he’s 100% about it. He clearly made a decision to just go with it instead of trying to resist it, and I’m proud of him for that!  And now he’s finally able to show just how much he loves Zankie! I never doubted him for a second!


Enzo turned a vampire when he and Caroline found me.
You mean your girlfriend from Savannah. The one you falsely led me to believe was a witch who knew how to help D a m o n and Bonnie?

The All-About-The-Military Wife

How to Spot: Look for her “I’m a (insert branch) wife shirt”, as well as the magnet on her car. She probably also has the camo bag to match.

Her life revolves around the military. She was most likely a military brat or sister. More likely than not, she has dated more than one service member. She bakes things for all the military functions even the ones she’s not invited to and shows up at the command or hanger unannounced.  She goes to every single FRG meeting, and volunteers to do anything and everything.

Annoying Rating: 1

Reasoning: She genuinely loves the military life and can be really helpful to newbies. Most of the time she’s really nice but can be a competitive know-it-all.

The Rank-Wearing Wife

How to Spot: She might have her husband’s rank embroidered on her bag, stuck on car, customized into a vanity plate, or tattooed on her body (no, really, that happens)

This wife is obsessed with her husband’s rank and yours too. She will introduce herself as “Mrs SGT (Last Name)” or “I’m Colonel (so and so’s) wife”. The first thing she’ll ask you is your spouse’s rank, maybe even before she asks you your name.  She’s always worried about socializing with those ranks below “hers” (because she thinks that she actually has a rank). And she will always ask for better housing/entitlements/treatment because of spouse’s rank.

Annoying Rating: 4

Reasoning: No life other than her spouse’s. She’s usually passionate about military life but you feel bad for her when you tell her that military life ends one day and you have to be in “the real world”.

The “Must Prove I Had My Own Life Before I Got Married” Wife

How to Spot: She’s usually very educated. Her conversation topic of choice is her life before the military.  She herself may have been a service member.

This wife has read about the military wife stereotypes and goes out of her way to prove that she isn’t one. She may have a hard time admitting to the fact that she was forced or chose to give up her career. When you ask her what she does, she gives you her educational background, full resume, and entire reasoning why she gave it up for the military.

Annoying Rating: 1

Reasoning: She seems somewhat resentful for giving up her career. She means well but can often come across as bitter.

The Drama Wife

How to Spot: She is the social butterfly but in a negative way. She has interesting stories until you realize they’re full of drama and she’s only trying to suck you in. She’s also very gossipy.

This is the wife that can tell you everything that is happening or has happened in the command. She knows who’s sleeping with who, who got chaptered out, and if there is even the slightest hint of wrongdoing on base.  You almost want to be her friend because you want to be in-the-know, but then you realize she knows too much. She’ll interpret something innocent and make it into drama. She’s the one who calls the MPs or housing security if something is not to her liking. She’ll also threaten to get the media involved if she’s really hung up. Avoid telling her anything going on in your life that you want to keep secret.

Annoying Rating: 3

Reasoning: This wife lives and breathes drama. Being in the loop is one thing, but too much drama causes negativity and makes for a toxic environment.

The Greedy Wife

How to Spot: She always asking for a handout or free stuff yet has the money to buy designers bags and smartphones. She pulls out the pity card and then drives off in her range rover.

You might not know she has kids because her kids are usually the ones playing in the park by themselves while she’s on the Military Yardsale facebook pages trolling for anything free she can get. She’s also the beezy that tries to sell those free items elsewhere for a profit. She throws a bitchfit when the discount isn’t applied to her on Veteran’s Day. When Sears has their Heroes-At-Home program, she hunkers down until she gets a spot. If she doesn’t get one, she takes to every media outlet to complain.

Annoying Rating: 5

Reasoning: She’s the wife that only looks out for number 1. She uses the excuse of her husband service to guilt or shame people into giving her stuff she didn’t earn.

The Hermit Wife

How to Spot: You don’t. You know she exists but you never see her.

She rarely leaves the house. When she does, it’s only to drive and pick up the kids, or to go get food. She is always online though. This is the wife that also talks shit about other military wives or a duty station but makes no attempt to venture out and actually explore and meet new people.

She’ll exchange pleasantries to you at events but will most likely by staring at her smartphone the whole time instead of socializing.

Annoying Rating: 1

Reasoning: She may have a lot going on in her life and you certainly don’t have to befriend everyone in the military. However, she can’t complain how she has no one to help her when she makes no attempt to reach out.

The Complainer

How to Spot: She’s on the phone or on social media griping about anything and everything. At events, she’s the one talking to the host about what they’re doing wrong.

This wife is the one who calls the command because her husband’s late for dinner, or puts in 10 ICE comments because her food arrived late from the Officer’s Club diner. God forbid she or her kid is sick, because then she’ll post to every social media outlet about the ailment before actually calling a doctor. She then blames it on housing. The military never does anything right by her. She is the one that complains about the long wait in line for a FREE Christmas tree or she bitches about how sheonly received an email for Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  If you come in contact with her, she’ll talk your ear off about everything that’s wrong with the military and she can’t wait to be done with it.

Annoying Rating: 4

Reasoning: Nothing’s ever good enough for her. And how inconsiderate of her to be talking crap about the same military that your family is proud to be a part of?

This is absolutely hilarious- these are the milso stereotypes pinned down and written out

Rant of sorts

There’s been something on my mind for a while now and today, a tweet fully pushed me to the limit. I have to get this out, and now. Throughout this post, I will be using examples from people I’ve seen on twitter, keeping names anonymous. If you recognize any of these tweets or people, please don’t point them out. It’s for everyone’s safety.

As you guys know, there is the idea of being an official fan of a certain kpop group. For example, “Official Insprit,” or “Official Baby.” This past year, Infinite opened up registration for fans to become official 4th generation Inspirits. Now, Infinite being my bias group, I obviously had the wish to become one. You get a special ID Card with your name, a special ID number, special photocards and goods, and a lightstick. While the lightstick is not something exclusively for official fans, the rest of the goods are, including the Official 4th Generation Inspirit website.

A while ago, the website officially opened up, ready to enter and explore for anyone who had an ID number. Fandoms being fandoms, the major fanbases entered and immediately started sharing the content with the rest of the fans who didn’t have membership. A few minutes later, after everyone had become thoroughly excited at the fact that new pictures and messages were out, the fanbases realized there were a set of rules that came with the website. One of the most important ones being, do not share content. Much like the official fancafe, where you have to level up to a certain level to see all content, none of the content is permitted to be shared anywhere else, other than the fancafe  or website.

The fanbases realized the rules of the website, and followed them, deleting the content they had posted, and also requesting fans to delete anything they themselves might have posted. After all, rules were rules. If we didn’t follow them, the whole fandom might be affected. Thus everything was deleted and taken down, with respect given where it was due. Well, by most. After this happened I noticed a few fans, who had paid into becoming official Inspirits getting a bit…irritated about the content being shared. I can understand that, but the way they went about tweeting about it made me a little jittery as well. As it was over a month ago that this happened, I cannot find the tweets, so it is up to my own memory to relay the information. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but none of it was nice. It was along the lines of ‘I paid into it so my content should not be shared,’ ‘Is not my problem if you can’t pay into it,’ ‘its not my problem lol maybe save up for next year.’

There is a difference between claiming what’s rightfully yours and acting privileged. You paid into it, you pulled money together from somewhere, somehow, to pay for it. I understand that. But that does NOT mean you are any more important than the rest of the fans who have the same desires you do: supporting the group. Not everyone has the same life you do. Some of them can’t afford to spend $80 all at once, some people don’t have enough at the end of the month to start saving up, some don’t have the approval of their parents, whatever the reason may be. But that does not make them any less loyal to the group.

I feel sad every time I come across someone with that attitude. I feel like apologizing to them for not being able to pay for certain benefits. I’m sorry I can’t pay into it. I’m sorry my parents work hard to feed and clothe me instead of buy albums and merchandise. I’m sorry you’re so insecure that you feel the need to boast about official membership, and look down upon those who don’t. I’m sorry you feel the need to pay to have a sense of the security of superiority. Because I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to spend $80 to bring something over to the US, whose benefits can only be fully reaped in South Korea. I wasn’t raised so recklessly.

There is also another thing I’d like to address. Music Bank was held in Mexico City recently, and I follow some of the people who decided to go. I was excited for them at first, because so many great artists were attending, like Infinite, Bangtan Boys, Beast, Exo-K, Ailee, BAP, and Girl’s Day, just to name a few. I was excited for them, just the way any kpop fan is for another when they have the opportunity to see their favorite groups in person. This enthusiasm was curbed however, by some of the tweets I saw. It’s true that not everyone likes every group ever created. It’s not meant to be that way. But that doesn’t give you permission to be disrespectful to them.

I saw a twitter conversation take place during the opening act of the show, while Bangtan was performing. Someone I follow on twitter was there, in the middle of the crowd right near the stage. They were the only Insprit. All of the other people in the crowd were enjoying Bangtan’s performance I assume, while they were the only Insprit in the crowd. They claimed “I’m like the only one who doesn’t care,” only to be replied with, “u go girl you show them how it’s done.”

This conversation made my blood boil. Not only was this disrespectful to the fans and the fandoms, but also the artist. You may not be a fan of them, but that doesn’t mean no one else is. To each their own. It doesn’t mean they didn’t work as hard as your favorite group. It doesn’t mean that by you acting this way towards them will keep them from being successful, from possibly being more famous than your bias group. I’m pretty sure that if you saw someone acting that way towards your precious oppas, you’d get hurt and angry. It doesn’t hurt to show a little respect towards the artists that have likely gone through hell to be where they are right now. If you probably wouldn’t be able to last a day, a couple of hours in their shoes, I don’t believe you have the right to be openly disrespectful.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I appreciate your loyalty. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll change yourself, or open someone else’s eyes. I sincerely mean no disrespect with this post, just some things I noticed, and hope will change.

Again, if you recognize any of these people or tweets, please do not point them out. I do not want to be a victim, nor do I want anyone to be a victim. I just want the kpop fandom to be a better place.

Thank you.

…since when is a six-month-old account a “newb”?

Ignoring that, fuck off. There are way to many Imps on the site as-is, and female Imperials are one of the ugliest dragons on the site.

Kindly remove your head from your own ass. This person paid what looks to be 40 gems for your hatchling (judging by the remaining sibling) and then the 50kt on top of that for a change scroll.

It’s not your dragon anymore. If the new owner wanted to use some gene-remove scrolls and a scatterscroll until they had a triple basic Swamp/Magenta/Banana Mirror it’s their dragon now.


     First off the reason I put photographers in quotations isn’t to refer to you as that 15 year old girl who just got her first camera and thinks by taking unedited JPEGs of her backyard fence she’ll be the next Ansel Adams but to distinguish you from those who take pride in their work and are facing a serious issue put in place by your doing.  This obviously is geared towards automotive photographers as that’s the line of photography I have found interest in and chosen to pursue.  The problem is quite simply explained and it is to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop working for free.  Do not go to a show, shoot, edit, spend all that time and effort only to send the photo to an owner for free.  Why?  Well besides the fact that the owner can now submit YOUR photo anywhere he wants (Let’s just say it ends up on Stancenation or whatever) you aren’t required to receive a damn thing from it, not even simply being credited for the shot.  Not only that but you are contributing to the devaluation of photography in this community but you are aiding in an epidemic that is plaguing those who are working hard as hell to create the best content they can; they charge for their work and therefor no one wants it.  To those of you who are actually making the effort to better your work day after day yet still giving your work away for free WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?  You wouldn’t go to people’s doors during the winter and ask to shovel the snow for free, right?  If you send a photo out for free you receive nothing, if you don’t send a photo out for free you receive nothing, if you tell an owner “If you’d like to purchase any of my work please contact me at ______” well then you my actually receive some damn money for all that you do.  This may have been worded in somewhat of an assholeish manner but it’s something that has seriously been pissing me off for quite some time.  Contrary to popular belief this is still an art form and takes a large devotion of one’s time and money.  There is absolutely nothing to gain by sending one owner photos of their car but there is everything to gain if you would just simply make them understand that this isn’t a free commodity.

   Now there is one circumstance where I say forget this.  That circumstance is if a person or company that can greatly help get you on your feet is willing to help you.  Last weekend at FCF I was lucky enough to meet with Cristian, the co-founder of Canibeat.  A friend of mine helped me get in touch with him and while he’s not looking to pick up any photographers or writers at the moment he was interested in my work for promoting the event.  I’m barely a year into shooting, I have next to no name for myself, and there I was talking to someone who can help spread my work in a big way.  I’m giving him access to whatever the hell he wants because free advertising on that large of a scale may just be what I need.  As someone who loves writing and photography maybe someday I may find myself working for him but for now at least I have my hand in the door.

    In short please take yourself, your work, and those around you seriously.  If you do that then hopefully those of us who aren’t shooting for Speedhunters, Red Bull, Stancenation, etc. will be taken seriously too.

anonymous said:

Well I clearly stated it was my "PERSONAL EXPERIENCE" and I didn't say we are equal. You have no right to generalize all rich people. Just because I'm rich doesn't mean I'm better than anyone or my problems are easier or anything is easier. You are obviously ignorant of what my parents have to go through every day to get money. You have no fucking right to say anything is easy. You can get scholarships for college and you can get a job.

You probably think because I’m rich, I’m a bitch and I probably spend my afternoons in the salon and playing golf. You probably think we’re selfish and don’t care about anybody. But see my mom has worked so fucking hard since she was 14 to be where she is now and she deserves this so don’t you generalize rich people. She comes from living in literally a concrete box with nothing. She fucking deserves to have a rest, and even then, she doesn’t because we’re a family of 10.

"You have no right to generalize all rich people" oh my god

"You can get scholarships for college and you can get a job" oh my god lmao says the rich person who comes from money 

You probably think because I’m rich, I’m a bitch and I probably spend my afternoons in the salon and playing golf.” lmao where on earth did I say this or insinuate it? And fyi if you even read my blog at all I never use the word “bitch” in a derogatory manner and all I said was that you never have to worry about FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. Golf and salons. lol.

"But see my mom has worked so fucking hard since she was 14 to be where she is now and she deserves this so don’t you generalize rich people." and you think my parents don’t do shit? Your parents are a rags to riches story, my parents are rags to still-trying-to-get-by-and-provide-for-their-family story. 

Seriously I fucking said rich people are privileged and have the luxury of NOT WORRYING ABOUT FINANCIAL INSTABILITY BECAUSE THEY ARE WEALTHY AND HAVE MONEY and you turn it into some personal attack on your family.

Fuck off. 

She doesn't need to be treated like a child.

In a pretty pathetic attempt to make her relationship with Daryl something other than what it clearly is Beth’s critics want to label her as immature.

Personally, even if she was an immature character I don’t really see how that changes much; Daryl still loves her.

But here’s the thing, she’s NOT immature.

I’ve seen people make half-assed attempts to criticize her and compare her choices and actions with other characters on the show, but they usually fail miserably to make any kind of legitimate argument.

I’ve decided it’s because when you look closely at her actions and compare her to other characters, it actually illustrates that she IS mature, or at least, as mature as other adult characters around her.

I’m just going to throw a few examples out there, using Andrea.


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TVD 6x05: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here, My Reactions.

Ivy Blaming her being turned into a vampire on Stefan. 


Stefan deciding to dump Ivy on Caroline out of the blue.


Alaric telling the story of how you shouldn’t fall in love with your brother’s girl. (lookin’ at you, Damon)


Tyler and Liv flirting.


Ivy being a Vickie-sized nuisance on Caroline.


Alaric, like almost everyone else, yelling at Stefan for trying to move on.


Bonnie being a fearless badass against Kai. 


Stefan trying to leave town and leave Caroline to handle Ivy.


Elena and Liam flirting/Alaric and the Doctor Chic flirting.


Tyler crashing through the maze in his truck.


Damon going for Bonnie instead of the gizmo/ protecting Bonnie.


Bonnie sending Damon through time and staying behind. 


Liv killing the kid Tyler ran over so he wouldn’t activate the werewolf curse. 


Liam & Elena/Alaric & doctor chic interaction stuff.


(because with both Elena and Alaric’s track record, both of them are probs gonna die.) 

Stefan grieving/Defan reunion. 


That’s about it. And here’s my P.S. for the week. 

Where the hell are Jeremy and Sara? How are you going to drop a bomb like her being a Salvatore and then have her nowhere in the next episode?

Also, Damon, go get Bonnie. Don’t you leave her there with crazy Kai. 

People attacking Kat on Twitter


The letter Kat received from fans saying that they were offended because she shipped a “toxic ship”


As you can see, Stefan the Bamon Fanboy is not convinced.

Is it bad that I still read the letter for shits and giggles? :D

I’m honestly still failing to understand how Bamon could be deemed toxic because at the time letter was written they barely interacted. And I’m 99.9% sure Kat wouldn’t have gotten that letter if she had jumped on the DE or JB train, but she had a different opinion, rightfully so, and was attacked for it. Whoever started all of that should be ashamed for trying to guilt trip Kat because she had her own opinion. 

People who don’t like Ian just because he ships Bamon or because he is dating Nikki


People who don’t see the danger of Elena being with Damon 


(honestly the codependency Elena has for Damon is dangerous to her and the people around her. if you can’t see that i don’t know what to say)

It’s not like Delena didn’t have the opportunity or potential to become a good ship because they DID. I actually liked them at the start, but Julie’s fucked it up now by not developing it properly. It just became even more of a shit storm season after season. 

Not to mention that she has been so much more likable in the last episode than she has been in the last two seasons. Damon does not help Elena’s character one bit (aside from the phenomenal sex he’s probably given her).

They are both equally responsible for their toxic and shitty relationship. Him being a fuck boy is the main reason and the second reason is Elena enabling him to be a fuck boy. They do nothing for each other. He needs someone that will reel him in. Elena could have done that IF SHE TRIED. She has been letting him get away with a pat on the wrist time after time. He needs someone that will call him on his shit (LIKE BONNIE OR STEFAN). I believe Damon has even told her to stop making excuses for him or something along that line. 

But then there’s thing with Damon’s character arc revolving around him being a little shit and if he wasn’t a little shit what would he really be?

And before some of y’all even come to my askbox with this shit, I’m not saying Bonnie JUST because I ship Bamon. Like honestly, even in just a friendship, Bonnie is seeming to make Damon question his actions and his impulsiveness. Dare I say she is making him gain a few morals? She is definitely having an impact on him and we are seeing it so soon. Imagine if they had had more than a couple of episodes together? 

And you can see the derision on Damon’s face whenever he feels like he’s being compared to Stefan. I believe that’s because he is jealous of the amount of ethics and morals Stefan has. It’s not like morality is beyond his reach because it’s not. He just has to want it for himself and I think he is starting to want  it. Bonnie and Stefan know that. They really are the only ones “pushing” him to rise to the occasion.


However you feel about the ships and everything on the show, a line needs to be drawn for some between fantasy and reality. The fact that someone of these people have let their shipper feels translate over to the way they view the actors of the show is really pissing me off. People are hating on Kat because she ships Bamon and I’ve seen a slew of Ian hate because he ships Bamon.

Also because he decided to get into a new relationship, which he is allowed to do just as Nina is. No one has no idea what exactly happened but Ian and Nina broke up. That’s their decision and it has nothing to do with us. It’s really disgusting how some people have treated and are treating Nikki and Ian. And saying Nikki isn’t a true friend because she broke the “girl code” is really implausible because if you think these grown ass adults follow some rule that probably stopped existing to them after high school you are sadly mistaken. 

This is not a TV show relationship. This is a REAL LIFE relationship. And I’ve seen people say that Nikki and Ian’s relationship hasn’t had time to develop or that it happened too fast or that they are too showy or -this is my favorite- that they are “shoving it down their throats”, basically treating it like a movie or book relationship. (if it’s too showy for you, tell the paps to stop following them and taking pictures, don’t attack them for doing normal, routine shit) These are real people y’all. Let them be happy. Please I beg you because the way some of the fandom is acting is embarrassing.

"Ian should have thought about how Nina would feel before he started dating Nikki"


"Nikki is Nina’s friend. Why would she do that to her?"


Tell me how many of you think about how your ex feels before you decide who you want to date next? Don’t be a hypocrite. Ian, Nikki, and Nina are mature. If she’s feeling some type of way, they will talk it out. And no one is even considering the probability that Ian may have discussed it with Nina before he started to date Nikki. Bitches will quickly jump fucking hurdles to damn conclusions.

And to anyone who believes that they are “shoving their relationship down your throat”, they don’t live to appease you. IN LAYMAN’S TERMS close your damn mouth. No one is paying you to speak on their relationship.

If you find yourself not being able to separate fantasy from reality and sling insults at anyone who disagrees with you, should you really be on here or the internet at all?

Again… I urge people to actually look into what pedophilia is. And I urge people to not throw the word around so carelessly, just so you can feel all high and mighty up on your high horse. You are grossly trivialising such a severe topic, just to tear someone else down and feel better about yourself.

This is yet another instance of people not actually caring about the issue their raging about, because they want to personally attack someone they dislike. This mentality is toxic and doesn’t promote anything but hate. There’s no learning going on here, there’s no educating. There is finger pointing and “dragging” for notes and popularity and it’s sick. Enough. There is plenty to critique rationally and intelligently, without name calling and bullying.

Pedophilia is about more than age. The age of consent varies from place to place. This issue is not black and white, you can’t just automatically stick a label on it because it fits whatever agenda you’re pushing that day. In many places, 16 year olds can legally have sex with 32 year olds.

Now, if you want to get into ethics, into balances of power within a relationship, into what makes a safe and healthy relationship, go for it. There are arguments to be made all over the place, from every angle.

But the hypocrisy of this whole thing is what gets me. There are literally fics that feature children, young, prepubescent children getting raped by their parents or other trusting adults. In some of those fics it’s portrayed as though there is nothing wrong with it. There is a whole community of people who write this, read it, and get off to it. And y’all are silent as a bat about that. But as soon as you can put a face of someone you dislike, you’re all gung-ho about why it’s so wrong and it’s problematic and promoting bad things!!!!!!!!!!! When in reality, what you’re yelling about is not by far even close to the really bad stuff.

So stop and PLEASE educate yourself about pedophilia, because seeing people calling others pedophiles and abusers because of this fic is so upsetting.

Again, I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize it, because there is plenty to criticise. But do so RATIONALLY and fairly. This is SUCH a serious topic and the way you’re treating this is NOT helpful and it’s honestly offensive. Just think twice, or three times before you say things.

And if you have problems with a person on an individual basis, do so fairly. Don’t spew terrible accusations just because you don’t like them. There is ugliness on all sides, but that doesn’t make you right.

That last anon really struck a nerve. 

Yeah rich people can have problems and deal with addiction and/or mental health issues but to put their struggles as if they’re equal to mine like

"oh i have money but i still have depression money can’t buy you happiness" uh but it can lessen your problems aka everything financial. I wake up "oh i don’t have money and still have depression" 

Know your place and your privilege and the luxuries you have with having money. Don’t you dare compare the entirety of your problems as if they’re equal to mine, just because we both deal with mental health issues.  

The amount of fans within the X-men fandom that are comfortable with terrorism scares me. In any other fandom, it would be generally acknowledged that trying to find a peaceful solution is what you should do. In the X-men fandom, the peaceful solution is viewed as unrealistic and naïve. Maybe it’s just because fangirls hate it when Magneto is portrayed as a villain, but seriously. Killing/scaring people or taking away some of their rights should never be the option you go for. For any reason.