I feel so empty.

I can’t say that I’m one of the long-standing fans of George DeValier’s works, nor have I appreciated them as much as I’m sure other fans have. But, despite this, I feel like I’m losing part of myself at this - probably last - update. There is almost no hope now; it is the end of one of the fandom’s most influential writers.

While frustrated, I most certainly am not angry. George DeValier has done more than most, and I feel blessed to have been able to share the worlds in his head, to have been taken on the journeys myself. If I hadn’t read these fictions, my perspective on Hetalia and the fandom would be massively different, and I wouldn’t have been given a new passion in writing to start working on my own fanfictions. I wouldn’t have found the works of terminallyintroverted, who I discovered while searching the George DeValier tag once, and whose fanfics have touched me equally as much as George DeValier, and are still doing so.

However, I feel empty none-the-less, because these worlds have become a part of me. They occupy my thoughts and influence my decisions; they have been just as powerful as any book I’ve read. A part of me is happy that I have been allowed the opportunity to glance into the unfinished stories, but another part wished that I had never read them, because the disconclusion hurts - actually physically hurts. I think I am more emotional and dramatic in my emotions than most, so I guess that is why.

I can’t help but wonder what else is contained in the mind of the mysterious George DeValier. Surely he knows more than he has written. I may never know the extent of the veraverse in his thoughts.

However, thank you, George DeValier, for showing me some of the worlds in your mind. Thank you for spending time documenting them and kindly posting for your readers for five long years. I may be upset by your leave, but that in no way overshadows my gratitude for what you have done for this fandom. Many people would have taken their leave way before you did, and your life extends beyond the things you write for our community.

I know I don’t have many followers, and this post will most likely become buried under art and fandom clutter, but I felt the need to write and let my feelings out. Because at the beginning I felt so empty, but these words have reminded me how full the works of George DeValier have made me feel. I am more full of his wise words and beautiful writing, of the diverse emotions in the writing and the determination to grow to be closer to the author that he was. In a case of glass half empty or half full, I choose to remember what he gave us rather than what we will no longer have.

Just letting you guys know there’s literally no difference between post or pre hiatus fans we still like the same band and music. One is not superior to the other. Some people were to young to experience pre hiatus so why would you try to exclude them and make it out like they’re not a “real fan” for becoming a fan post hiatus.

Sleep paralysis is fucking terrifying! I haven’t experienced that in years but…man! I fell asleep on the couch, on my stomach, and I woke up but at the same time, I didn’t? I couldn’t move my body at all. I didn’t have any visual hallucinations (probably because my face was pressed into the couch) but I swear that I could hear someone in the house (which, upon looking it up, is a very common symptom) and I couldn’t move or even speak.

I think the worst part about it was that I’m disabled. So I already have trouble moving my legs but to wake up and not be able to move your entire body, my first thought was, “Oh crap, what the hell happened to my back!?”

Phew…anyway…that was scary…


•if you want to call twenty one pilots, 21pilots than fucking do it!

•if you want to tag it 21p, by all means do it!

•if you want to use top or tøp have fucking at it!

you can literally call them whatever you want it’s your blog and you’re the one typing. (you could even make a new band name, “josh dun and the screaming string bean”)

im just so sick of seeing posts where someone is giving shit to clique (and non clique) members for using things other than “twenty one pilots” I know the boys said they liked it better than 21 but god no one really wants to type it out every damn time! so stop this madness!

I never understood that mentality of people who make original characters and then go “Yes, now time to break them!”. I don’t get why you would want to see them in emotional pain, even if they are fictional. Idk. People can do what they want

Personally, I only draw my ocs when I’m feeling sad/angry. It’s soothing to draw the same cute character (and I don’t have to struggle, thinking of a new design). I don’t wanna hurt them, I just want to create something happy

There is only a single thing that the “cultural appropriation”-whiners get right and it’s the fact that dreads look god-awful, hobo-style on white people and usually indicate that their wearer is a smelly hippie. Don’t do that.

It makes me really sad when fanart using traditional methods (like painting with acrylics etc) is less recognised in comparison to digital.
Sometimes more time and effort is put into the old-style stuff! That stuff ain’t easy
All art is rad, but sometimes it’s draining for the folks that do so much for little results you know?

“Ron doesn’t deserve Hermione so let’s ship her with someone who has bullied her for many years.”

Every dramione shipper has heard a thing or two of something like that before. And I’ve come across a post like this recently in the dramione tag and I just want to share a piece of my mind (for the first time ) about it.

So regarding the first part, about Ron not deserving Hermione as a basis for shipping dramione. Here is my view: deserving someone and being compatible (for the lack of  better word) with that someone are two different things. Ron is a great character who is imperfect but, at the end, his good characteristics outweigh the bad. The same goes for Hermione. As much as I love her, she is not a saint and i find it pretty annoying and unrealistic, even in fanfiction, to paint her as such. But like Ron, Hermione is a good person through and through and so her annoying traits can be forgiven.

Having said this, I come to my point: Ron not deserving Hermione (and/or vice versa) is not the basis for shipping dramione (at least for me). Ron deserves all good things in the world and deserves Hermione. But the question is, do they compliment each other? Yes he deserves her, but for me, that has always meant he deserves someone who has the traits that Hermione personifies (kindness, faithfulness, courage, etc.) but lacking the traits that makes Hermione Hermione, which are incidentally the same traits that would make Ron and Hermione not compatible with each other (which for me is a discussion for some other time).

Second point. Yes Draco Malfoy has bullied Hermione Granger and her friends for many years and yes, he is a prat, a bigot, a Death Eater, and *gasps* he has wished her death. Say what you want, I won’t excuse Draco’s actions because true, they are bad.

But what is wrong with people is that they only stop there. They don’t see (or refuse to see) this whole other side, whole other dimension, of Draco which is redeemable. A glimpse of what Draco could be is shown in HBP and DH and that is what we dramione shippers can see. Other characters are given a shot at redemption and/or character development, why not Draco? (this could lead to a discussion about the many things that are lacking in the epilogue but I really don’t want to make this longer than it already is).

Dramione is not the perfect ship/couple. Nothing or no one is. But what upsets me is that people only seem to point out the flaws to put down a certain ship.

rant over! im out

Hot Topic sizes clothes so differently. I have a small BMTH tank top that barely covers me anymore but my Avengers tank top which is an extra small might as well be a medium. Get your shit together Hot Topic. Also learn how to hem your tank tops. I can’t wear my BMTH or Gerard Way tank top because the hem is fucked and rolls up.

But that probably comes from the fact that a lot of female characters are still “angelic figures”, and the ones who aren’t are either not that bad, or have a tragic backstory that motivates their being evil. But when confronted with a female character who is unapologetically bad, or seriously disturbed, or just plain ambitious, be it Cersei, Amy Dunne or Claire Underwood, everyone starts yelling how they’re not realistic or that they’re somehow masculine because “women can’t be that cruel/disturbed/ambitious, it’s unnatural for them”.


As an Exo-L since Mama, I can tell you that it’s so fucking unfair for Shinee and Shawols to be treated how they are treated now. They deserve the attention they are getting this comeback. Shinee has been promoting for only 2 weeks tops and SM is already releasing another Exo album and overworking them. Shinee, like F(x), is under rated by SM. But this is SM we’re talking about. SM, the company that’s power hungry and cares about nothing other than money. I feel so bad for Shawols because they are the one of the nicest fandoms on Earth. They are down to Earth and open minded. (Well the Shawols I know)

I can’t tell you how unfair it is for Shinee to be treated this way. They’re still promoting and Exo’s going to comeback next week. We can tell how everyone in Exo is tired AF and the least we can do is to shower Shinee And Exo with love. Kim Young Min is an ass.


I’m so done with the K-pop fandom. So done. So disappointed. I don’t care about teenagers whining since they’re still in puberty and stuff, but I can’t believe there are still people at my age (in their fucking twenties) acting more immature than kids. I can’t believe certain ‘adults’ in this fandom actually take this whole OTP concept seriously. I’m so done with self-proclaimed 'true fans’ still going strong with their stupid “OPPA IS MINE AND MINE ONLY” attitude. I’m getting a headache and I hate repeating myself, but I’m afraid I’m 200% done. Please. PLEASE. Stop it. Stop this bullshit and get out of this fandom if you can’t be happy for your oh so beloved idol getting into a relationship. Get out if you’re disturbingly happy about break-up news. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT.