Can people please stop making this about a love triangle?? 

First of all, Katniss never decides between Peeta and the rebellion. She wants to help the rebels, and she knows they’re also her only chance of getting Peeta back so she says the only way she’ll help them is if they go for him.

There’s also no love triangle. No Peeta or Gale decision. She falls in love with Peeta, and she’s confused at first because she’s supposed to be pretending, yet she’s not. The thing with Gale is everyone keeps telling her she’s in love with him, and at one point she’s like “am I?” Come on! She’s 16/17. And she’s in charge of her family, she’s poor, in the middle of a war. That doesn’t mean she has to choose one because she is not in love with Gale.


“I really can’t think about kissing when I’ve got a rebellion to incite.”

And let’s not forget:

“I can survive just fine without either of them.”

Please, just read the books before talking about them!!!!!

Carmilla, brand loyalty and U by Kotex

So I bought a bunch of U by Kotex tampons today (not a sentence I ever thought i’d write on Tumblr). I didn’t even know they sold them in Australia. I’ve never considered changing brands of sanitary products and I’ve never remotely enjoyed buying period products before; but suddenly today I found myself in a supermarket isle carefully (and excitedly? how weird!) examining, choosing and buying period products months before i’ll even need them… and why gentle viewers was I suddenly having this strange urge? Carmilla.

Brand loyalty is a huge deal. Especially when the customers you are acquiring are young women who will be buying literally thousands of dollars of period products throughout their lifetimes.

Brand loyalty for period products which give the customers positive emotions when they buy them because they feel like they are somehow (in a small way) expressing their sexuality and which make them feel little bit closer to their current favorite piece of entertainment media is even harder to come by (previously impossible i’d hazard a guess). 

Plus the whole PSA thing was freakin awesome because it was made abundantly clear that talking and joking around about periods is totally normal thing to do (which it should be!).

So thanks Kotex for getting behind the awesomeness that is Carmilla, and for making me feel like i’m spoiling myself when I buy sanitary products. Please give us a Season 2, and then i’ll tell all my friends and sisters to buy U by Kotex (yes this is blackmail).

Aaaand, the box is black, which I like ;)

It’s so sad seeing black men putting white women on a pedestal and thinking they’re the epitome of beauty, while simultaneously bashing black women. They’ll defend white women constantly, but will turn their back on black women, even though they came from one. The self hate and internalized racism is so disgustingly obvious. When they do find a black woman attractive it’s because they are light skin or mixed. Black women are so beautiful and strong, but they’re constantly under attack by society. Anti-blackness within our community needs to be stopped so we can come together in solidarity and fight systematic racism, instead of being uncle toms and chasing white people’s approval.

i’m starting to think this is just a really bad joke because???? have you even read any asks i’ve replied to????? literally go through my tagged/asks right now and show me how i’m an asshole. i’ve gotten too many asks like this and i’m legitimately confused as to how i’m supposed to be more respectful and less of an asshole. and hell yes i think i’m attractive, but it doesn’t mean i treat anyone else poorly because of it. me being confident has literally nothing to do with anything????? please stop sending these messages, they’re annoying and rude and make no sense. (except for the third one in which case yeah, i’m actually planning on cosplaying kaneki!!)

Wanna know what makes me curious into the rennix stuff?

I do think there’s a game of telephone playing out here, but it’s almost like… there are assumptions being made, but them being put out into the public consciousness is slowly revealing that… maybe, just maybe.. the assumptions aren’t off?

There’s been rumors around that all follow the same thought - jill made zach cancel disney, she’s keeping the two away, she’s nervous that F+Z may become something more, etc.

Rennix’s whole thing is weird cause it’s the only rumor where.. he’s actually claiming Zach came out. The context of that could be lost. Maybe they mean Zach came out as wanting to do more with Frankie? I don’t think Zach is gay. I don’t think Zach thinks he’s gay, but is it that odd to imagine that he may at least want to explore his attraction and love for Frankie - both of which Frankie let slip as admitted to him by ZACH himself in F’s Out interview?

Cause the thought is just.. at this point, the weird behavior points to interference. And not just our assumptions. The jurors have let it slip that F&Z’s stories about jury are false and that they were all over each other in jury. Lauren’s behavior towards Jill on Twitter during the FL trip was weird. Joan’s behavior today was weird. The Jill & Kevin stuff is weird. Frankie’s public declarations for Zach to come see his show are weird. It’s like, I get why to so many people this sounds fucking crazy and fucking fictional bullshit, but when the writing on the wall keeps repeating itself, what’s the line where it can’t just be coincidence? To where EVERYONE is seeing it? To where most people agree that any sane person would have cleared out such horrible rumors by now if they weren’t at least a little true??

So if the interference is super likely…. then why is it still there? It’s hard for me to imagine Zach & Frankie would have people interfering in then meeting up if Zach had already declared he’s 100% straight / sees Frankie as only a friend AND that his family believes it because.. then what’s the issue? What happened to all those plans of “world domination” Jill talked about and gushing about her super progressive son she wanted to show the world that straight men could be friends with gay men and also use Frankie for networking? Does what she considers 100% straight no longer apply to her young Zachary? Like, what could have happened?

I’m ranting at this point and it makes no sense, but it’s just like… there’s so many connections not meeting up, so many blank pieces for odd reasons. And it’s just like - if the hypothetical was AS ridiculous as his family and MC make it out to be… wouldn’t normal people address it and shoot it down by now? Wouldn’t things that are planned go thru as planned? If EVERYONE thinks behavior is weird, then surely it is?

"If there is white privilege then there has to be Asian privilege because Asians make more money than whites…Asian Americans…They make more money, higher education, more affluent… So it’s Asian privilege, not white privilege." -Bill O’Reilly

I’m so mad this guy thinks Asian people have greater privilege than whites based on this monetary statistic.
Whether or not it’s true, it’s a weak argument that only proves the existence of white privilege—Our Asian parents came here with little money in their pockets to work their asses off and earn that income, and they pass off their work ethic to their kids so their kids don’t fuck up everything they left their homes for. White people don’t need to work as hard as PoC to get jobs let alone respect. If that statistic is true, then the second place spot white families are currently in is called complacency due to privilege. ‪#‎tortoiseandthehare‬

I don’t need feminism because I do not want to be treated like I’m too weak to disagree with a man, too stupid to choose my Halloween costume, unable to take responsibility, like my problems only matter when they’re used for oppression points and like I should be afraid of everything. I will not be a victim for you or anyone else.
~ Mulan


OKAY THIS SHIT FUCKING DISGUSTS ME. Some of the little shits from my old school made his Snapchat story a video of him torturing a caged raccoon. He pointed the barrel at him, and being curious, the raccoon sniffed it to see what it is was. The fuckers shot the raccoon in the face (but only shot its nose so it didn’t kill it). The poor little guy proceeded to twitch and struggle to get out of the cage for a few seconds, when they shot it again, this time in one its hind legs. They shot it again (not sure where, because the video was too blurry from them laughing and shaking the camera).

I’m not sure if they finally killed it to put it out of its misery, or if they let it suffer and die. Either way, next time I see this kid I’m decking him in the fucking mouth. ~aquacarl

So recently at my school there’s been controversy because a classmate of mine posted a picture of her Halloween costume on instagram that was pretty revealing. It was a Victoria’s Secret angel costume so she was only wearing a bra, straps around her waist, underwear, and a garter + thigh highs. It ended up having 200+ comments on it because people were, of course, calling her a whore. Her own sister, in fact, told her that if she wore that she was asking to get raped. Quite honestly, I am disgusted with this. I would personally not wear that as a costume nor would I post it on social media, but she can do what she wants. The fact that she is confident enough to pull something like that off (which I admit she did, quite well) is impressive to me and I applaud her confidence. It upset me at all the people who were slut-shaming her. My question is: why does it matter? How does her revealing Halloween costume hinder your life, at all? I stayed out of the matter, but quite frankly it irritates me when people say such negative things to others for their choices. It’s her life, not yours. 

You are open to disagree with me, this is my own opinion. I am not trying to call anyone out or make some bold statement or try to petition for anything, I’m just stating my own beliefs. 

Never forget where you came from

I just got back from doing a grocery run and saw that a family had to put away all their groceries because the system that takes EBT card (food stamps) was down, I’m sure there were others who probably was depending on using it as well and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I’m standing there wishing I had enough money to buy food for them. My family still depends on the ebt card, it’s helped me though my high school and college years. I just remember days where we would be starving waiting for the money to be put on the card. I also remember days where we would having to put food back because the system would be down, and that feeling of having a line of people behind  as the clerk put your food in a cart to be returned back the the shelves was shattering. Tonight just made me cherish what I have and appreciate how far I’ve come. We can’t take things for granted and we can’t be hard on ourselves. You never know who’s in a worse situation. 


It needs to stop.

Stop this recovery policing.

Stop this judgement of others on THEIR journey. 

Stop comparing where you are to where someone else is.

Stop expecting others to act in order to protect you. 

Stop telling others what THEY should do.

There is no care in shaming.

There is no kindness in telling someone how sick they are.

There is no benefit in demanding someone get help.

A key part of recovery and healing is making these realisations for YOURSELF, and making better choices to change your life.

We need to allow each other to do this in our own time.

Yes, it may be painful to watch, but remember you too have been there.

Have empathy.

Show compassion.

Speak kindness.

And if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Next reg window, make a pledge to put a cap on the freebies. We don’t need entitled newbies.

"We don’t need entitled newbies!" screams the entitled June-window player who is pissed off that some people got nicer freebies than they did!!

Shut the fuck up.

- Anon Who Received No Newbie Giveaways (First Reg Window) But Manages Not To Be A Jerk To The People Who Are

Gettin’ real tired of all the “________ is the top and ________ is the bottom” posts in the tags and on my dash today. Where is a single, actual shred of logic in deciding that two characters we’ve never seen in a sexual situation can only fuck one way? It’s completely absurd.

I understand that some people have specific fantasies, or whatever, but where does the urge to evangelize about it come from? Why stick an endless litany of repetitive and obnoxious text posts in the tags? Not everyone is going to like the same things, and that is okay! Every single person in fandom should feel free to read and write a pairing, this pairing, according to their preferences! But surely, we can recognize that our preferences are just that — preferences —instead of making posts insisting that/why our preferences are the only right ones. 

Sorry, friends, I know that’s not what you’re here for, but — SOMETIMES THIS BLOG IS FOR PORN, AND SOMETIMES IT IS FOR LATE NIGHT RANTING. It’s a ranting kind of night. 

so this actually hurts a lot and it shouldn’t because what the hell we were never anything but in my head i had a whole future planned and I was looking forward to it and i was happy and healthy and things were good.. I was good. Then I don’t know what happened but it all changed and you had someone else but then you didn’t anymore and I thought maybe it was gonna be us but it never actually happened and now you’re happy and I’m incredibly sad and alone. I just want to be with you, when I picture myself happy and successful in life, you’re by my side. When I think of having a family and traveling you’re my partner in everything. I don’t like going through days without you. I miss you terribly and all I want is to run into your arms and feel you and smell you and I just want you. No one else is the faintest amount of interesting compared to you, I could listen to you breathing and I’d feel more at peace than a day at a spa. You make me feel things only lucky people get to feel but now she feels them too, but the sad part is. She makes you feel them too. God if this is love, I don’t want to feel because the agonizing pain of knowing I can’t have you will be the death of me.

omfg so that video I had uploaded about Demon!Dean The Road so far was apparently pulled from YouTube because of copyright (but like omg really? I spent hours on that…and people upload those types of things all the time so I don’t know what happened)

So anyway I tried uploading it here, but the file was too big and I will split it up and post it later it just sucks that I wanted it to be on here BEFORE Soul Survivor was on.

people are allowed to complain about things in their own lives on their own blogs just shut the fuck up and stop telling people they’re not allowed to be upset or express their discontent with something do you really need to anonymously send “omg stop complaining nobody cares” or “it’s not even that bad stop whining” ok but here’s an idea: fuck off this is my blog thx bye :)