Syrian regime forces have shelled the Rankus area ahead of an operation to retake the town, one of the last rebel-held regions in the Qalamun area, a monitoring group said Tuesday. Al-Manar television, which belongs to the pro-Syrian regime Lebanese group Hezbollah, also reported that the Syrian army had begun an offensive against Rankus. A military source, meanwhile, told AFP that regime forces had taken a hilltop position by Rankus and were surrounding the town. The Qalamun region is strategic because it lies along the border with Lebanon and the main highway between Damascus and the city of Homs runs through it.
Source: AFP

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uncle, i’ve been watching zexal trash it was horrible, it was all HOPU HOPU HOPU HOPU OVERLAY HOPU CHAOS XYZ CHANGE HOPU RANKU UPPU HOPU RANKU DOWN HOPU

but because of that I’ve become slightly better at understanding RR’s nickname sense

„Rainiukas“: dovanojamas gyvūnas



Dovanojamas nuostabus mažas rainai baltas ~2.5 mėn. kačiukas Migdolas! Guvus, švarus, nukirmintas, be galo prieraišus ir žaismingas. Labai draugiškas su kitais gyvūnais, tiek katėm, tiek šunim. Miega lovytėje :) Reikaliukus atlieka tik dėžutėje, maistui neišrankus. Migdoliukas laukia Jūsų! tel 8 612 34990

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Sentrocan - 1 moon they call Lanu
Nyoria - 4 moons they call Mata, Ranku, Talme, and Rintor
Butria - No moons
Rimror - They don’t have a moon though there is a lot of debris in their orbit

Sentrocan - has 1 sun, they call D-al
Nyoria - 2 Suns, taliph, and Estra
Butria - 1 sun, though it is far away to make sure it stays solid enough to walk on.
Rimror - 3 suns, one purple, one white, and one red they have no names.

Relative Systems
Sentrocan - It is in a system of 5 other planets where there is no idea if life is on them or not.
Nyoria - 3 other planets are there Nyoria is the 2nd in line
Butria - nothing else is there. a few astroids.
Rimror - there is 1 other planet they call Deash