One topic that I usually don’t see come up in discussions about third-party voting and “lesser-of-two-evils” voting is how the actual voting system itself discourages third parties. An essential part of third party strategy should be to update the voting system to better express voter preferences.

Every election has some discussions about the electoral college, but I think it’s generally pretty straightforward.

1. It’s silly to have an arbitrary geopolitical unit like the state of North Dakota have a disproportionate influence on the government. I don’t think we should kill things like two-senators-per-state entirely because regional discrimination is real, but we should shift it significantly in the direction of population-based. To borrow some software nerding, it’s a parameter tuning problem.

2. Winner-take-all is bad because the voices of the losing sides are essentially ignored. Maine and Nebraska’s per-district electors makes more sense.

This post became humongous D:, so the voting system discussion is after the jump.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think we can win at mcountdown? Like, I know they are first but what are our chances?

Ranking System for MCountdown:

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  • Album Sales: 10%
  • Social Media Points (Youtube MV views+SNS buzz): 10%
  • Preference Points (global fan votes + age range preference): 10%
  • Broadcast Points: 10%
  • SMS Votes: 10%

that’s all i can say