l-batman-l said:

Can you please ship me with 5sos? <3

Yes you can <3

~ I ship you with Calum because of the boys that’s who you have the most posts on. And Calum is just so cute!

~ Your first date would be to a waterpark and you would go swimming and slide down the water slides and just have fun

~ Calum would propose to you when you were at his parents house for dinner and his parents would be supportive and happy for you both and you would kiss him and say yes

~ Your best friend in the band would be Michael because you would both have fun teasing Luke and the others

~ Your secret admirer would be Luke

~ You and Calum were out ice skating on a date but you weren’t very good. “How are you so good at this Calum?” you asked, gripping onto the rails tightly. “I’ve had practice,” Calum said with a laugh. 

"Come here babe, let me help you." He skated over to you and held onto your hand. You held onto him firmly and let him slowly lead you around the rink.

"Do you want to leave the railing?" Calum asked carefully. "No, I’ll fall and hurt myself." Calum shook his head. "I won’t let you fall, I’ll stay right by your side." True to his word Calum helped you and didn’t leave your side, teaching you how to ice skate like he could.

~ I love your sidebar picture and the picture in the background is cute too

~ No pictures but I bet you are very pretty!

No more ships please

anonymous said:

randomnessizme ?? (love your blog btw)

Aw thank you so much!
The theme is simple but effective, i really like that. Posts are really cool and I love that background c: xx

send me urls?

l-batman-l said:

Ok I understand that you don't ship miarren or chill or anything like that but do you have to be so horrible to Mia, miarren shippers and chill shippers. They all have feelings too. You know that terrible feeling you got when Klaine broke up? That's how they feel when you insult Mia or Miarren.

I didn’t mean to insult anybody, that’s why I tagged my posts ‘lol miarren’. Others can ship and believe whatever they want, it’s not my problem. I’m sorry if this made you upset, but i tagged my posts properly. It’s my blog and that’s why I write whatever I want, since it’s the only place I can talk about it. And I never went to anyones blog to insult them or sent hate, so I don’t see how I’m such a horrible person. I tag my posts ‘lol miarren’, ‘lol chill’, and they tag theirs ‘lol crisscolfer’. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

l-batman-l said:

*NOT A CONFESSION* Can you post the picture for the 'To be honest, I talk about StarKid so much that my friends that I see regularly throughout the school day will just walk away at the slightest mention of them. I do not regret this' confession?


Here ya go! Sorry it took me a while :)

- Cari