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11 questions from z-infinity

1. Where is somewhere you frequent often (stores, bars, restaurants, etc.)? probably night clubs… 

2. Dream car, or a car that has a style you like? Camaro 76 or a convertible red car, old school style

3. Best idea for a date? take you to the movies… get ice-cream and stuff,hahahaha

4. Biggest fear or phobia? jeez… snakes? being alone? being alone with snakes?

5. Are you looking forward to anything? not really

6. Dogs or Cats? cats, definitely

7. Describe your personality as best as you can. im kinda calm, with a short patience for a lot of things, im kinda upbeat, but totally pessimistic… i dont know, half and half

8. Favorite movies of this year? GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

9. What video games did you play a lot as a child? Sonic, Golden Axe… a lot of Sega games

10. Marvel or DC? Marvel, definitely

11. What is the most badass thing you’ve done? i dont know… broke a friend’s finger once…

11 questions from dizzykill

1.What are your favorite bands?

2.What powers would you like to have?

3.What is your favorite horror movie?

4.Burgers or Pizza?

5.What are your favorite shows (animes, toons, etc.)?

6.The most shameful thing that you done.

7.Sunny day indoors or Chill day outdoors?

8.How would be your perfect day?

9.What is your favorite drink?

10.Sexiest thing you can imagine.

11.What is your favorite videogame series?

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