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(Your Questions) :

• What gets you hooked onto something? Like, what does it take for you to be interested in something?

I get so exited when i know news about Playstation games and new Electronics !!

• What gif completely describes you? You can choose 3 at the max.

I’m not sure i have ..?!

• Is there anything that you’re looking forward to? Events? Games? Etc.

Yes (kingdom hearts 3) !!

• Is there anything that you would want to go back to? Like, something you wished you could still get or a place you had gone to as a kid and now doesn’t exist? and such etc.

Going back to my old house and my old school and my old friends ..

• What does it take for something to be a buzz kill, in your opinion?

When u lost everything u care about by someone without mercy, that makes u think u r a shit because u couldn’t save anyone, which makes u careless about everything, but filled with anger and empty the anger by hurting people or kill !

• Do you ship people? Or in your fandoms? Who are they?

I wanna keep my ships a secret ( ̄▽ ̄)

• Describe your music taste.

Music that talks about feelings (like Skillet) !

• When should second chances be given or shouldn’t be, or even at all?

When you see how much he’s/she’s
Remorseful !

• Would you ever put your happiness in someone else’s “hands”?

Yes, but for now .. No one

• Does it take a lot of effort to make you laugh or is it easy as pie?

It depends on the person i’m talking to, but most i don’t laugh so easy !

• What makes the hard times worth it?

When u know how much those times made u happy and peaceful ..

(My questions) :

1- do u lie too much ? If yes is it because u hate the truth or u just like pretending ?
2- what does rain make u feel ?!
3- Describe your casual clothes !
4- one weird fact about yourself ?
5- if u had the chance to kill one person ! will u do it ?!
6- last dream u had while a sleep (if u remember) !?
7- would u love having cute dolls around your bed ? If no why ?!
8- do u think theres someone else (except your parents) that cares about u so much ? If yes write the first litter of his/her name !
9- active or lazy ?
10- A musical instrument u love it melodies ??

I tag !

Watch on niallalldayeveryday.tumblr.com
One Direction Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Interview

This video speaks for its self and the lady at the end omg wow besides the silf part ew, wtf. ”They’re psychically affectionate towards each other”

The You Generation Interview Jk#2
  • Interviewer:What other games or tips, maybe another balls in the mouth game.
  • Louis:*makes a face* oh gees'
  • Niall:*laughing face*
  • Harry:*wtf face*
  • Louis:You are cheep and disgusting.
  • {I swear Louis said sheep but not sure idc its funny either way}

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1- Misa
2- Dark brown
3- light brown
4- i wear winter sweaters on summer
5- Red, Black, White
6- Bookstores (that have books and art tools i go there allot), and my bed
7- Ariana Grande
8- cats, turtles
9- Coming Back Down (Hollywood Undead)
10- “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

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