Is it weird that me and this guy have liked each other for four years but nothing can happen between us because of distance but we flirt and talk about being together all the time in the future even though who knows what the future holds and if I or he finds someone else? Like we’ve both dated other people during this period but I don’t know why I still put myself through this ahaha

Hook (& Emma) + Trust

I find it interesting that we spend so much time talking about trust as it pertains to Emma, but very little when it comes to Killian. Are they that different?

This is now the second attempt someone has made to blackmail Killian, and the second time he’s chosen to hide it from the people around him. Why? For all of his openness with Emma, I don’t think he completely trusts her (or anyone else). He thinks that if he tells the truth, no one will believe him - or worse, that they’ll give up on him. He spent so long being on his own, relying only on himself, that he struggles to put his faith in other people when it comes to personal stakes. He’d trust Emma with his life, but he is unable to trust her with the truth.

Last week, Emma confessed one of her biggest fears - but we’ve yet to see Hook do the same. I don’t know about you guys, but what I really want to see from Killian is the admission that he’s afraid - afraid that he spent too long as a pirate, as “Captain Hook”, to be anything else. He needs to know that there are people who believe in him, and who will fight for him when he can’t fight for himself. Until he starts trusting those around him, however, that won’t happen.

Bethyl Random Thought

I feel that after Beth escapes wherever she is, what she dealt with there is gonna change her like drastically. Like I think she’s gonna put up this front and be like more distant and colder. And I feel that when she reunites with Daryl, he’s gonna notice that and he’s going to be sad. Like he’s going to try to get her back to how she was and when he finally gets tired of it, he’s gonna tell her that because of her he never gave up hope that they’d be together that she made his life better and that it hurts him that she’s changed and in that moment beth will realize what she feels for him and that he feels the same way too. And then they’ll be kisses and hugs! Lol idk just an idea

Am I the only one that feels like The Roots are so much bigger and better than being the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show? Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, but I feel like it stifles their music careers. Sure it gave them more exposure, but are more people buying their records because of it? I bet not as many as you would think because people have no idea who they are and what they’ve done. It’s like running out and buying David Letterman’s house bands album. People who don’t know, don’t care and that’s annoying.

I miss the days when they used to tour. I’m sure it’s how they made their money back then and was tiring to say the least. They were here so often, we took it for granted. I honestly thought it would never end. Now I miss those days, although I’m sure they’re making a ton more on Late Night. I guess that’s the trade-off, but I can’t help but wonder if they miss it or even just the freedom of being able to?

"Faith is a cop-out, it is intellectual bankruptcy."
— Dan Barker

It is coercion and mind control. It is the framework crazy cult leaders use to gain followers. The only reason it’s called ‘faith’ and not ‘coercion’ in the few cases where it’s called ‘religion’ is because of influence and time. Time and enough of that coercion to make you believe it’s any different than any other cult enough to be called ‘faith’.

Thoughts after BoO:

- is Reyna even real
- I need more percabeth
- Will and Nico though
- “I love you, wise girl” AJDNDDJSJSKDBD
- of course Coach Hedge would name his son after Chuck Norris
- I can’t believe I didn’t notice Jason’s glasses on the cover
- Percy you adorable little dork what are you gonna do in college
- But the Seven fought beside their godly parents awww
- ha Octavian died ha I mean rip oh helpful augur


I’m going to go there. I’m going to talk about this. Because I couldn’t have been the only person yesterday who noticed the physicality of Damon and Bonnie’s argument. And it bothered me. It bothered me because I liked it. And I was mad at myself for liking it. Because I can’t like abuse. And I don’t like abuse. Because if I did, I would have shipped the left side of this gifset. So why was it that Bonnie and Damon’s argument made me feel things about this show and these characters that I never thought would resurface ever again? It’s because there’s a difference in these two sets of characters. One of these is abuse where there is a clear abuser and a clear victim, and the other one is passion where there are two people who are feeling anger, desperation, hopelessness, betrayal, hurt, rage and love all mixed into one huge unadulterated slab of emotion. But it’s more than just knowing the difference. Damon shoved Bonnie, Bonnie shoved Damon. They are both willing participants. They are both equal. There is no victim. No one is taking advantage of a weaker person. Bonnie and Damon are both equally responsible for the shit that they are handing to one another. But it’s not even that really. It’s the fact that when she shoves him, Damon is physically affected by it. But he’s stronger than her, isn’t he? He’s a vampire. He can hold his ground. And yet, when she hits him, he stumbles back from the force of her blow. Do you notice how that doesn’t happen in the first gifset? And it’s not because Damon is any less strong with Bonnie. It is literally only because DAMON IS LETTING HER. Damon is LETTING HER SHOVE HIM. Damon is LETTING HER GET HER ANGER OUT. Damon is LETTING HER FEEL THAT EMOTION. And Damon is AFFECTED BY HER EMOTION. There are no words on the left side. But there are words on the right. It’s for a reason. It’s because Damon is actually LISTENING to what Bonnie is saying and he’s internalizing it. And that stumble that he takes when she shoves him isn’t because of the blow from her physical strength. It’s because of the blow from her WORDS. Because HE CARES. He cares that he’s hurting her. He cares that she’s near tears. Her words are getting to him so much that he doesn’t have time to build up his vamp abilities or showcase a macho display of strength. He’s too taken with the truth that she is dishing out to him. And it’s always been this way. Bonnie’s words have ALWAYS affected Damon, but this scene. This scene is everything. He’s angry at her when he shoves her. He’s agitated. He’s frustrated. But how is Bonnie even able to make him feel that? Because he feels absolutely nothing on the left. Not one care. Not one regret. Not one concern. But with Bonnie, there is actual, genuine regret. There is sincere concern for her. Because Bonnie is his EQUAL. I said it all the way back in Season Two. That Damon has UNCONSCIOUSLY accepted Bonnie as his equal. And it couldn’t be any clearer than these two scenes placed side by side. That is why his guard is down with her. That is why her words get to him. That is why she makes him angry and remorseful. That is why he stumbles back when she hits him. Because he chose her as his equal. MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. Damon chose Bonnie as his equal. So he can’t stand there and let her fist hit his rock hard chest while he is unaffected and doesn’t give a shit. No. Her shove will hurt him. Her words will hurt him. Her pain will hurt him. Because she is his match. His equal. So those words and that pain is a direct CHALLENGE for him. Do you see the challenge on the left side? Can you see the challenge? Where is it? It’s not there. I say again, as I said way back in Season Two. Damon may be in love with Elena. But he has already unconciously chosen Bonnie as his soulmate. So keep on bringing Delena. Because it will never amount to what Bonnie and Damon are to each other. And because, I too don’t mind a challenge ;)