The New York Times calls it $900 million. The Washington Post “nearly $1 billion.” CNN simply calls it “staggering.” Ben Ray, spokesperson for Democratic-aligned American Bridge put it best, telling USAToday: “What an obscene amount of money.”

The actual amount announced Monday at the Rancho Mirage Ritz Carlton is $889 million, and that is what the Koch brothers’ political network (17 Koch-funded organizations) plans to spend buying the 2016 elections for corporate America and the 1 percent. […..]

The one thing a billion dollars can’t buy are a viable platform or likeable candidates. It remains to be seen whether it is enough to convince blacks, Latinos, women and others that the Republican Party actually cares about them.

But make no mistake: this represents a full-scale assault on American democracy. Ted Cruz was quoted as saying Sunday night that, “There are a bunch of Democrats who have taken as their talking points that the Koch brothers are the nexus of all evil in the world.” He said that thinking is “grotesque and offensive.”

While you have to respect Cruz’s loyalty to his owners, he is wrong. What is grotesque and offensive is what he and his fellow employees of Koch Industries have been up to at the Rancho Mirage Ritz Carlton: plotting the murder of American democracy.

El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, New Mexico

This is where I’m staying tonight, the famous El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico! Located on Route 66, the El Rancho was home to the movie stars from the 1930s and 40s when they filmed in the area. Burt Lancaster, James Cagney, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Jane Fonda, Kathryn Hepburn and Ronald Reagan are among the many actors who have signed the guest register at El Rancho. This historic landmark hotel is full of character and history and I’m Room 101, the Jack Benny Room!

anonymous asked:

where are good thrift/vintage stores to go around your area? (i live in del mar)

rancho coastal humane society thrift store in Cardiff, flashbacks in encinitas, and sometimes there’s neat stuff in the antique places on Cedros in SOLANA beach ☀️☀️☀️