#Evidence of #advanced #technology depicted in #Egyptian #hieroglyphs at the #Temple at #Abydos. This is my number one destination this spring. I look forward to bringing back #breathtaking #photos. At Abydos, in the #ancient temple built by #SetiI, and his son #RamsesII, on a heavy stone slab supporting the ceiling are hieroglyphical writings, which are illustrated by a most eye catching, and thought provoking scene - an array of four #futuristic craft. If this were modern art, we would have no doubt that it clearly shows a helicopter next to a stacked formation of threeharder to identify advanced craft. Disavowal stems strictly from the fact that this art is over 3,000 years old. Let that #marinate on your brain for a while. #Annunaki #AncientAliens #4biddenknowledge

Two statues of Egyptian dignitaries; one a scribe and physician to a Pharaoh from the mid-18th Dynasty and the other a high priest and contemporary of Ramses II, were unearthed in November at the site of Armant in the region of Thebes (Upper Egypt). A fragment of limestone wall from a temple dating to the Middle Kingdom (2000 BC) was also discovered.