scribtrolls asked:


  • what they smell like

Wood bc he literally lives within a tree and also he kinda weirdly smells like sugar??

  • what music they like

He doesn’t reaLLY have a specific genre he likes?? His faves change a lot

  • something they collect

Stuffed animals! :y

  • what their bedroom looks like

It’s huGE and a mess and his recouperacoon is in like the center?? But kind of closer to the back window. There’s a sort of raised rampy platform going up behind it that’s absolutely covered in stuffed animals/blankets/ect. He’s got a little sewing station thing on the opposite wall which has a butt ton of fabrics/clothes he’s altered around and on it. He also keeps his knitting junk over there usually too. He’s got a bunch of those mushroom chairs in there too just to take up space since it’s so huge?? His dresser is against the staircase wall and he’s got a big ass mirror next to it. He doesn’t have a closet.

  • their eating habits

He eats sO much and he eats surprisingly well?? I mean he does shove a shit ton of junk in his face but he’s not that bad at feeding himself

  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies

Besides drumming/sewing/knitting he’s also into needlepoint stuff! He is working on his first pillow :y

  • their most prized possession

That awful beat up bear he’s had since he was like 2….

Afef Jnifen @ Fondazione Prada opening

Franca Sozzani, Afef Jnifen attends the Fondazione Prada Opening on May 3, 2015 in Milan, Italy.

Afef Jnifen, Marco Tronchetti Provera attends the Fondazione Prada Opening on May 3, 2015 in Milan, Italy.


Makeup by Elisa Rampi

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Grazia - Rampi Rampi (Fortuna Records | FTNLP001) http://youtu.be/vWWx_jfkhl0