finnvapos said:

Which brings me to the decapitations of the Nitrams. Even though The Summoner was hung? I'm unsure with him really. But did notice with Tavros and Rufioh to have their heads taken off of them and to be used by their /stalkers???/ I don't feel like Gamzee or Horrus actually cared about how /their/ Nitrams felt.

I don’t know if the Summoner was hung or how he was killed.

Well, to be fair to Horuss and Gamzee they didn’t mean it maliciously; Horuss was severely infatuated with Rufioh and wanted to build him a new body but due to his immense hoofbeast obsession he made the body equine.

Gamzee on the other hand did try to kiss Tavros- not too sure why, be it from affection or the kiss of life. But he does mention in his log with Dave that Tavros was one of the few people who could’ve calmed him down from his rampage, which is why he found Tavros’ body first. Then Gamzee flies into his rage and kills Equius and Nepeta.

Horuss was clearly…half mad from his Page of Void abilities at this point and was very Otherkin/Horse-folk, so he wasn’t doing the horsebot thing maliciously; he legitimately thought it was the best form he could provide for his matesprit since he truely thought it was the most wonderful form you could become.

Gamzee was being fairly creepy, true, but he did genuinely care about Tavros and after finding him dead he decided to kill everyone. So yeah, at least he waited until after Tavros was dead to sexually assault him unlike Vriska…?

anonymous said:

petition to call guys who only go to games to drink and yell incoherently 'brew douches', because i really feel we need a male 'puck sl*t' equivalent that encompasses just how annoying these guys are. i mean they take seats from ~>>real<<~ fans who actually want to watch the game.

Not to mention the occasional beer that gets dumped down so poor True Fan’s back.

Although omg there was one guy that sat behind me at a Rampage game who I will quote for the rest of my LIFE. He kept yelling things like “MAKE IT RAIN” and “THERE ARE FIVE OF YOU ON THE ICE.” It was almost beautiful.

Anyway, sure I’d sign that petition!

one time my dad wanted to buy BB guns for him and my brother, but my mom said he wasn’t allowed to because he went on a legit BB gun rampage when he was sixteen during which he shot out all of the windows in a Home Depot and his parents had to pay $2,000 in fines

True Heart Head Canon:

Nightmare Heart.

When True Heart becomes corrupt, she becomes Nightmare Heart. Her abilities are almost equivalent to Lord Tirek, the only difference is she doesn’t take away the powers of the ponies… She makes them forget what their special talents are. 

The way this works is when True Heart becomes so distraught that she becomes incapable of helping other ponies find their talents, her emotions go haywire. She, herself loses her cutie mark and goes on a rampage, taking away other ponies cutie marks.


Transformers 1986 - Predaking

1986 was the year Hasbro and Takara started the transition from previously produced designs to new toys made specifically for the Transformers line. It was also the year of “Transformers: The Movie”, a total flop with anyone who wasn’t a Transformers fan (and most of them were pretty young and couldn’t go to a theater by themself in 1986). The movie offed lots of the old characters (including Optimus Prime) to play up new ones, hoping to push kids into wanting the new toys instead of just traumatizing them. The movie and beyond was a different world all over, set in the far-off future of 2005 and loaded with futuristic vehicle designs. 1986 was also a big year for combiners, with no fewer than five teams of combining robots coming out around this time. I loved just about all of them, but the Predacons were special to me. Predacons Razorclaw, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum, and Rampage were all fairly large Transformers toys on their own, so when combined they were a true giant, unlike other combiner which could be outclassed by a sufficiently large single toy. The Predacons also had nice unified team colors, leading to Predaking looking pretty smooth, especially with that big lion face on the chest.

Other great toys from 1986:
Aerialbots/Superion - A team of Autobot planes totally blew my mind as a kid.
Combaticons/Bruticus - The single most recolored and rereleased combiner team in history.
Hot Rod - for someone who often gets blamed for the death of Optimus, he has a pretty sweet toy.

CultureHISTORY *50s*: Starkweather/Fugate - Spree Killers (1958)


One of the most notorious crime stories of the 1950s involved two teenagers from Nebraska. In 1957, 19-year old Charles Starkweather (who was obsessed with James Dean) began his rampage by killing a gas station attendant and then the family of his 14-year old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate. She helped him hide the bodies, they took off together and a two month murder spree spanning two states began. After murdering 11 people in Nebraska & Wyoming, they were both eventually captured.



Initially, Starkweather & Fugate both claimed that she was his hostage. Later during the trial, he revealed that she had assisted in the killings. The judge in the case stated that he not believe that Fugate was a hostage as she had numerous opportunities to escape. Starkweather received the death penalty and was executed in June of 1959, Fugate was sentenced to 17 years in prison and released in 1976.


There have been numerous loose depictions of this story including Bruce Springsteen's NEBRASKA, but the most acclaimed is probably Terrence Malick's brilliant 1973 movie BADLANDS which featured a very young Martin Sheen (his film debut) and Sissy Spacek as the killers.

More on the crime story here.


askbigbrolucifer said:

Murderous rampage meme: "Please stop Grandpa your scaring me" Desmond exclaimed as he held himself against the wall shaking like a leaf as gripped the wall.

Chuck narrowed his eyes. “Why should I stop.”

non-genocidal said:

"Cam, wait, what are you doing?! It's me!" //for the 10 words rampage thing

~ non-genocidal ~

Her eyes were glowing blue, face blank, and her hand around his throat. She’d just killed a bunch of people. Seemingly for no reason. When she saw him, she attacked him forgetting about everyone else. Those words seemed to get to her though. Her eyes going back to normal. Cam released his throat and backed away. “Loki?!” Seeing what she did, the angel looked at him.”What’s wrong with me?”

Saw an OC meme that looked like fun so snagging it :d
TV Tropes that fit Bustle in some way, think I went over the original number but idk screw the rules

  1. Everything’s Better With Sparkles
  2. Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
  3. Tiny Tyrannical Girl / The Napoleon / Pint-Sized Powerhouse (look she’s fucking short ok)
  4. Broken Bird
  5. Lovable Alpha Bitch
  6. Sad Clown
  7. Inferiority Superiority Complex
  8. The Red Mage / Lady of Black Magic (though without the emphasis on, urm, composure; also, says in the description can have secondary healing and buffing skills but a focus on destructive magic which is accurate for songweavers imo)
  9. Obnoxious Snarker / Stepford Snarker
  10. Really Seven Hundred Years Old
  11. Extreme Omnisexual
  12. Jerk With A Heart Of Gold
  13. Gotta Kill Them All (an ongoing Roaring Rampage of Revenge?)
  14. Action Fashionista
  15. Smug Super
  16. Cluster F-Bomb
  17. Dangerously Short Skirt

For balance I’d like to say this:

  • I do not believe for a second that the referendum was rigged in anyway
  • The people out rioting on the streets tonight do not represent No campaign as a whole
  • Scottish nationalism is not nice or desirable

Right, now I can go back to normal and continue to rage about everything that has happened today

I’d like to reiterate what I said earlier though about seeing Unionists causing destruction, rampage and displaying all forms of bigotry. Also, I have seen people remove their Yes badges and look frightened and terrified for their safety, I heard rioters chant sectarian sentiments and the usual Rule Britannia shite.