Regional Pokedex number: #409

Height: 1.6m

Weight: 102.5kg

Dex colour: Blue

Rampardos (Japanese: ラムパルド Rampald) is a

-type Fossil Pokémon.

It evolves from Cranidos starting at level 30, after it is revived from a Skull Fossil.


Rampardos is a large, dark-gray dinosaur-like Pokémon which, like its predecessor Cranidos, is based upon a Pachycephalosaurus. Rampardos has a blue stripe on its tail and one blue stripe on each of its knees and wrists. Rampardos also has a spike on each knee. Rampardos has a blue collar on its neck with two spikes on it. Two of Rampardos's head spikes are bigger than the other two. Its red eyes are obstructed by its dome-shaped head. Two short spikes are on this Pokémon's nose.


  • Rampardos has the highest Attack base stat of all Rock-type Pokémon, and the highest Attack base stat of all non-legendary Pokémon.
  • Rampardos and its pre-evolution Cranidos are the only Fossil Pokémon that are not dual-types.
  • Rampardos has the lowest base Defense of all fully-evolved Rock-type Pokémon.

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