Archie is one of the first comics I ever read, he (and crew, especially Jughead) moulded my psyche (which might explain a lot). He’s like the brother I never had… but the friends I eventually would.

The Death of someone close is never a happy thing. So when I was asked to contribute a variant cover to the final momentous issues of “Life With Archie” that ends with the passing of it’s title character, I wondered what I might do. I’ve only been to a handful of funerals in my life, but I’ve already been to one this year. While it was a somber occasion, as the loss of someone always is, It really hit home how we, their friends and family, that they leave behind are their legacy. In how we carry their memory, and ourselves, foreword. For everyone we share our lives with, we leave an impression on, a small thumbprint, for better or worse.

The title of the book amply states; Life With Archie, evoking the message I wanted to send forth; celebrate life. So, here at POP’s Chok’lit Shoppe, we have just that; friends gathered, reminiscing and sharing stories and memories of their absent friend, celebrating his life.

[ Life With Archie #36 will be on shelves this July; ]

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since the full image was available at NYCC, i’m guessing i can finally post it! cover to the mini-comic i did for the upcoming 15th anniversary FARSCAPE bluray box set. loved the series when it first aired (and have been rewatching it since) so doing the mini-comic was truly a joy to do.