So, am I the only who agrees to this?

Let’s just think about this for a moment, guys.

Everyone immediately viewed Gideon as the King of all Assholes, but was he really that way during his relationships with someone? Let’s just ignore that fact for a second and try to see past it for just a moment. Was he truly a shitty boyfriend? Sure, we all know he affected Ramona with glow for experimental reasons (Which I will agree was a dick move), and it has been stated that he ‘neglected’ her during their relationship, but do we all ever think about WHY that is?

What if Gideon was too busy with his work that made it seem like he was neglecting Ramona? [We all have to understand that Gideon is a fucking Record Producer and entrepreneur — he’s gonna be a busy-assed guy! This should have been expected when getting with him] What if he did actually love Ramona? (And all his other girlfriends?) What if Gideon was actually trying to build a future with her? We all never know these things because it was never too deeply explained and, as the antagonist of the entire series, we immediately view it as Gideon’s fault for why Ramona left him in the first place. But was it REALLY his fault, though, is the question…

And let’s not forget that Gideon is not really ‘evil’, people. It is established that Gideon has serious problems (It is stated he is passive aggressive — that is a mental disorder, he can’t help it. It something he developed on his own). Not taking a break-up well and trapping his girlfriends in Cryogenic tubes are a sole example of this — THAT I understand, so I will not overlook that (Nor the drunken rant). And we see he turns into a giant cock after Ramona leaves. Yes, we get it, he has issues, but who the hell doesn’t? No one’s perfect, and so isn’t Ramona. (We all know what she’s done)

And another thing — if Ramona was really into Gideon like she claimed she was, why didn’t she just find the time to go talk to him about how she felt and try to work out the relationship instead of running off? (Keep in mind, in Vol. 5 Kyle even said that she was a runner as a means to get away from her problems —this has been proven a few times:

  • She ran away from Gideon as a way to break up with him instead of working it out.
  • She ran out on Scott AFTER he defeated the twins because she says she was a bad person for all the things she’s done.
  • She TRIED to run away again in the middle of her fight with Gideon (Vol. 6) because she thought she couldn’t change…only to get stabbed.)

I’m just gonna put it bluntly — with all the other fuck-ups with the other exes aside, if Ramona would have worked out the relationship with Gideon and just TALKED to him instead of running away, none of the events in Scott Pilgrim would have never happened. I’m not saying its her fault, but I’m not saying it’s Gideon’s fault, either. This is what communicate is about.

But that’s just me, though~