The very punnily-named “Pac-Men” ramen! I remember reading about this back in an issue of Tips & Tricks magazine back in.. ‘98, I think? So its been a while since this product came out.

Day 19 - 19th December

(Yay part 3!! ^^ Hope you guys enjoy the thrilling conclusion ;D)

Naruto had to admit he was more than a little surprised at seeing the guy he had run into earlier walk in and calmly order a bowl of ramen. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something about this guy pissed him off but drew him in at the same time. Talk about strange feelings…

“Looks like your ramen’s ready, here ya go,” just as Naruto was about to slide it across the table to him he quickly pulled it back and the dark-haired man raised his eyes questioningly, “Wait! Forgot to add the finishing touch!” Naruto reached underneath the counter and picked out a sprig of holly, arranging it nicely on the plate before serving it to the irritated man.

He watched as a quizzical expression came over his pale face, and he raised dark eyes to meet Naruto’s, “If this is some sort of lame way to embarrass me–”

“What? How is that embarrassing? I just gave your plate a bit of Christmas decoration!” Naruto was internally rolling his eyes at the fastidiousness of the guy sitting in front of him. Really, Naruto wasn’t that bad, once you got to know him.

Ebony eyebrows narrowed in clear suggestion as he pointed to the innocent looking plant on his plate, “This is mistletoe is it not?”

Naruto’s eyes went wide and his mouth slightly parted, and he couldn’t help it when a boisterous laugh ripped from his throat and he leant against the counter for support. This guy may have been a jerk, but he sure was an entertaining one.

“So sorry to say, it’s not. That’s holly, see the berries are red, not white like mistletoe.” Looking up from his explanation, Naruto was met with silence and a smile toyed at the corners of his mouth when he saw the discolouration of the man’s cheeks.

“Oh. I see.” Was all he said, eyes not meeting Naruto’s as he looked down at the plate, seemingly glaring at the plant. Naruto smiled for a brief moment before letting it go.

“But you know, if you really want it that badly I don’t mind.” Black eyes snapped up and a glare was set in place, but Naruto was not deterred and even had the gall to smirk at him.

“Because kissing the moron who crashed into me is something I really want.” Picking up his chopsticks, the guy began to eat and Naruto rolled his eyes.

“Hey man, you never know til you try. It’s been said I’m like the Superman of kisses.”

Eyebrows crinkled in disbelief, “By whom? Yourself?”

Naruto spluttered at that and growled in frustration when the guy was now smirking at him. “No, people you wouldn’t even know.”

“Right, which is code for yourself.”

“You know, I think your attitude needs to be kicked to the curb like your ass was.” Naruto countered, and bored eyes rolled in dismissal.

“It was not kicked.” He mumbled lowly, but loud enough for Naruto to hear. He smiled again, and went back to cleaning the countertop.

When the guy came to finish his meal, he waited until Naruto was done and he went over of course, and saw everything was gone – except the holly. Of course.

“Take it, it looks really pretty when its hanging up inside.” Naruto urged, pushing the plate back. The guy gave the smallest of smiles and shook his head, putting the owed money on the table.

“Maybe next time. If I decide I want to be harassed by a big blonde idiot.”

“Hey! Come on now, I don’t call you names!” The guy shook his head and seemed about ready to leave, before Naruto suddenly realised, “Speaking of names, I didn’t catch yours!”

Looking up, the guy tilted his head to the side and Naruto thought that this asshole – even though he was an asshole – was very handsome.

“It’s Sasuke.”

Naruto processed the name over, and smiled faintly. Yeah, Sasuke suited him real well.

“Right, so see ya ‘round, Sasuke.”

Sasuke tipped his head in goodbye and turned to leave, and both of them had a strange feeling that this wouldn’t be the last of their encounters.

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