If you ask me to describe the physical appearance of someone I’m friends with I can tell you every detail about their face and anything else you might want to know with peppered adjectives about their personality

If you ask me to describe the physical appearance of someone I’m romantically involved with I won’t be able to tell you anything more than a vague estimate of their height and what their hair looks like

When I think about what a lover looks like all I can think about is how they make me feel, what they do to my heart and mind, and the moments we’ve shared together
and how do you put that in words someone else could understand?

I’m told this is “cute”, but I think it’s frustrating
cause I can’t ever find the right words to describe how someone’s eyes can set a fire in my heart and chill me to the bone at the same time without sounding cliche and saying subjective words like mesmerizing

and when people say things like “she has the most beautiful blue eyes” I can’t help but think they just don’t pay attention

Her eyes are so much more than just one colour and lackluster adjective
they are vortexes of swirling opals that breathe pain and love into the very core of your being

you do not “get lost” in them, they consume you and fill you in ways you cannot find anywhere else because the look they give you is unlike any other in the entirety of the human populous

they make you let go of yourself and all hesitations and invite you into a world indescribable in modern dialect or any of this natural plane for that matter, it is something you can only experience

it is something only you can experience

because where one person sees blue eyes, or a journey of a different variety altogether, you will find questions without answers and answers without questions and a complete lack of faith in words but a new lease on life

I have no clue what colour eyes my lover has
I just know what they do to me

((So i had this great idea involving minecraft))

((some one make a server with a towny with essentials mods and name it Oblivion

and then each prince has their own nation

and maybe the aedra too

just maybe

but everyone has one and like people can join the nations

as their souls belong to the certain deity

and the person who controls the server will be like sithis or anuiel

and they have their own nation

or both or something.


im out of it and need to be put down.

An anonymous letter, rolled and sealed with red wax, addressed to Lynesse:

“All things begin and end. All that has ever been, is, or ever will be was born in the fires of creation, and to this same flame all must return. The sun and the stars are the closest things in this world to the primordial flame, and so too the moons, for they reflect the light of the sun. Anything that has left this world, returned to the flame, can be seen in the skies above.

Just as the moons are a reflection of the sun, so too is grief a reflection of joy. As the sun’s light lives in that of the moons, so does joy dwell in grief. We do not weep when the sun sets, for its light still shines upon us, though in different form. When life turns to death, it still touches the mortal world, and if it touches the world, it has not left us, just as the sun does not abandon us at night. Grief allows one to feel this touch still, but in time, joy will rise once more in a new dawn.

Remember this, and look to the skies. In every ray of sun, there exists the spirit of the man for whom you grieve. Let this warm you, and allow joy to return.

I recognize that this is of little help, or of little merit, but it is the only gift I am able to offer. Hope is present always.”


skunkhairierosquad intro

Heya, my name’s Alyssa but you can call me Lee for short. I’m nonbinary (they/their/them), and panromantic ace. I live in the U.S. and I was placed here fifteen years ago in order to help my kind get a better understanding of life on Terra Firma.

I have three dogs and am a beekeeper trainee. I play guitar, viola and piano. I like to write (songs, poems and short stories), draw, paint and read. I suck at makeup and all my friends are cuter than me.

I am literal emo trash and my whole world revolves around music. My life is an emotional trainwreck and I’m constantly thinking about either Frank Iero or Andy Hurley.

Obsessed with: MCR, rock n’ roll, Twenty One Pilots, Frank Iero, Fall Out Boy, musicians, Andy Hurley, animals, music, saving the world, frnkiero andthe cellebration, boys with nose rings, girls (generally always), leather jackets, P!ATD, Harry Potter, art (of all kinds), All Time Low, extraterrestrial lifeforms, Green Day, blink-182, long words and outer space.

((sorry if this is late??))

Being around her sucks the life from my body in a way I can only describe as
                                                 painfully beautiful
Seeing her today reminded me of how much guilt I’ve been carrying for years
and how much self loathing a man can feel even when he knows he’s forgiven
but I also felt such an intense love and connection that I often forget exists
She warms me from the inside out and that’s a feeling I’ve missed

It’s hard to have so much longing for a second chance
all while wishing her the best and letting go of the idea of “us”

It’s hard to talk to her as a friend when I’m still so in love

Am I just a highly superstitious Irish Catholic man if I read to much into the fact that I just pulled two women who both have highly significant names within my family? Brigitta (Bridget) and Alice. Ahh wtf man. Does it mean I have to marry one or what Jesus Christ give me a sign.