ralph Lauren

Audrey Hepburn and Ralph Lauren at the Academy’s 1991 Summit in New York.
“I went to an event at the Museum of Modern Art some time after I was diagnosed with brain tumor, and had surgery for it. There were lots of stars, people like Gregory Peck — and Audrey was there. I was standing off in a corner and she walked over to me and said, “We have been so worried about you. Are you all right?” I was taken aback by her concern. We sat next to each other at dinner and she surprised me once again… She asked for my autograph. Do you believe that? I wanted her autograph! She said it was for her sons who wore my clothes all the time. Somehow, flattered as I was, I never got around to giving it to her that night. Later, another event came up where she was receiving an award and she called and asked me to come as her guest. Once again she said, I really need your autograph for my sons. And of course, I gave it to her.” 

“What made her special? It’s kind of undefined. There was a sweetness, and she came along when that type wasn’t there in the movies. It’s doubtful there will be that type again, at least not in my lifetime.” — Ralph Lauren