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Hey, before I start talkin I want you to know I'm always cool with Destiel and in no way mean this to be aggressive so please please don't think I'm trying to be! But I think that the show writers have a right to make their own characters in whatever relationships they want, and I think a lot of Dean and Cas interaction is meant as platonic? So I'm just not sure why people turn it into romance so much, especially when the writers don't want that, and I was wondering what thoughts you have onit

I think that if they wanted us to interpret their relationship as purely platonic, they should have started at least five seasons ago. They should have never written in a million objectively romantic tropes, they should have told Misha and Jensen to quit eyefucking, they shouldn’t have written Cas watching Dean rake leaves, or lines like “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”, “I need you” (originally written as “I love you”), “I’m not leaving here without you”, or “I was there, where were you”. They shouldn’t have written Cas choosing Dean over heaven, they shouldn’t have written Dean falling into a depression when Cas died, being jealous when Cas had sex with April, Cas pining for Dean while lying naked in bed, and, like, the entirety of Heaven Can’t Wait, where Misha was told to act like a jilted lover, where the angel of mercy is killing those grieving over failed/lost relationships, and only picks up on Cas’s agony after Dean rolls into town. They shouldn’t have literally written Cas as a parallel to Colette, Cain’s wife.

If they want us to not expect it to go somewhere, then they should never have made us expect it. I mean, for fuck’s sake. If Cas was a woman? Besides the fact that she would have been killed off after four episodes, just stop and reimagine the way Dean and Cas stare at each other, how they talk to each other, how they believe in each other, what they’re willing to do for each other. You expect me to believe that professional story writers have no idea that we’re going to see this as romantic? That they are SHOCKED and HURT that when Cas breaks free from mind control to the words “I need you” and tenderly cradles Dean’s face we’re going to say “yes homo”? 

I’m not angry at you, so I hope this doesn’t feel like an attack. I’m just angry about the absolute cowardice here. If they wanted this relationship strictly platonic, then they should have wrote it that way. It’s too fucking late now. That ship has literally sailed. Huge numbers of people ship it. The ratings for 10x09 SOARED because they released promo photos of Dean and Cas sitting together. Casual viewers can see it. The world is changing and gay love is far less controversial than it used to be. The 100, another show on the CW, just revealed one of their characters as bisexual, and the world didn’t end. The mainstream media has caught notice of Destiel, has said “will they or won’t they?” and “is Supernatural going to stop queerbaiting?” Destiel was the shown to be the most popular ship on tumblr, if not basically the whole internet. Everybody knows. So the only reason I can see that they wouldn’t run with this opportunity that would please so many, boost ratings and get press coverage, create plenty of drama and storylines, and make total narrative sense, is that they’re homophobic cowards. 

Despite raking in millions of dollars in profits, Canada Post says it can’t afford to back down on its controversial plan to scrap door-to-door mail delivery in towns and cities across the country.

The Crown corporation held its annual general meeting in Ottawa on Thursday where it announced a pre-tax profit of $24 million for the first quarter of 2015.

Canada Post says its profits were boosted by an increase in the price of postage and by growth in parcel traffic as more Canadians shop online. Parcel deliveries brought in revenues of $380 million in the first quarter, $39 million more than the same period in the previous year.

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1. Canada Post justifies cutting home delivery as a cost cutting measure.

2. Canada Post makes $380 million dollars in revenue in the first quarter of 2015.

3. *200,000+ Canadians + many cities demand home delivery be reinstated*

4. Canada Post: Uh, we’re still not going to bring back home delivery.

5. ?????????????

Good Kill 2015 Film


➦ Good Kill Movie Storyline
In the shadowy world of drone warfare, combat unfolds like a video game–only with real lives at stake. After six tours of duty, Air Force pilot Tom Egan (Ethan Hawke) now fights the Taliban from an air-conditioned bunker in the Nevada desert. But as he yearns to get back in the cockpit of a real plane and becomes increasingly troubled by the collateral damage he causes each time he pushes a button, Egan’s nerves—and his relationship with his wife (Mad Men’s January Jones)—begin to unravel.

➜ Good Kill Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-05-15
Casts : Alma Sisneros, Jake Abel, Bruce Greenwood, January Jones, Peter Coyote, Ethan Hawke, Zoë Kravitz, Kristen Rakes
Duration : 104 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.7

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RapMon smut where the two of you watch a movie and a sex scene comes on so the two of you copy the scene if that makes sense?

Yes love~^^

I open my closet door pacing around as I find something to wear. My boyfriend Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster is coming over to day so that we can watch movies and spend a day together. It’s been months since I seen him and I want to look good for him. But it seems nothing I look at or try on is good enough today.

I sigh once my eyes rake over my closet once more, feeling myself becoming frustrated I give up putting on a short pink sun dress that comes down to my mid thigh. I hear the door bell ring as soon as I start to turn my curlers on trying to fix my hair a bit. But that’s so Namjoon to show up when I least expect it. I turn them off running out of my room and down the hall past my front room to open my door.

Namjoon is standing there in full black. Black long sleeved shirt black choker, black baggy skinny jeans and black timberlands. I shiver inwardly as I take him in my mouth becoming dry at just looking at him. My eyes rake back up to his face, his smiling dimples and silver hair. I giggle ruffling it and he pulls me towards him embracing me in a hug as he places a sweet kiss on my lips. I moan softly missing the feel of his lips on mine. He breaks the kiss stepping back to look down at me a smirk playing on his lips.

“I’ve missed you jagi.. Your still so beautiful.” He says picking me up carrying me into the house pulling a yelp from my lips and a blush on my cheeks.

“I’ve missed you too sexy.” I hum as he shuts the door laughing at me.

“So what are we going to watch today?” I ask him as I grab his hand once his shoes are off tugging him to my couch in front of my big flat screen that’s placed on the wall.

“It is my turn isn’t it??” He says as he wraps a arm around my waist and I curl up to his side.

“Yeah yeah don’t play innocent.” I say jabbing his side and he giggles kissing my head.

“Well there is one movie.. It should be out on demand now..” He trails off and I raise an eyebrow.

“Ok give me the name.” I say grabbing the remote from the floor browsing til I get to my demand.

“It’s called fifty shades of grey.” Rap Monster says and I will myself not to blush. I read the books. Hell that alone made me want to whine for Namjoon whenever he was away. But I nod my head buying the movie as he holds me closer to him.

When it starts off my body relaxes a bit its nothing more then your typical love story with a bunch of fucking. Even the first few sex scenes are ok. But it gets to one in particular. She’s blindfolded and forced to listen to music while he teases her body strapping her down so she can’t touch herself. And she takes it. Brave girl.

“—.” The way Rap Monster says my name with a deep husky voice has my insides churning.

“Neh?” I ask him keeping my eyes on the screen to afraid to meet his heated stare.

“Let’s do that.” He says his hand rubbing up and down my leg lifting my dress a bit.

“Monster. No.” I say my body wanting to do it but my mind trying to escape.

“Come on baby. I want you. I’ve missed you. And it’s been a while since I was your master. You know you want it.” He says nibbling on my ear and I whine myself restraint giving in.

“B-but I don’t.. I never remember my safe word.” I say trying to create any excuse.

“Jagiya you know I’m only here for a week. Don’t be like this you know I won’t hurt you. I just wanna make you cum.” He says and I moan out loud dropping my head.

“Ok ok fine! But when I use the safe word you stop!” I say to him and he nods his head.

He stands up holding his hand out to me and I take it letting him pull me down the hall to my room. Luckily for me we have everything we need because of the simple fact that we are both kinky and whenever Rap Monster wants to fuck you that’s when you fuck and you don’t question him on what he’s doing to you unless you either want to A. not cum or B. be left sore for the next few days.

I stand in the middle of the room as Namjoon walks around not saying a word just getting everything ready. He places the blindfold a pair of beats, and the cuffs on the bed along with a pink medium sized box and a ridding crop and a whip. He hums softly as he sits down besides his items taking his phone out to play on it.

Once he’s done he gets rid of his shirt and he comes up to me with a wild dangerous smirk his attitude changing.

“Kneel.” He commands and I nod my head getting on my knees looking to the ground. The ironic part about this is I have to get in this position even when we aren’t acting out a movie.

“Safe word?” He asks me as he walks around me. I think about it for a second my eyes scanning over everything.

“Minnie.” I whisper softly a blush creeping on my face. Namjoon freezes and I don’t have to look up to know he’s blushing at the pet name I only used on him once when I dominated him.

“Ok. From now on until we are finished you will address me as sir or master or daddy if you prefer. I don’t care I just want to hear those beautiful moans from those sinful lips.” He says walking to the bed.
He picks the blindfold up as he comes to stand in front of me.

“Get up pet.” He says and I do as told standing up on my feet. Namjoon cocks his head to the side going to the pink box opening it pulling out a collar and leash.

“That’s not in the movie.” I state and Namjoon grabs me by my throat putting his face in mine.

“Did I tell you to speak?” He asks me his voice threatening and icy.

“N-no master.” I say softly looking off.

“Don’t let it happen again.” He says and I nod my head. He lets my throat go putting my purple leash on me that grazes my throat digging into my skin a bit but it’s not to bad. And he connects my white leash to it tugging me forward a bit.

He kisses my lips and I keep my hands at my sides as he places the blindfold over my eyes his lips molding with mine. He breaks the kiss walking behind me as he starts to pull at the hem of my dress his fingers teasing my skin on purpose.

“Do you know what I am gonna do to you and that tight little pussy of yours. How desperate I’m going to make you? Hmm I’m going to drive you crazy past the point of no return and then only then will I burry myself balls deep inside of you and make you cum on my dick back to back. I won’t stop until I break you. That is of course if you can hang that long. Arms up.” Namjoon says teasing me. I grit my teeth promising myself I won’t loose as the dress comes over my head. I shiver at the cold and I can feel how wet my panties are when I shift my weight to my left leg.

Namjoon gropes my breast his chest against my back and I bite my lip to stifle a moan.

“Let me hear you.” He commands grabbing at my nipples through my bra and I moan out his name hanging my head down.
Namjoon chuckles grabbing my hand and he leads me to my bed.

He lays me down after he takes my bra and panties off and he hooks the cuffs around my wrist connecting them to the headboard. He cuffs both of my legs spread apart to a spreader bar and places it down on the bed.

I lay there panting already anticipation drumming through my bones through my pulse as I listen to him move around the bed. The next thing I feel is beats being placed on my ear.

Namjoon’s voice fills my ears and my favorite song expensive girl plays first.

I bite my lips as I listen to his deep rapper voice as his hands trails some oil from the top of my neck down past my breast circling my nipples down to my pussy and his fingers rest on my entrance before he pulls back. I lay there as he climbs on top of me his mouth sucking at my left nipple slowly biting and pulling on it with his teeth. He sucks on my nipple trailing his tongue to lick at my areola before he starts to just suck and mark my left breast. He removes his mouth once he is satisfied and I feel a cool clamp being placed on my nipples.

I arch my back giving up at moan as he kisses his way to the valley of my breast and then to my right nipple. He treats it the same with his tongue giving me teasing sucks and licks as his hand pulls at the clamp that’s placed on my left nipple. I whine throwing my head back as he blows cool air on my nipple before he places another clamp on my right one,

He kisses down my body slowly his tongue gliding over to mark every ounce of skin. He stops at my belly button biting into it as he dips his tongue into it. I feel my legs tense up as he slides his tongue down farther licking across my V-line.

I with I could move to hold him touch him or touch myself in this case. My hands ache and twitch so much that I have to clasp them together to keep sane. Namjoon pulls away leaving me alone and panicky as his mix tape starts to play.

Listening to his rap alone can make me cum on spot. I try to close my legs my body twisting and writhing but a hand lays flat on my stomach stopping my movement.

I feel the ridding crop slam down against my clit and I yell out arching my back. Namjoon does it again before he leans down sucking away the sting on my clit. I scream softly as his tongue circles my clit slowly sending delicious jolts of pleasure through me.
Namjoon moves away from me once again. And then I feel his hand come down to my entrance. He circles one finger there before he removes it sliding a vibrating dildo inside of me that has bumps and rides.  He turns it on and the machine starts out slow thrusting into me then it starts to twist and spin inside of me stimulating the feeling of someone grinding there hips into me.

“FUCK PLEASE!” I yell out not knowing what I’m begging for. I don’t feel hands on me for a while the thing just thrusts into me hitting deep inside of my walls stretching me out. I think it won’t get any worse but then I feel the spreader bar being lifted.

Namjoon raises to until it is bending me in half the bar resting in my cuffed hands and I take that as a sign that he wants me to hold it. At this new position the dildo jams harder into me hitting my spot and cries leave my lips.

“OH MY GOD PLEASE LET ME CUM SIR!” I yell thrashing my head but still no replies. I don’t know what that means but I decide that maybe he will just be nice and let me cum. My toes curl up as I arch my back my orgasm approaching me but he takes the vibrator from me quickly and I cry out as my orgasm leaves me.

I feel the whip come down on my ass cheeks next. I groan holding the spreader bar tighter as he whips me my ass stinging with every blow he delivers to me.

He runs his hands up and down my ass cheek before I feel the crop coming down to hit at my ass cheeks. He alternates between soft flicks of his wrists and hard hits that leave me gasping and trembling as my juices slide down from my pussy to my ass.

I feel the bed dip but after a couple of minutes nothing happens so I relax myself. Namjoon grabs at my ass cheeks squeezing them before he spreads them wide.

I bite my lips wondering what he will do but he just lets the air blow on my ass hole. And then I feel his tongue probing at my entrance.

“M-master please! N-not there!” I whine and a slap is delivered to my ass from his hand. I whimper as my flesh stings from the impact of his hit my eyes watering slightly from the pain.

Namjoon pushes his tongue inside of my asshole licking it tracing it against my walls. I can’t help the way I clench and squeeze around his tongue because I’m not use to it being back there. It feels foreign.

Namjoon tongue my hole down lathering me up and getting me ready. He pushes the vibrator into my ass turning it on. I groan as my ass starts to get stretched my tight hole throbbing as he turns the machine back on. Once again it pushes deep into my hole pounding my walls and I try to squirm but it doesn’t help because I almost lose the spreader bar from my grip and I know he’ll be pissed.

Namjoon slides his tongue up and down my slit slowly. He bites into my pussy lips before his tongue swipes across my clit sucking on it. I sigh in pleasure a bit of frustration building in me because in the movie the girl had already came at least twice by now! Namjoon wipes all thoughts from my mind when he slides his tongue inside of my pussy flicking it fast against my spot.

“Hnn~ Ahh HA!” I cry out arching my back my breaths becoming short pants and gasps.

I feel Namjoon press a vibrator against my clit ripping more cries from my chapped bruised lips that I’ve bite so much on. I feel tears sliding down my cheek from being over stimulated my body frozen as my blood boils from the pleasure I feel.

I feel my wrist starting to burn from how hard I’m pulling at the cuffs cutting them. I shiver softly the pain turning me on more as Rap Monster’s deep voice fills my ears.

All of a sudden the music stops. And then just like the music Namjoon pulls away from me with the vibrator and slides the dildo out of me.

“NOO!” I wail crying as my orgasm slips away from me being so close yet so far away. My body trembles as tears pour from my eyes. I feel the headphones being taken off of my ears and I turn my head to the side not wanting to feel his touch if I can’t cum.

“I told you to use the safe word. You know I would’ve stopped. But you love it don’t you. You want more. You want my hard cock pressed deep inside of you don’t you?” Namjoon asks jerking at my leash making me arch my back and a pathetic moan falls from my lips.

“Y-yes.” I moan as he slides a hand down my leg.

“Yes?” He asks me slapping the back of my thigh.

“Yes daddy.” I hear him groan and that brings a little joy to my insides knowing he will hurry up.

He moves from me and I hear his feet shuffle a bit. I wait there calming my breath my legs starting to ache from this position. My nipples are getting sorer from the clamp that has been left to rest on them. I feel the bed dip in and then I feel legs against the back of my legs. I sigh in content as Namjoon settles himself between me.

He grabs at my legs and he rubs his dick up and down my slit. I moan softly trying to use whatever strength I can find to buck my hips up but nothing works. Namjoon chuckles pressing the head of his dick against my clit and I can feel him starting to fist himself until precum is sliding down my slit.

“Are you gonna beg?” He asks me as he pushes into my entrance fisting himself harder a moan slipping from his lips.

“Master please!” I start as I arch my back. He pushes into me and pulls circling his dick around my entrance.

“I taught you how to be filthy.” He says leaning down to kiss me quickly.

“BURRY YOUR COCK INSIDE OF ME!” I shout at him and I hear him intake breath.

“How you want it?” He asks deeply.

“Fuck me hard!” I beg.

“Want it rough?” He asks.

“Fucking pound it.” I say and he growls.

Namjoon slams his cock into my walls burying himself deep into me wasting no time drilling into my heat. I moan feeling so full as his girth slides in and out of my pussy leaving no inch untouched. I lick my lips yelling his name when he drags his nails down the underside of my legs marking me. I feel Namjoon place his lips on mine, his tongue tracing against mine.

He claims dominance over me quickly sucking on my tongue as he leans up taking the spreader bar from my hands holding them to my cuffed arms as he moans my name slamming his hips down into mine. He pulls all the way out and slams back in landing on my spot.

“DADDY!!” I let out a scream/cry of pleasure squeezing my pussy around him.

“Does that little bitch like this?” He asks jerking on my leash with one hand the collar cutting off my breath as I roll my eyes back.

“Y-YES DADDY FUCK ME HARDER!” I cry out my throat cracking and starting to sting.

“Good girl.” He groans tapping on my clit with the leash a bit. He groans starting to become more sloppier with his thrusts but still hitting my spot none the less. I can tell he is close. He starts to grind his hips deep into me his balls smacking my ass.

He grabs my leash tighter shoving the spreader bar back in my hand as he rubs my clit fast with his fingers.

“C-CAN I?!“ I ask not being able to finish my sentence my words jumbling together and all I can think about is how fucking good he feels filling me up over and over again.

"Cum on my cock. Daddy will reward you.” He says pulling my leash harder as he bites on my bottom lip tugging it his veins throbbing inside of me. The mere thought of him filling me with cum as well as how he pulls my breath from me is enough to send me over the edge.

“DADDY NAMJOON!!” Is the only thing I can cry out when he releases the leash letting me breathe again. My orgasms slams into me harder making my toes curl dangerously.

Namjoon pulls off my nipple rings and my whole body starts to tingle as he keeps drilling into me his fingers not letting up on my clit. He makes sure to push me past my breaking point, his mix of dirty words with him pulling on my leash again sends me back over the edge and I’m crying tears of pain and pleasure as my orgasm rocks back through me my pussy and clit becoming over sensitive.

“–!” Namjoon groans ask he continues to pound into me milking me with his seed. He grinds his hips deep into me again before he pulls out of me with a huff.

He groans and the spreader bar comes from my legs and I let them drop limply against the bed. He takes blindfold off smiling down at me and I damn near cum again. His hair is plastered to his face as beads of sweat rolls down his naked body his eyes sparkling and satisfied those dimples on display. He lets my wrist go from the handcuffs cursing.

“You should’ve fucking used the safe word!! What did I tell you!” Namjoon scolds me as he starts to clean me up placing me in the tub after he runs my bath water.

“I forgot the safe word.” I admit and he walks off groaning getting a towel as he starts to wash me up and soothe my pain.

House bill seeks to end ex-presidential gravy train.

Former President Bill Clinton received $950,000 from taxpayers last year, mostly for office space. This in addition to the reported $30 million of income the Clintons earned in the past 16 months. Every year, taxpayers shell out millions of dollars in allowances to former U.S. presidents. 44-year old Iowa freshman Senator Joni Ernst ® (the same who made her years castrating pigs a centerpiece of what proved to be a masterful campaign) has sponsored a new bill saying it’s time to tighten those post-presidential belts.

Ernst introduced legislation yesterday that would limit the allowances to ex-presidents.“Taxpayers should not be on the hook for subsidizing former presidents’ lives to the tune of millions of dollars,” she said.

A new U.S. House bill is looking to put the brakes on the amount of taxpayer loot ex-presidents may continue to rake in once they exit office by capping pensions at $200,000 per year plus an additional $200,000 for office space and other expenses. And then reducing expense payments by $1 for every dollar above $400,000 earned by a former president. Under the legislation proposal, ex-presidents who earn more than $600,000 a year would not receive federal funds for office expenses or travel.

This of course raises the obvious question of how a struggling ex-president is supposed to get by on $400,000 a year? Well apparently being the former leader of the free world is a pretty lucrative gig. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) a co-sponsor of the bill, said it was not aimed at anyone, but was a simple matter of fairness. “History shows that former presidents do very well financially after they leave office,” Chaffetz said in a statement before Tuesday’s vote. “In fact all former presidents are millionaires, making it unlikely that they depend upon their taxpayer-funded allowance to make ends meet.”



People don’t understand that you can be famous without being rich,” a semi-famous friend once complained to me, but in the strange new world of Internet-driven culture, you can be rich and famous without actually being famous. In other words, you — provided you’re young, perky, wholesome and a bit goofy — can be a YouTube star. Most people over 30 have never heard of vlogging celebrities like Zoe “Zoella” Sugg or Tyler Oakley, even though more than twice as many people subscribe to their YouTube channels than tuned in to watch the series finale of “Mad Men.” A Variety poll conducted last summer found that the five most influential public figures in the eyes of American teens were all YouTube stars. Many top YouTubers — in particular, the most popular producers of let’s-play gaming videos — also rake in millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Unlike reality show stars, YouTubers like Zoella and Connor Franta are, in fact, here to make friends—and get paid

Wanna Hear a True Story?

The sickeningly loud bass reverberates into your bones as you struggle with the insanely tall heels that are pinching your feet. You brush a lock of hair out of the way, your heart thumping along to the beat. Already, your provocatively revealing outfit makes your skin crawl, as it does every time you have to put it on.

“Come on, time to go!” your boss barks out. You bite back a scathing retort, knowing that he already hates you enough as it is. Sighing, you put on your brave face and strut out to the cheap lights shining on you, taking your place by your designated pole. You flash a smirk and a wink to the horny, almost feral-looking man below you. You’ve been here long enough to know which ones are the more… generous type. His eyes rake up and down your body as if you’re no more than a piece of meat. A familiar feeling of bile rises up your throat, but you swallow it down as you begin your dance for this low-life degenerate.

You hate it. All of it. You hate the fact that you’re selling your body and being objectified by strangers. You know women that don’t mind it – women that you work with – but this is something that makes you physically sick, that makes you shudder every time a customer runs his sweaty hands up your thighs.

But if this job feeds your son back home, you’ll do it. Every night, all night, you’ll do it. For him.

And so the dance continues.


You see a group of new guys enter, their raucous laughter making your skin crawl. You turn away from them, knowing that they’ll come, sooner or later.

It’s not until one says, “Check out that one,” that you turn back. You feel your breath catch and your heart skip a beat, time seemingly slowing down as you stare at the group of men.

Because tagging along, in the back, is your high school sweetheart.

Tagging along is Chris “Woody” Wood.

Your mind flashes through those untapped memories with him that you’ve kept carefully hidden in the back of your mind. Sneaking out at night. Getting drunk with him at the park. Woody’s sweet smile as he looked down at you and whispered kind and loving words to you, holding you in his strong, sturdy arms. Quite honestly, they were the best moments of your life.

And then university happened, and everyone moved away when you were left back home. The two of you grew distant, and finally lost contact entirely.

Woody stares back at you, a look of disbelief growing on his face as he openly gawks at you. You suddenly feel the urge to cover yourself up, to hide away from the world. No. Not him, not him. Why does he have to see what you’ve become?

One of the guys laughs and claps a hand on Woody’s shoulder, startling him out of his stare. “Looks like Woody’s found one he likes!” the guy laughs.

Woody flashes his friend a nervous smile, barking back an unconvincing laugh. “Yeah, she seems like my type.”

You tear your gaze away from him, the feeling in your gut making you want to vomit as you shake your hair forward to hide your face. You squeeze your eyes shut before you hear Woody move closer, taking a seat in front of you.

Seeing no route of escape, you finally look back to him, forcing a brilliant smile on your face. “What can I do for you?”

Woody doesn’t smile back, staring up at you. You shake your head biting your lip and trying again. “What would you like, babe?

Woody, to your disgust, tightens his lips and continues to stare in that pitiful way. After another pause, he finally replies, “What are you doing here?”

You scowl. “If you want a dance, you better pay up.”

Woody glances at his friends before looking back at you. Slowly, he reaches down into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, and you feel your stomach drop. A part of you didn’t want Woody to follow through with your request.

Woody pulls out a hundred-pound note, quirking an eyebrow at you. “That gets me a private room, right?”

You look down at Woody with a gaze of contempt, setting your jaw. Is he really going to humiliate you like this? “Of course.”

You look down as you take Woody’s hand, the same hand that gently cradled your face after your father got a little too drunk, a little too violent, all those years ago.

But instead, Woody tugs you away, leading you outside. The cool air is a nice reprieve from the stale, sweaty air of the club.

Woody assesses you, looking you up and down like countless men before him, but lacking that hungry look. You fight the urge to cover yourself up.

“What… happened to you?” he finally whispers out again.

You scowl. “I became a stripper. What does it look like?”

Woody breaks his gaze from you, choosing to look down instead. “I guess a whole lot’s changed since I’ve seen you last…”

You sigh, running a shaking hand through your hair. “Woody…”

Woody looks back at you.

“What else would you do if your son was at home by himself, crying, because you can’t feed him?”

Woody visibly flinches at your words, and you continue, spilling out your story. “And the only thing you can do is sleep with a man, to sell your body, to a man?”

Woody bites his bottom lip, glancing at you for a moment before looking down again. “You’re not the only one with a kid. That’s no excuse to be living a life like this.”

You laugh mirthlessly, feeling all the pent-up rage, frustration, and hopelessness well up in your eyes, spilling over as you say, “Woody, you remember my father, right?”

Woody’s eyes quickly grow steely at the mention of your abusive dad. “Yeah, I remember a thing or two about him.”

“I ran away, with my sister. We ran out before he killed us, or worse. And since then, I’ve been barely keeping up with my life. I wake up every morning wanting to kill myself, to just end it all, like my sister did a couple years ago. But I can’t, because I can’t leave my child. I can’t leave him alone. So don’t tell me about my life. You have no idea the shit I had to go through.”

Woody purses his lips before tentatively reaching out toward your face. You don’t move, your heart thumping heavily, as he wipes the tears from your cheeks with a gentleness and care that you can’t even remember the last time you’ve felt from someone else. The slight dropping of your eyes and lean toward his hand is all the incentive Woody needs to pull you close to him and hug you tightly. You clutch onto him like a lifeline, your heart aching at the feeling of security and sturdiness only your Woody could give you.

“I’m sorry,” Woody whispers into your hair. “I didn’t know…”

You shake your head as you press your nose into Woody’s chest, losing yourself in his familiar scent. Even after all these years, he still feels the same. A part of you yearns for the innocent callousness of your youth.

After another minute, frozen in the moment, you lean back, careful not to smudge your makeup as you wipe the tears away. “I… I have to go back,” you mutter back.

Woody merely nods at your words. After a moment, he takes out his wallet and empties it out, handing it to you.

You step away from the money, shaking your head. “I don’t need–”

“It’s not for you, it’s for me,” Woody cuts in, pressing the money against your chest. “Buy something nice for your son. Take some time off. Take care of yourself.” Woody hesitates for a moment before sticking his hand back into his pocket and pulling out a pen. He takes your hand and scrawls a series of numbers on the palm of it. “And next time you need help, call me, please.”

You take your hand away and cradle it gingerly against your chest, your other hand holding the wad of cash he gave you in an iron grip. Now, it’s your turn to gawk at him at a loss for words. “I–”

Woody leans forward and places a soft kiss on your head, pulling back and gazing at you with soft eyes. “You don’t have to thank me.”

You merely watch as Woody steps back and gives you another nod before spinning in his heel and disappearing down the street, abandoning his friends back in the club.

You look down at his number, mouthing them to yourself until they’re engrained in your mind. You think back to the moments when you had prayed for any god in the universe to help you, to send an angel to you.

It looks like one of them had heard you.

~~~~~ What Would You Do ~~~~~


Time for Longhollow spam!

Catherine Long is one of Ben Long’s grandkids, the eldest child of Brenda and the late Kirby Long. As a child, she also caught the plague that ultimately killed her father, but she recovered (Which means she’s now immune). She’s now an independent teen married to Gavin Newson, and she’s pregnant with their first child. She contributes to the family finances by playing her violin for tips on community lots. She’s got 9 Creativity points, so she does well at it, raking in $700-$800 in a few hours. (Wish it worked that way in real life. The best I ever managed was a couple hundred. *laugh*) In fact, she makes more than Gavin currently does in the Business career.

As a bonus, she gets to socialize, catching up on gossip with her cousin Tamra and having lunch in the park with her little sister, Faith.

I’m on a hay ride
Just like when I was five
I can’t remember
How I felt so alive
It seems I’ve forgotten
All my favorite things
But I’m holding on to what’s left
Of my memories

The smell of wet leaves
Takes me back to being ten
When I’d jump in a pile of leaves
Just to rake them again
I didn’t mind
If my hair looked all wrong
I couldn’t care less
If my pants were too long

I flash back to the winter
Seven years ago
When I built myself an igloo
And lived in the snow
I couldn’t have been happier
So tranquil and free
I’m glad that moment
Has stuck with me

The cold wind on my cheeks
Leaves a gentle red mark
That reminds me of the girl
Who used to play in the park
She was shy, but her laugh
Could carry on for a mile
I wish I could be her again
To revive that smile

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22 + Namjoon!

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
Slight M rating for language

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

You and Namjoon had been playing this game for far too long. It was inevitable that one of you would give in soon, you just always thought it would be you. The heady rush of knowing that you won out over him felt too good. You lean against the desk and cross your legs not missing the way his eyes rake up your bare skin.

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Charlotte & ___ || Open Thread
  • Charlotte:raked her fingers through her medium length blonde hair, looking at her students. They were a mere five weeks from their national competition, and they had been hard at work six days a week trying to perfect the seven routines they were taking up to Los Angeles. "Alright girls, you're all set for today. Make sure you see Kaya for your costumes, and bring them with you rehearsals so we can do alterations and our first dress rehearsal." With that, the woman dismissed the fifteen dancers, waiting until the door was shut to break down. One of the senior girls was dancing to a piece called If You Say So, and the lyrics reminded her of Nathan, and she couldn't help the tears that sprang to her eyes at the choreography. She turned the song on, floating effortlessly into the middle of the room, beginning to dance out the routine the way she had choreographed it. However, she had barely gotten to the chorus when she dropped out of a turn sequence, dropping to her knees, burying her head in her hands. Over her sobs, she hadn't heard the door open, and only noticed the person standing in the doorframe. "Oh sorry," Charlotte sniffled, hastily wiping at her eyes. "I'll be ready to go in like, five minutes."

Anytime I’m walking someplace and I glance ever-so-discreetly down at my Apple Watch, I instantly step on a rake and slip on a banana peel.