Talkies Sept 5th Friday

8:30 pm  Lost Weekend Video

a monthly show on first fridays featuring comedy in many formats; variety, sketch, character, video, goofs


Trevor Hill (Hand To Mouth)
Brock Wilbur (LA)
Land Smith 
Scott Vermeire 
George Chen 
Michael and RJ 
Rajeev Dhar
videos by
Becky Hirschfeld, Packard Jennings, Doug Williams


Aug 29th

The following comedians have accepted the Volcano Bag Challenge, and will be performing To2lly Blazed:


As well as The High Browsers Land Smith-Abbinante, Lydia Popovich, Kevin O'Shea & Jeremy Wheat!

$10,  21+
not wheelchair accessible

4/20. The Munchie Games @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. $7-$10. 10PM. Featuring Rajeev Dhar, Caitlin Gill, Kevin O'Shea, Joey Devine, Sean Keane, Cameron Vannini and Chris Garcia. Tickets Available: Here.

7 Comedians selected by lottery must compete to survive 4/20 in San Francisco

Contender #1 Rajeev Dhar

Proprietor of Rajeev’s Big Night out, Mission Superstar, Sneak a hit assassin 

Contestant #2 Caitlin Gill

Undefeated Dirty Haiku Champion, SF Weekly’s “Comic You Should Know”, caries a pocket vaporizer 

Container #3 Kevin O'Shea

Was on a Geico Commercial, is very hairy, roller of spliffs

Mystery Date #4 Joey Devine

Self Anointed Superstar/Heartthrob, not really a fan of Marijuana 

Tribute #5 Sean Keane

Writer of SportsCentr and contributor to NBA Off-Season, NFL Off-Season, and The World’s Game. Devourer of edibles

Inspector #6 Cameron Vannini

SF Punch Line, Cobb’s Comedy Club, marinol sales rep

Lucky Number #Slevin Chris Garcia

Snuggie Enthusiast ‘nuff said

9/28. Rajeev’s Big Night Out 2nd Anniversary @ Amnesia. 853 Valencia St. SF. 9pm. Featuring Ngaio Bealum, Moore/Devine, Kaseem Bentley, Trevor Hill, Eloisa Bravo and Kate Willett. Music by The Bailen Brothers, French Cassettes and Eggplant Casino.