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Rajasthan Josh group I

ahhh!  ok i know this probably won’t interest anybody, but this band (i think they are a band) is performing in vancouver pretty soon and im definitely going.  This video is so sick – like watch from a bit more than half way through, and its not really - you can’t really digest it like pop music - i think it might be a jam, im not sure.  but this guy in the middle is so awesome, and they change time signatures and tempos in such crazy ways and like, its such a cool display of skill and like, quick wit.  but the guy in the middle is a star.  im very curious about how this musical performance is structured.  It behaves in a really cool and special way - definitely going to check out the festival that this is associated with.  it would be neat if there was a dance performance of some type.  ive been hating music lately  but this is cool