Most epic 3v3 ever!


I entered a 3v3 with my VP, and the enemy team was all Yama Raja. My team had a LK and someone else. I don’t remember the other person’s class because they got disconnected. So yeah… three YRs, who were all pretty good, against me and Elboy. 2v3. 

Amazingly, LK and I were able to kill all three of them, while our team only suffered one loss (the LK), so it was 3-1. After the YRs respawned, they managed to kill both of us and we were able to kill two of them, making it 5-3. A little while later, the LK died again, making it 5-4, and I was close to death as well.

My VP has this passive called Limited Mana Management (Energy Discharge in NA). Whenever she awakens, she has the chance to regain some MP, as well as increase her maximum MP level. At my level, I have the potential to regain 100 MP and increase my max MP to 400. Whether I get this boost or not depends on how many beads I use to awaken. With one bead, there’s a 33% chance this will activate. Two beads = 66%. Three beads = 99%. So I had three beads, and decided to awaken so I could try and use some special actives. Well guess what? It failed! That darn 1%…

So yeah, no extra MP. I tried my best to hold them off, but I died (5-5). At that moment, the LK finally respawned, and despite fighting three people on his own, he was able to kill one of them and win the match! It was an awesome match :D

They all yelled in excitement. Tamara yelled because she was happy, Aaron yelled because he liked it when other people were happy, and Call yelled because he was sure they were going to die.

-Chapter Ten of Magisterium Book One: The Iron Trial.

I am officially hooked of this series. That scene definitely my most favorite and it’s stuck in my head. Now I want to read the second book so bad I can’t wait for next year.

Magisterium© hollyblack and cassandraclare