12:35am EST: Bomb Blasts in Eastern Afghanistan City claim 22+ lives so far, 50+ injured

A massive bomb has been detonated in the Eastern city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan. 22 people so far have been confirmed killed, 50 are injured. According to reports the bomb blast took place outside of a central bank, and was followed by a second explosion. At least one suicide bomber is thought to be involved. It is apparent the assailant detonated his device in a line up of people at the bank waiting to deposit/retrieve pay cheques. Keep the people of Jalalabad in your prayers tonight. 

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The 2015 NBA Playoffs are coming tonight! With two games.

New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors   3.30 PM ET game 1

Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets 9.30 PM ET game 1

Will any of these ladies pop up on Season 8? Let’s hope so!

rjfenty96: Thanks to my loving sister @badgalriri I had an amazing birthday celebration lots of fun with the family go karting at the MB2Speedway last night xp #thatfacethorobs