Nico comes out to meet him when he pulls up. She gives him a big dimpled smile and her green eyes glint behind her hair. 

Nico: Hey, Joël! Woah, that’s a serious-looking camera. I thought you were just going to take a few snaps with your phone.  

Joël: I used to be a professional photographer. I’ve got  a few half-decent cameras.

Nico: Really? I’m impressed.

He follows her inside, his hangover reignited by the deafening orchestra of squawks and barks and yowls. He does his best to ignore it.

Joël: Taking pictures of things behind glass is tricky. It takes a bit of work to get the lighting just right. And the front surface of glass can act as a mirror to reflect light from behind the camera back into the lens…am I boring you yet? 

Nico: No, not at all. So why don’t you work as a photographer anymore?

Joël: Everyone’s a photographer these days. There’s no money in it. 

Nico: You should do things for love, not money. I certainly don’t work here for the money. 

Joël: It’s not just that. It’s a bit hard to find inspiration sometimes. And also, there’s practical considerations. Like paying bills? And I dunno…not starving?. 

Nico: You have a point  So, you work at a bar too? Abby said that’s where she met you- 

Joël: I’m a bar manager at The Sands. I’m working this afternoon from 4 till midnight. Otherwise I’d ask you out.

Nico: Really? Where would you have taken me? If you weren’t working?

Joël: I’d take you to a nice restaurant for dinner, then we could take a stroll along the beach, and then maybe if we’d had enough wine with dinner and it was warm enough and late enough and deserted enough we could go for a moonlight skinny-dip-

Nico: Forget it. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Joël would have thought she was joking if red spots hadn’t appeared on her cheeks.  

Joël: Of what? Skinny-dipping? I’m joking. It was just a joke. Don’t be offended. I’m sorry. What about the restaurant part and the walk along the beach part? How did that sound? 

Nico: Those parts sounded good.

Joël: Okay, so if we go on a date we’ll just do that. Can we kiss like we kissed at the Festival?

Nico: We can kiss. But no skinny-dipping. 

Raj: Maybe she’s got body issues.

He’s dropped into the bar ostensibly to have a drink after working all day, but really to hear about Joël’s night with Mia. But Joël only wants to talk about Nico. 

Joël: Maybe. All I know is she’s got my head spinning around. One minute she’s hot, the next minute she’s cold…

Raj: So she’s into playing games. She’s bad news whichever way you look at it. Forget about her. So what happened after you and Mia got back to your place-

Joël: I can’t forget about her. Did I tell you about her eyes? They’re this incredible green colour, like…like if you held one of those green beer bottles up to the light-

Raj: Her eyes could be rainbow coloured with solid gold lashes and I wouldn’t really care. What the hell happened with Mia?

Joël: She agreed to go on a date tomorrow night, anyway. So hopefully- 

Raj: Who did? Mia?

Joël: What? No, Nico did. Duh. Haven’t you been listening?

Il Congresso dei deputati ha dato il via libera alla Legge di sicurezza cittadina, un progetto legislativo molto caro ai nostalgici del ‘Generalissimo’ Franco.

Un ritorno al franchismo, in sfregio alla giurisprudenza e alla convenzione europea dei diritti umani. La ley mordaza monnezza cancella diritti fondamentali come quello di manifestazione e di riunione.

Il Partito popolare di Rajoy, dopo i tentativi di limitare il diritto di abortire, approva una norma completamente  illiberale.

Si può essere puniti persino per aver promosso proteste sulle reti sociali.



thank you for sharing your beautiful art ahhhh sometimes i feel like you are half the reason the noblesse fandom is still alive LOL


A moment of silence for all those who died for the sake of an education and a freedom of opinion in Peshawar today. Please take a moment to pray for their grieving loved ones.