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I just get really worked up when someone insults Jared or Sam publicly

I mean, you don’t have to like the man. Or Sam. But… don’t be a dick and do it at a convention panel in your question.

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pastor's kids and wives are some of the loneliest.

It breaks my heart, because if we cannot love our own blood, how are we to love those around us?

When we are standing before God at the end of all things, we are going to raise our family up to God and say “See what I have done with what you have given me?” I do not want to hear God say “I do not know you…”

Love those who have been given to you, and you will be able to love those who come to you.

honestly I used to be such an asshole and I’m glad I not only grew out of that but I’ve also like reprogrammed my mind to think less judgemental things about ppl, and to get rid of any internalized misogyny, racism, etc

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I may go vegan; your blog has made me seriously consider it (thank you). Do you think you could give me a top three reasons to become vegan so I can see if I really do want to? It may also help other non-vegans following your wonderful blog xx

Oh that makes me happy!

1. You can go to bed at night knowing that you did not contribute to the torture of any living creatures today. About 60 billion land animals and over a trillion marine animals are used and killed only to satisfy human taste preferences. All animals have a right to life!

2. You’ll help people too; It takes tons of crops and water to raise farmed animals. It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh, when all that plant food could be used much more efficiently if it were fed directly to people. The more people who go vegan, more people won’t have to go hungry.

3. Save the Earth! Eating animal products is one of the worst things that you can do for this planet. It causes enormous amounts of pollution, and the meat industry is also one of the biggest causes of climate change and that the rainforest is shrinking. A vegan diet is more effective than switching to a “greener” car!



"I just kind of opened up and said, ‘I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on."

Restless Nights

Minho x Reader


 “Minho!” you gasped in a voice full of pleasure, letting out a moan as soft lips closed around the rosy peak of your breast; a strong, rough hand massaging the other. Minho, continued torturing you with his tongue, causing pleasure to shoot down to your core. He paused only to switch over to your other breast, circling his tongue around your nipple, making you moan softly again.

All too soon he stopped, raising his head up and looking at you with a devilish smirk.

“You’re so shucking beautiful, Y/N.” he said.

Then he started trailing kisses from the valley of your breast down to your stomach, dipping his tongue into your navel and making you giggle. Your breathing quickened as his head continued its descent, coming to a stop when he was where you needed him the most. You felt his hot breath against your core and it made you grab the sheets as you felt yourself becoming wet already. He chuckled quietly before slowly tracing his tongue along your slit. One of your hands reached out to grip onto his unruly raven locks as he lapped at your clit. You moaned loudly, unable to help yourself. Before you knew it, you felt yourself reaching your peak, and you gripped his hair tighter. He slowly slid a finger into you, pumping as he continued licking, and your climax hit you hard as your back arched off the bed and you came with a cry of his name.


You awoke with a gasp, sitting up and trying to catch your breath and calm your racing heart. You were covered in a sheen of sweat, and you could feel that your panties were soaked through.

“Shuck it, not again,” you groaned to yourself, rubbing your face in exasperation. You had been having these not so innocent dreams for about a week now. Every night you would dream of Minho touching you, tasting you, making love to you; it was driving you absolutely crazy. He had been one of your closest friends since you came to the Glade, and in all the time you had been there you hadn’t had these dreams until now.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was being less than appropriate lately. He had taken to sitting extra close to you at dinner, to the point that his muscular thigh was pressed against yours, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. Every time he walked by you he brushed up against you, mumbling a quick half-hearted apology after. The other day you were trying to put supplies away on a shelf in the Homestead, but you were just barely too short to reach. He had walked in and noticed your struggle and nonchalantly walked up behind you, with his chest to your back and his hand on your waist and reached up and placed the item on the shelf. You had to stop yourself from melting into his warmth, and his manly scent overcame you and caused heat to flood your belly and build up between your legs. You squeaked out a pathetic ‘thank you’ and he chuckled lowly in your ear before turning and walking out.

All of these little moments had your mind going haywire. You were just friends, right? No, friends didn’t rub up against each other and trigger wet dreams every night. Friends didn’t make it hard to think about anything other than how good it would feel to bring these dreams to life. It really didn’t help that you shared a room with him, something you two decided pretty quickly after you arrived. He was your closest friend and he had wanted to look out for you. He had chivalrously let you take the bed as he claimed the hammock. Now, as you glanced over at his peaceful face, you thought maybe being in such close quarters with him was a bad idea.

You slid out of bed quietly and grabbed your shower supplies and clean clothes. You headed towards the showers, knowing it wouldn’t be long before Minho and the other Runners were up preparing to head out for the day. You turned the water all the way on hot, letting it wash away all evidence of the dream. You knew showering in the morning was counterproductive since you would be out sweating in the sun all day, but you didn’t care. Once you were finished you slipped on your clothes and fixed your still-wet hair into a braid. Then, you proceeded to the Map Room to wait on the other Runners.

Ben and the other guys came in as you were getting your running gear prepared. Minho walked in behind them, and you felt yourself become heated at the mere sight of him. ‘Get it together, Y/N’ you scolded yourself silently. Usually Minho would be the first to greet you and make some sort of sarcastic remark at your expense, however today he walked straight past you to gather his own gear. He assigned sections to each of you, not even batting an eye as he gave you yours. You were taken aback by this strange behavior, but you didn’t question it. You were especially surprised when he assigned you your own section, stating that he needed to help Ben take a closer look at his. You and Minho had always been running partners, and it hurt that he was being so cold to you. You decided to ask him about it as you walked to the Doors.

“Hey, what’s up Min? Is everything all right?” you asked with genuine concern.

“Everything’s fine,” he replied coldly, not looking you in the eye.

“I mean, it’s just… we usually run together, you know?” you stated.

“You don’t think you can handle running alone?” he asked, his tone making you flinch slightly.

You looked away from him, hurt. “Of course I can, it’s just-,”

“Good,” he interrupted, and with that he took off, surprising Ben who had to hurry and catch up with him. You blinked a few times and then began running to your own section.

The day was long and hot, but extremely uneventful. You memorized your section, not noticing anything out of the ordinary, and when you made it back to the Glade you proceeded straight to the Map Room to map it. Minho and Ben had beat you back, and were exiting the Map Room as you entered.

“Hey Y/N, good run today?” Ben asked. Minho didn’t even glance at you. You smiled and nodded at Ben, and then went inside and mapped your section. When you were done you went straight to the Homestead, wanting to change out of your sweaty clothes. You stripped down to your bra and panties and stood in front of the dirty mirror in the corner of your room. It was the only mirror in the Glade. Apparently the Creators thought that since you were a girl you needed one. You couldn’t complain though, it was helpful at times.

Now, you undid your braid as you stood in front of it and took in your appearance, wondering if something was wrong with you. Minho had never treated you like that before, and it hurt. You heard footsteps behind you and glanced up, seeing none other than Minho himself in the reflection.

“Minho, what are you doing?” you asked as you crossed your arms around your midsection, trying and failing to cover yourself. He walked up behind you and stopped when his chest was against your back. You held your breath as you looked at him in the mirror, your eyes locking with his. He looked dirty, sweaty, and oh so hot. You watched as he reached up to move your hair off your shoulder, and then begin to plant kisses along it. You gasped, “What are you doing? You act like you hate me all day and now you’re doing this?” you questioned in a frustrated tone. You’re body betrayed your voice though as you stayed put and let him continue. His hands came around your midsection and began stroking along your stomach, making your back arch slightly.

“I don’t hate you, Y/N. But the fact that you’ve taken to moaning my name night after night is starting to drive me shucking crazy. You think I don’t hear you?” he says, his voice laced with lust and hunger. You were affected by his words, heat starting to pool in your belly as his lips moved up your neck, stopping when he reached your ear. “I don’t hate you,” he repeated with a whisper. “I want to fuck you.” You gasped as his hand slipped into your panties, not even noticing that it had slid down your stomach and was resting on your panty line. His fingers ghosted over your clit as his other hand slipped between your bodies to unlatch your bra. You let it fall to the floor as his hand slid back around to the front to grope your breasts. “That’s what you want too, isn’t it? That’s why you’ve been moaning and gasping my name every night.”

“Yes,” you replied breathily, giving a small moan as his finger slid along your already wet folds. You felt him grow hard against your bottom, and you reached between your bodies to rub against him. He grunted and you glanced up at the mirror to see him close his eyes, his hand still working between your legs, which had begun shaking slightly. “Minho, bed,” you groaned out. He opened his eyes and gazed into yours in the mirror, nodding slightly.

The next thing you knew you were on your back on a soft surface. He was on top of you resting on his elbows. You pulled him down for a searing kiss, your tongues immediately battling for dominance. You moaned into the kiss as you began unbuttoning his blue shirt, running your hands over his muscular physique before traveling lower and unbuckling his belt. Once you had his pants unzipped and unbuttoned, he slipped them off. You took note of the generous erection that was visible in his boxers, and wasted no time as you reached down and slid them off as well. Your hand wrapped around him, causing him to suck in a breath between his teeth. He buried his face in your neck as you began pumping his length, groaning with pleasure. You loved the feel of him: smooth, hot, and hard.

He eventually grabbed your wrist to stop you, and then lowered his head so that he could take your nipple into his mouth. You moaned at the feeling, pleasure shooting down to your core. He switched his mouth over to the other one, and then after a few moments he sat up to slide your panties down.

“Shuck it, Y/N you’re so wet,” he breathed as he slid his fingers along your slit once again, making more waves of pleasure wash over you.

Minho, take me,” you begged. His eyes seared into yours, so intense and full of need. He wasted no time as he lined himself up with your entrance and sank into you slowly, letting out a low groan. You clenched your teeth and closed your eyes, overcome with both pain and pleasure. He placed his lips against yours, kissing you tenderly as he picked up a slow and rhythmic pace. Eventually, the pain subsided and you wrapped your legs around his waist, begging him to go faster, deeper. He complied, planting opened mouth kisses along your neck as he drove himself into you.

“Oh! Minho,” you moaned out as you felt yourself reaching orgasm. He noticed how your walls began to clench around him, making you unbelievably tight as he slid into you.

“Yes, Y/N. Moan for me just like that,” he growled out. “I want to feel you come.”

His words were your undoing as you climaxed around him, crying out his name. He cursed at the feeling of you tightening around him, and he reached his own peak inside you with a groan of your name. When he was finished he pulled out of you and plopped onto his back, lying beside you as you both tried to catch your breath.

“That was shucking amazing,” he panted.

“Good that,” you agreed with a smile. He sat up on his elbow and gazed down at you.

“I like you,” you said, looking up into his dark eyes.

“Well that’s good, considering you just ravished me senseless,” he replied with an eye roll. You giggled and then pulled him down and planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I think you ravished me, not the other way around,” you said. He chuckled as he laid back down and pulled you so that you were laying on his chest.

“Well, you should probably get some rest since I’ll probably keep you up all night again,” he said.

“You think I’ll still have dreams about you after that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

A cocky smirk formed on his face.

“I didn’t say anything about dreaming.”

A/N: Hello beautiful readers! Here is the smut I promised you. Oh gosh, I’m blushing right now as I post this… I’M A GOOD PERSON I SWEAR. Let me know what you thought of it! Feel free to reassure me that I’m not the only freak here. Also, keep sending me suggestions! I’m still making a list of things to write! Until next time!


why do so many people who like steven universe and adventure time feel the needs to hate every other show on cartoon network?? like so many su fans hate clarence and uncle grandpa?? and never shut up about it??

news flash - CN can more than one good show at a time. and believe it or not there are actual artists and animators who make clarence and uncle grandpa and put a lot of work into them. it’s annoying as hell when people here feel the need to put down one show to raise up another. support CN for allowing so many creative shows to have a chance on their network and have some damn respect for the people who work hard to keep animation on CN alive

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Could you maybe(you don't have to) write a short Sherlolly fic with Molly getting hurt and Sherlock being completely over protective of her and everyone else thinks he's being too overbearing and tells him to leave her alone but she's just loving the attention from him but makes him tell her he loves her before letting him continue to take care of her

Yes ofc!!!!

I like this hc! Drabble Word Count= 590

“Leave her be, Sherlock!” John warned as he saw his friend race out the door; they had just received a message about their friend Molly being hurt and without a word the consulting detective had raced to collect his coat and head towards the front door.

As he was doing up his buttons Sherlock turned around to his friend and raised his eyebrow up in confusion. “Why would I do that? My Mo-Our friend has been hurt. To what degree as yet unknown to us and possibly even her, and you just sit there in your chair like nothing has happened.”It was while he was speedily descending down the stairs that he shouted up at John. “She is our friend. Don’t blame me if I treat her beater then you do.”

The Doctor just sat is his chair and huffed as he texted his wife alerting her to Sherlock’s movements.

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I see you work out, but I'm not quitesure if you can answer to this: you see, I would like to get a better muscular shape (not being muscle-man but just being able to lift heavier things). Thing is, I'm a toothpick and I don't have much material to work with at home and I don't want to go to a gym. Are there some exercises you would recommend if I wanted to increase the strength and shape of mainly the biceps, the abs and the calves ?

oh yeah sure! I’m not an expert by any means (not even close) but there are plenty of things you can do. I can give you a few exercises 

  • Calves are probably one of the easiest muscles to build: walking, jogging, running are cardios that build it up (uphill types of cardio such as stair climbing focus more on the hamstrings and glutes). There’s also the classic toe raise, where you raise yourself up on your toes. You can challenge yourself a bit by doing these on stairs (so placing your feet at the edge of a step - make sure you can hang onto a railing or even the wall - and raise yourself up and back down) 
  • For abs, planks are a huge help (you can mix it up by getting in a plank position, then alternately putting balance on your hands, and then back to a plank position - so move right hand so that it’s place on the ground and your arm is straight instead of resting on your forearm. Repeat left side. Then move your right hand so that your forearm moves to the original position. Repeat left side. Then after 10 repetitions, start on your left side. After 10 reps, do a 30 second plank). You can lie on the floor, have your legs raised, and touch your toes, you can do different forms of crunches too. 
  • For biceps. a lot of what builds them is pulling-types of movement - triceps is more of the “push” movement. You don’t need to use weights - you can use gallons of water, milk, shampoo bottles and do curls (so improvise!!!). If you adjust your pushups by putting more focus on the upward and downward motion of your arms.

Hopefully that was a bit helpful! 

Hunger Games AU

Her entire life had been a huge roller coaster ride from the start, she was abandoned as a child, then taken up into a strict household, and due to her adoptive mother having plenty of enemies, she was abducted at the age of ten and taken to a small part of town in District one, for almost seven years, Jay was raised up my two clothes shop owners, although it was a nice life, those people weren’t her parents, she hated them and she usually spent her time in her room drawing up new clothing designs for the sheer purpose of getting away from them.
When she was allowed out, witch was rare, if ever, she always saw people wearing her designs and that was the one true happiness in her life, the one reason she had to smile.
But today was the reaping, the one day she had to be out and about, this day always frightened Jay, not because she would have to fight people to the death, that didn’t matter to her, but she was afraid of the possibility that her parents would see her, that they would see how she grew up, and she was terrified of their judgement.
Jay walked up to the front section and sighed as she tried to calm herself down, and she watched the rest of the children pile in and not but five minutes later she saw Jezella come out.


Halfway - Dimon AU - One

This is mine and joys-stuff ‘s new AU dimon fic. This is the first and introductory part, I won’t write a disclaimer but the subject is domestic violence as of this one episode but nothing literal. We want to have fun writing this and make it fun to read so it wont be this emotional all the time. We hope you read and enjoy! 

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I think being raised Catholic really fucked me up. I had to go to a big hall with pictures and statues of someone being killed while they said “this was for you, you have to make up for this now”

I’ve been looking for a savior in these dirty streets
Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets
I’ve been raising up my hands 
Drive another nail in 

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3 sentence fic, or a prompt, or whatever: Stalka and their first kiss. I have a mighty need for it!

Valka ducked her head and bit her lip, hard enough to raise a drop of ruby red blood, but Stoick cupped her small slim hands in his massive ones and bent his knees to get a better look at her eyes. “You can come with me, love,” he said earnestly, keeping his voice soft and low. “You don’t have to marry him. Come with me instead.”

She looked up at him through her lashes, the light catching her seaglass eyes, and then she raised herself up on her toes and pressed her lips to his, her slender arms twining around his neck.


As he made his way to Liam’s room, a 12-pack of beer under one arm and a random bottle of alcohol that he plucked from the fridge under his other arm, Louis looked at all of the names by the rooms until he spotted the one that had Liam’s name. Making his way to the front of the door, he raised his elbow up and began to bump the door with it. “Lee-yummmmm! Open up, my hands are full.” He hadn’t had a nice chat with Liam in a rather long time, and if Liam needed to talk to anyone, he would be there for him. He had been meaning to talk to each of the lads for a really long time as well. He knew that he couldn’t hide his secret from them any longer, no matter how hard it was going to be to open up to them about his depression. He knew that they were the ones that deserved to know before anyone else, despite the fact that he had already opened up to Alex.

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Clover. You knew it was coming.

if clover has become my go-to “gonna be asked a question about this girl every time i put up an ask meme” character, i’ve done something good with my life

  • their blog url: god shit no i’m not doing this, coming up with urls for rp blogs is the bane of my existence i’m NOT DOING THIS but i promise it’s some kind of four leaf clover pun an awful one like fourleafme and she thinks it’s the world’s funniest shit
  • the kind of posts they reblog: horror copypastas, pictures of cute animals, riddles and puzzles which she has solved, calling people stupid, philosophical shit, awareness-raising regarding corruption & cover-ups in law & medical, brain medical science stuff
  • the first person they followed: junpei (she had to convince her brother to make a blog after she already did)
  • what kind of theme they’d have: pink pink pink, all rounded corners and dotted borders and cute pixels to mark things, lots of hover effects, lots of layers to it so she can tile a whole bunch of different backgrounds
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: “IM MAD ABOUT FUCKING EVERYTHING,” “[REBLOGS ASSTONS OF HORROR SHIT LIKE IT DOESN’T EVEN PHASE HER],” “[GETS INTO AN INTERNET FIGHT WITH FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE AT ONCE],” “[reblogs cute animals until her post limit is up bc she tried to go to bed at a decent hour for once in her fucking life and nope nonary nightmares are keeping her up but light’s asleep so she’s just going to use cute animals to make herself feel better probably????]”