rainpuddle13 said: Hot Topic

rpattzgetinmypants said: you mean hot topic?

joeyythevamphybridwitch said: Hot topic?

moka11 said: I use amazon.com

aaahh yes, hot topic’s the one! Thank you so much guys!

moka11: I use amazon as well, just the UK version, but they haven’t got all the stuff I’m looking for. Thank you though! (:


rainpuddle13 replied to your post “battybluebee replied to your post: We are not visiting you from ONTD…”

Good grief what dipshits, but then again all the peeps at ONTD have the combined IQ of approx 20 and that is being generous.


I’m really not sure about their IQ’s but the maturity level is certainly lacking.  One of them thinks that I’m going to go hunting for her on tumblr.   LMAO…she’s assuming that I give one rat shit about her.  

But it truly amazing me how much I get under their skin.  If you don’t like my take on things you are free to go elsewhere for information on RK.  

There are plenty of gossip rags that seem to think that they know everything about them.  And obviously these ladies like to get their information from them.  

rainpuddle13 replied to your post “rainpuddle13 replied to your post “battybluebee replied to your post:…”

Those “ladies” are gossip rag’s wet dream readers. They will believe every lie and repeat it constantly, no matter how stupid it makes them look. Heifers.


Oh….poor heifers around the world are crying in shame being compared to these dipshits!  But I believe your overall thoughts are correct.  I didn’t post it cause I couldn’t get a clear screen shot, but one girl asked if I was one of Rob’s neighbors and is that why I believe that they are still together.  No…I don’t have to be RK’s neighbor to have a fucking brain and know that the fucking tabs lie for a living.  

That just takes an ounce of intelligence and some maturity.