A few pages from “Uni the Unicorn”, illustrated by me (Brigette Barrager) and written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal!  It’s hard for me to describe how much I love this story, and how grateful I am that both Amy and our publisher allowed me to so much freedom with the art.  Uni comes out TODAY!  

You can buy a copy HERE!

More info about Uni the Unicorn HERE!

Rocketing its way up the scoring feed, “Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack" by Budi Satria Kwan is currently one of the highest flying submissions in our $20K design challenge! Budi let his design speak for itself:

"The title says it all."

Artists, there are still 8 days left to submit your designs to this challenge for a chance at $20K. If designing isn’t your thing, try scoring and funding your favorite submissions to help us decide which designer will win the grand prize!

There were once three bros who could only be the best at everything. When they sang the birds stopped to listen, when they drank no one could keep a keg full, and god forbid they flex…panties drop. Ladies. Gentlemen. I give you “The Lakeland Trifecta”. So like I said earlier expect to meet some of the most laidback dudes over the next couple of hours.