“It happens in a BLINK

                                                                           It happens in a FLASH”

Because there isn’t enough Hawksilver out there. I ship these two so hard it’s ridiculous… it doesn’t help that the fandom is made of rainbows and pink fluffy clouds X,D (I PROMISE I’ll d better when I get a HD version :D)


What should I pixel next...

So I’ve been playing around with pixelling collections of themed objects.. I like the idea of defining each collection with a title that suggests a season, time of day, or specific aesthetic.. and I have a bunch of ideas but not sure what to tackle next. Any preferences?

☑︎ early summer seaside carnival
☑︎ art deco breakfast boudoir
◻︎ new royal slumber party
◻︎ dizzy summer night fireworks
◻︎ sticky sweet baby toybox
◻︎ department store high tea
◻︎ puppy love apartment kitchen
◻︎ chilly morning sunshine laundry
◻︎ midnight creamy heartbreak galaxy
◻︎ wednesday lunchtime diner shift
◻︎ endless raincloud university road
◻︎ lazy crystal greenhouse afternoon
◻︎ rainbow shaded cloud picnic
◻︎ harbor taffy jewelry store


Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is enjoying a fascinating collection of 23 incredibly strange but 100% real and natural phenomena compiled by the folks over at When On Earth. Sometimes nature is a whole lot weirder than any conspiracy theory. 

Here we see Nacreous cloudsUndulatus asperatus clouds (previously featured here), Morning Glory clouds, a Fog BowMammatus clouds, and a Fire Whirl. Each of these stunning occurrences has a scientific explanation (click the links to learn more). 

Head over to When On Earth to view the entire collection and then impress your friends with your knowledge of awesomely bizarre natural phenomena.

Photos by Steinar MidtskogenNASAKent WienMagnus ManskeAkhawat, and satanduck respectively.

[via Neatorama and When On Earth]