This necklace was inspired by two things: the gates to the Rainbow Bridge in Thor and the Gallifreyan language. The brass charm is attached to a round cosmos charm that I made from shrinkable plastic (note that due to the nature of shrinkable plastic, this necklace is not intended for water since the ink is not water proof). A Swarovski crystal rhinestone adorns the top of the charm. It is attached to the antique gold chain with additional beading. The chain is approximately 24” and is nickel and lead free according to my materials manufacturer. (via Cosmos Rainbow Bridge)


Our amazing girl Slither the Sonoran gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer affinis) in all her 6 foot glory. We were her 3rd and final home and in my mind she was going to live forever. Today she left us. She was 20 years old by our records and we spent the last 4 caring for her.

She was an incredible ambassador for her species and for all snakes alike. She made a big impression on thousands of people and saved the lives of many wild bull snakes in the local community by sharing information about the benefits and importance of her species.

Slither was hands down the best teacher for all our interns by allowing them to learn how to present and handle and animal simultaneously in a calm and comfortable environment. Her legacy will live on in the next generation of wildlife educators.

She left behind big shoes to fill and a big hole in my heart.

This is Bogart, affectionately known as Bogie. He is the first corgi I ever met. I thought he was ridiculously awesome. This is the root of my corgi addiction. This is the corgi that was there when the corgi addiction was just starting. 

Bogie crossed the rainbow bridge today. 

RIP beautiful boy