"If there is anything good about exile, it is that it teaches one humility. It accelerates one’s drift into isolation, an absolute perspective. Into the condition at which all one is left with is oneself and one’s language, with nobody or nothing in between. Exile brings you overnight where it would normally take a lifetime to go."

- Joseph Brodsky

Milwaukee Rd F-units at old Wolf Rd Bensenville 1975 , by Mark LLanuza on Flickr.

Caption: “We go back to 1975 and I’m standing on the CNW bridge and old Wolf Road looking east. The covered wagons are getting ready to head over the yard and pick up their freight for Savanna.”

Bensenville, Illinois


Photo by Mark L Lanuza


oh yeah! i forgot to show you guys the actual chili cookoff. we had 20 entries, 3 judges from local restaurants, and made over $500 for my hometown historical society! my mum usually doesn’t look that crazy!

all of these photos were taken before it was open to the public, except the photobooth ones- that was afterwards, and you could tell how beat maura and i look. we didn’t realize we’d be serving chili the entire time- and we didn’t even enter any into the cook-off! my mum is lucky we like her enough to help out the way we did, let me tell you. but it was a success and she was happy, so that’s all that matters!