The Railbro - A man whose fascination with the railways led him to set up a company known only as, “Railbros Inc”, with his, “brother”. After many adventures the pair settled down and began construction on a grand rail nexus that would connect the four corners of Minecraftia, and give an exciting and stylish ride in the process.

<The Apprentice/The Trinity>

So, actually, I wanted to make this for Benji’s birthday… Which didn’t happen thanks to school stuff. But now I finally did it! Tried my hand at non-lineart painting again. Next step is: Do this… but waaaaaay faster. I might even do a test to see if I’m colorblind or not because it takes me ages to properly pick the right colors.

So… Happy (late) birthday, Benj!


p.s. It also appears I COMPLETELY forgot about the goggles… Please pretend you didn’t notice this.