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Although there were a ton of drunk fucks, I still enjoyed his set 😁🙌 #feddelegrand #themid #edm #ragerlife #leggo (at the MID)

Hi there.

I know I don’t talk much on Tumblr, but here I am! Thank you for following this blog and checking out my photography, even though I’m not nearly skilled nor consistent enough. The picture above is, of course, not my work, but of a friend’s. Chris Hawley of http://chawleyphoto.tumblr.com. He’s a chill cat, and I like his work–if you guys have the time, you should totally go check him out. This was a shoot I modeled for Ragerlife for their shirt (more of a product shot and I just happen to be in it), and it was my first time modeling for anyone other than myself. I was pretty nervous and awkward but I think Chris handled me pretty well.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing more of my work on this blog soon. I actually have some self-portraits on the way, but as of right now I’ve been experimenting with a Holga and some rolls of slide film. Hopefully they turn out alright.

Well, enough ranting from me. I hope everyone has a great night and thanks again for the follow!