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mangy-mongrel said: Squishy hugs

hugs you! thanks sweetheart.

ragenserenity said: my condolences and hugs

thank you *hugs* thank you for being so lovely, and for your kind words and your message. *hugs tight*

ankimohime said: My condolences. I was at my grandparents’ cremation recently and, though they’d been gone for 40 and 20 years now, the emotion that came over me when it was time to say the final goodbye was a great one. I hope you’re ok and may he rest in peace…

RUNEEEEEEE *CLINGS TO YOU* it’s really not easy saying goodbye. thank you for being lovely and for understanding. *hugs* it’s getting better. 

amarukei said: The death of someone you care about is always hard, even if it is their rightful time to leave. Writing an eulogy is something so emotionally difficult I’d never want to attempt it; but being able to cry brings closure. I’ll be around if you need me.

thank you for being forever lovely, kura. thank you for listening to me when I really needed to talk and for being there. I really, really appreciate it, and for the offer. <333333 I am grateful for it in more ways than I can say.

spicyshimmy said: many hugs. you and your family are in my thoughts.

HUGS YOU SHIMMY. thank you for being precious and lovely. your stories and fic were wonderful distractions in a difficult time when I really needed them.

manic-intent said: My condolences *hugs*


amandes said: all the hugs Chris. Also I teared up just reading this, so I can’t imagine living it.

HUGS YOU. thank you too for listening, sweetheart, and for being lovely in this time. *HUGS*

onesilenthour said: *HUUUUUUUUGS*


And thank you also to the lovely


Ed (thank you Ed, for your kind words, and for being so lovely. hugs forever)




for your kind words and loveliness and messages. *hugs you ALLLL*

[sparks fly (in paris)]

ragenserenity replied to your post: where there’s smoke, there’s fire | serrure/don

Oh dear you’re killing me Have mercy pleaaaaaase

I don’t do this on purpose T_T I WISH I COULD WRITE FASTER. I’LL DO MY BEST. There is actually a note in my draft that reads “Omg I’ve been writing it for four months TIME TO POST”. HA NOW I’VE BEEN WRITING IT FOR SIX.

I’ve been writing lest we remember since November last year, and … this turn of the story only happened in March this year. I’ve been writing this on-and-off for half a year, can you imagine? It’s the longest any story has ever stayed with me.


ragenserenity replied to your post: (how about no)

oh no, go chris go and write your fic please

But maybe TODAY will be the day that tumblring causes the fic to write itself!!

also, the snippet is done. :) Yet another installment in the ever-multiplicative AU. ;)

(A fair number of my lest we remember AUs start the same way. The only difference is how they unfold.) ;)