Some quick shots of my Flame Atronach costume from Skyrim, worn for a tiny bit at London Expo till the weather destroyed me. I was worried about this actually coming together, but It did. I wish you could see the shoes. Costume is 100% made from scratch by me over several months. You can find progress and other photos at my page, RagePage

Photos taken by Nigel Boulton

I am so beyond sick of offering people my help at no cost to them and having it thrown back in my face.
I am so beyond sick of sharing my knowledge, my advice and my fucking oh I don’t know, experience with people to have them say “no, that’s not the kind of help I want.”
Somedays I really wish I didn’t care so much.
I really do.
Someday you’re going to see that I tried to give you all I could but in the end, it wasn’t the “kind that you wanted.”
And maybe someday instead of pulling people out of their bad situations I watch them burn but make sure to offer a kind word.
Is that what you want?
Next time you need a middle of the night right or anything I’ll say no but tack an “I care about you,” on.
My generosity isn’t going to be taken for granted anymore.
Not on my watch.
Under appreciation can really eat away at someone.


…episode 2. Still searching #RageMore


The story of a man searching for his roots…. ep.1 #RageMore


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