What color are RA’s eyes?



RA’s eye color ranges from gray to blue to green depending on the picture.

When I first discovered RA, I thought his eyes were brown, then I thought it was green while watching strike back (sorry, couldn’t find a good picture), and then I saw some posts saying it was blue while others said it was gray. I still don’t know what his actual eye color is, but it’s quite amusing to see how his eye color seems to change with lighting and/or the color of the clothes he wears.

While I was looking for pictures, I found 2 interesting blog posts that discuss RA’s eye color. Me+Richard and RAFrenzy already covered this topic a long time ago. Please forgive me for being redundant! :)

Now that I did some of my own research and read through the mentioned posts, I think I agree with RAFrenzy who says, “his eyes are gray, which have a tendency to look blue or green at times, but really they’re gray.”

What do you think?

Sources of original photos in the order of appearance (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), and (x).

*Please forgive me for the horrible edits. I’m a bit technically challenged, but I’m learning! :)

I just found this. Laughing hysterically.

I had heard of A.P.M. (Armitage Protection Mode), but now there are new ones…

  • "Armitage Objectification Mode (AOM)" - (Thank you ServetusI think)
  • "Armitage Sanctimonious Syndrome (ASS)" - Priceless
  • "Armitage Denial Mode (ADM)"
  • “Armitage Denial Mode Light” (so ADML)

And lastly…

  • "Freedom from Armitage Denial Mode" (um…FFADM?)

Which is your category?  I certainly know mine…but I limit it to naked above the waist only. ;)

12-Step, anyone?

Many thanks to RAFrenzy.


rafrenzy replied to your post: Stop reposting my gifs.

Are people reblogging someone’s reblog of your gifs, or are they copying and reposting as their own?

Nope, they are reposting them as their own. No credit to me at all. It’s only ever my RA gifs too. Which is kinda sad. I’m now either never gonna make RA gifs again, or make my watermark so big it covers Richard’s face. Cos I’m kinda getting over it. 

Where does he get it?

Where does he get it?



Love this.

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(for anonymity we will refer to the woman in question as N.)

So August 23 N. went to the Crucible. As you all may know, Richard’s parents were there. N. had enough courage to go over and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Armitage. (She was first in line and they were standing nearby) Here’s what she had to say about meeting our favorite Margaret and…

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