I crave you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine…
I crave your hands on my spine
Your lips on mine
Your fingers on my thighs
A thoughtless encounter between you and I

I crave you in the dirtiest of ways
With absolutely no intentions of love at bay
I crave what you taste like
I crave the foreplay
I crave what you’ll look like once I’m done taking your breath away

I crave you so close that you’re breathing my air
I crave what it feels like to tug on your hair
Hot, bothered, and weak in the knees
I crave you in ways that’ll leave you feeling uneasy




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Ralflo & Andreea Balan – Toata Lumea Se Combina | Single Oficial

Piesa ce va da pe spate lumea muzicala are eun sound fresh si un versuri moderne. Raflo aduce bucata exotic muzicii cantareti ce si asa are un stil muzical diferit de ceilalti.

In the end…
It’s not about who broke your heart
It’s about who mended it
It’s not about the days or years you spent in your comfort zone
But more when you stepped out of it
It’s not about the days you put your self esteem in the hands of others
But instead, the days where you knew exactly what you were worth
It’s not about those who let you down
But rather those who always held you up
It’s not about the many people who desired you
It’s about the ones that valued you
In the end it’s not about all the times you were called beautiful
It’s about all the days you felt it …

Rafelina Michelle (Excerpt from In the End) 


i love love..

I love everything about it
I love all the mushy stuff
The holding hands and the cute nicknames
The being known as one everywhere you go
I love the going out on dates…fun dates…dinner dates..movie dates
The being able to brag about how great your other half is to your friends,coworkers, family …everyone
I love the not having to sleep alone all the time
I love the making up and the making love
I love celebrating anniversarys every month and having more memories and love each time
I love being that couple thats so cute its disgusting
I love spoiling whoever im with and i love being spoiled back
I love everything that comes with love
I guess my problem is im infatuated with the idea of love.