You are watching a game PSG- Evian TG. You are of course for PSG because there is your two friends Thiago and David! Unfortunately, Thiago didn’t play because he had an injury.

Where was Neymar you didn’t know. You were on tiff. As always. But you were a bit worried about him because during the practise he got an injury and you had to call him and ask but you are principled and really won’t submit to him.. no, never..
*the phone is ringing*
“Good, who is calling to me such a late evening even when my phone is in the kitchen” You grumbled.

-Rafaella is calling-
“Alio, hi Rafa” You said while watching football how Luiz almost scored a go and in mind you said “Shiiit, David almost..!!”
“Y/N, listen to me, what happened between you and Neymar? It isnt even funny. He is sad but don’t want tell anything.”
“Hmm, Raf, really nothing. Just.. Just.. I am tired… He always do the same shit.. He sees like I am flirting with others.. I am tired.. And I don’t want to speak about it because it hurts when someone you love doesn’t trust you. Do you understand?” You said quite in a calm way..
“But he is Neymar…” she said.
“I know. He should change because in this way our relationship will have end” you said angrily and put off the phone.
When Rafa said that he’s sad you remembered when you had romantic evenings with him and everything was perf. “I love him!!! It hurts.. why is he doing that??” You were thinking about that… “but no! He should change.. but but I love him so much” you couldn’t stop thinking.. And then suddenly you heard “GOAAAAL” commentator was screaming! You looked and saw that PSG scored goal. You jumped from the sofa and was cheering.

The game finished and you fell asleep on the sofa. In the morning you woke up and fell some headache. “What the fuck?” You thought and went upstairs to find some medicine. You opened bedroom door and saw sleeping Neymar. You took medicine and went from the bedroom, and closed the door. “Hmm, okay. It is so interesting. When did he get home? Okay, gotta do some breakfast”.
In the kitchen you turned on radio but it was very quiet. You ate a little bit and the rest was for Neymar. Later you were cleaning house. Then, suddenly, you heard steps going downstairs. “Neymar.” You thought. And continued cleaning house. You tried not to look at him but it was too difficult. You looked at him a little but and catched an eye contact. “Fuck. Now I have to say something.”
“Good morning!” you said and smiled a bit with a warm smile as always.
“Good morning..” he replied with no emotion. “Okay..” you thought..
“Neymar, there is breakfast on the table.
“Okay.. Thanks..”
“Neymar!!! Stop. What are you doing? I am friendly with you. And you act like I am shit or bitch, or your house cleaner.”
“I am sorry. I just have a headache.”
“Sorry? There is only sorry?”
“What are you doing?! I said sorry and that’s it”
“That’s it?” You said angrily. You felt that you are doing smth bad but your character couldn’t let you abase.
“Yes that’s it” he said calmly and that made me more angry.
“Neymar!!” You yelled.
“What!! You wanna hear? Okay, listen! You hurt me! You know, I can’t even look at you because when I think that you had smth with that shit, I feel like.. I don’t know!! I feel like I am lost. I am losing you!!” He yelled even more loudly.
“Neymar!!! Are you okay? What should I do that I could convince that I had never cheated on you!!! What!!!”
“Nothing! You shouldn’t do nothing! I know everything!!!”
“You are totally crazy” you put your hands on your hands “Neymar, I feel really bad. Sorry, I don’t have any time. I should have a stroll… Please, get some brain into your head and realise that it is only your paranoya. I love you so much” You said calmly and smiled.
“Goodbye!” He yelled and banged door when you went away.
You took taxi and asked to go to the beach. You gave him money and some tips.
In the beach there was a lot of people as always. You didn’t like that but people who were around you were so colourful, so you could distract your minds from your and Neymar’s relationships and stalk some people. Then you saw a couple who were kissing “God, Neymar. I love him. I miss that. I miss our spent days in the crowded beaches when we didn’t notice anyone even when it was totally crowded. I miss him.” You thought and you didn’t notice how your eyes were full in tears. You were going through the beach.
It was sunset. You were only with a shirt and shorts. It was windy. So you were a little bit cold. You didn’t want go home. You really didn’t want. It was so painful for you. All the time you were thinking about Neymar. About your future. About your and Neymar’s future. Is it the end? You couldn’t believe. You didn’t want to believe. You wanted to wake up and realise that everything was a nightmare. You even didn’t feel how it became dark. You were scared a bit. You needed Neymar especially in that moment….
“Y/N!!!!” You heard someone shouting. You thought it was Neymar but it wasn’t his voice. You turned round and saw.. Neymar! He was smiling and in hand he had a lot of dark red roses. Your eyes again were full of tears but now from happiness. “Neymar!” You said it so silentely that noone heard.
Neymar, your Neymar came closer to you, hugged you and whispered
“Y/N, I am so sorry, I love you so much. You you.. me… I really love you. I was so egoistic.. I am really.. really.sorry! Do you understand me? It is for you!” He told you that woth such a passion. You loved that.
“Neymar! Yes yes.! Okay! I love you too!! But how did you find me?” I was so surprised.
“How? It is your fav place! Here I met you, here in this place, I kissed you for forst time!! Look!” He whisked his hand around, then hiuged you tightly and kissed you so softly! You were like in heaven ..He had a plaid for you. You spent whole night there together.


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