These fantastical paintings are the work of Brazilian artist Rafael Silveira. His ornate frames are as unusual and beguiling as the surreal paintings within them. His work is heavily influenced by the comics and cartoons he’s loved since he was little. We love how he describes it himself:

“I like to create my own symbolism, using unusual stuff as a metaphors,” said Silveira. “I believe that the universe talks with us using secret, unexpected signs.”

Silveira will be showing his latest paintings in a solo exhibition entitled Unforeseeable, which opens at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York on June 28th and runs through July 26, 2014

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Rafael Silveira (whom we introduced on the blog here) is gearing up for his first European solo show, “Mind’s Eye Funfair,” opening at Atomica Gallery in London on March 19. His paintings on sculptural panels reveal glimpses into a warped universe where the familiar and the kitsch become absurd. Silveira is particularly interested in circus and carnival settings, and this exhibition is filled with nostalgic imagery that evokes attractions only found in vintage photographs. “Mind’s Eye Funfair” will also include metal sculptures and works on canvas. The show will be on view through April 11.

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