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Holiday :)

Holiday: I’ll write our characters celebrating a holiday together.


okay. I know that in the Auldrant Calendar translated to the Earth Calendar, technically Asch/Luke’s birthday would be our Christmas. Buuut… I’m gonna take some liberties and make up a new holiday so it’s easier for me to write just these two. From canon, in the year BD 2707 Yulia Jue formed her pact with Lorelei. I’m gonna figure that that’s important to people. Let’s call it Pactmas.)

“Are you sure that you aren’t needed back in Baticul? The people might not be pleased if their princess isn’t at their Pactmas celebration.”

Natalia shook her head and smiled over at the Fon Master, then took a sip of peppermint tea. “Everything will be fine, Fon Master. Besides, it would be improper to not have a representative of Kimlasca visit Daath on Pactmas Eve to hear the Fon Master’s sermon.”

“It wasn’t too long, was it?” the green-haired boy asked, a bit nervously. It was only his second time delivering the speech, not holding memories of his original’s speeches before him.

“No, not at all,” Natalia chirped, setting her teacup down on her saucer. “You did wonderfully, Fon Master. I’m sure even Luke would be able to sit through your sermon. Maybe.”

This brought forth a fit of giggles from Ion, who had been in the process of raising his teacup to his lips. Once he’d regained his composure, he managed to take a drink. Setting his own cup down, Ion turned to reach for one of the cookies on a plate sitting on the table between them. The poor young man suddenly remembered that these were cookies that Natalia had baked and brought for him, and quickly disguised his reaching for one as him raising his hand to his mouth to cough into his sleeve. He’d have to remember to have those removed later—he hoped no one would help themselves to the baked goods.

The two sat together in Ion’s study, sipping tea and talking about anything and everything. Politics, the weather, how nice it would be to spend a holiday in Keterburg (but how neither of them could, due to their duties), how Luke was faring, and just telling each other about themselves while each asked questions about the other. They had never really had a chance to have a one-on-one chat during their travels, and Natalia was glad she was able to have this opportunity. She found that Ion was a delightful conversationalist, and a wonderful friend. In turn, Ion felt a certain kinship with Natalia, both of them being central figures of their respective countries who were almost always in the public eye. He saw her as somewhat of a sisterly figure, one to look up to (figuratively, of course, seeing as he was only an inch shorter than her and thus did not need to look too far up when it came to Natalia—Jade, on the other hand…). They could carry on conversations for hours and hours, and would often meet when neither of them was busy with political business, just to have tea and chat.

Time passed far too quickly in the warm study for either party’s liking, and they both soon realized that it was getting quite late. Natalia was due back in Baticul in the morning, and her coach would certainly have to move quickly if she was to get there on time. Despite her protests of being capable of finding her way out, Ion insisted on walking her to the doors of the cathedral.

After a stiff and formal goodbye that was really only done for political protocol, both Natalia and Ion burst out laughing and wrapped each other in a tight hug, Ion nuzzling Natalia’s shoulder as he leaned his head on it. She smelled like lavender and fresh cotton, and it was comforting to the young Fon Master. Once they parted, Natalia smoothed out the hair at the top of Ion’s head.

“Promise you’ll come pay us a visit in Kimlasca soon?” She asked softly, taking a step back. Ion nodded enthusiastically. “I most definitely will.” He assured her. “I love the sea breezes in Baticul, and it will be so nice to see King Ingobert and Luke again!”

Satisfied with his answer, Natalia climbed into the carriage, poking her head out the window. “Then you’d better bring my late Pactmas present when you do come—yours will be waiting for you in the palace in Baticul!”

As the carriage rolled away, Ion shook his head and smiled softly. He turned to head inside, looking over his shoulder to give the vehicle one last glance.

“Merry Pactmas, Princess Natalia.”

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a lot of the memes make me uncomfortable too, but i always thought of it as making fun of a man who’s idea of drama is a miscarriage, bc a lot of men do that.

Uhm idk I guess? Maybe it’s diff for me because I wasn’t around when this comic was active but like. In that case I think it’d be more of an ‘ugh’ moment than LMAO? Like.

Obviously miscarriage gets a crappy treatment in media and I guess a lot of cis dudes DO think of it as an ‘instant drama device’ but. Idk. The whole concept of that comic becoming a piece of humor, given it’s content, despite the context, is so detestable to me.  

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My, I had no clue!

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:o 1. what is it? 2. can it be made w/o okra because i hate okra

1. I’m glad you asked because it actually turned out p damn good and I wrote down the ingredients/what I did so here have a recipe!! But secondly

2. As SHOCKED and UPSET I am to learn you hate the vegetable that is a gift to this earth (I understand if you dislike the sliminess tho) yeah it can be made w/out okra!! The recipe is p fluid since I just grabbed stuff from our currently crowded fridge so feel free to mix it up to meet you needs? It’s p basic!

Recipe thing under the cut I guess??? You gave me a chance to blab I’m gonna take it lol

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O-Oh my…

it’s very mutual

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does it just feel like you’ve just lost time? it’s not like falling asleep where at least you can tell time has past, you just LOST all these hours and you’re tired??? i’m a babbler, and make people laugh a lot, but when they’re not i cry. lol.

Yep!! Like, I was expecting to not feel any time (everyone I’ve talked to before has said it’s literally like closing your eyes then opening them?) but I think I had a few seconds of hazy wake-up time…? And I woke up remembering a dream I had the OTHER night so??? 

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glad it went well! i’ve had v similar experiences w anesthetics, including comprehension issues (i once repeatedly asked a nurse if we were real cause i thought i was dreaming) and i cried after i got my wisdoms removed too, lmao. scared my mom.

#anesthesia #mothers #surgery #doctors ?

Thanks!! And yeah, that sounds like my experience too, lol. One of the ladies before I went under (idk if she was a surgeon/nurse/assistant???) even told me, after I asked if I’d feel a passage of time “when you wake up you’ll ask me a few times if we did it or not, most people don’t remember how they got home”. So I was pretty predictable in the sense I kept asking, lol!

I was p quiet after that, though, and my mom afterwards was like, “anesthesia doesn’t make you non-coherent it makes you sad! :(” and I was like??? I guess!! Which I think I prefer over babbling, at least, lol. My mom has a friend whose reaction to anesthesia was flexing, pfff.