I really hate it when I’m watching a show on my computer on full screen and then the show fades to black, and then suddenly I can see my reflection on the monitor. You can see that slack, dull face just staring at itself. I just want to snap out of it and go do something with my life but I know that I can’t because I’m in the middle of a show.
—  Hank Green [x]

Ah. This is someone I’ve wanted to do a story on since I was about 19. On the surface, it’s a simple “reclaim a lost throne” quest, but I think I’ve come up with enough differences to make it compelling, if not unique.

Raemen Wayfarer is the last heir to a lost kingdom … a birthright he is in no hurry to claim, despite taking a sacred vow to do so. Pictured with him are: nearly a half dozen tomahawk weapons he learned to fight with during a previous war, his cavalry bow, the Kingmaker sword, and his loyal steed, Fleet.

His story takes over more and more of the planned trilogy, but that’s just because, well … kingdoms, war, politics, history. These things happen. Heck, he’s barely the main character of the first book.