what’s the point of being home alone if you aren’t going to make loud sexual noises during every mundane task and gobble like a turkey at your pets i mean really 

junebug-rebellion said:

For drabble prompts: Pipabeth, maybe something about coffee or procrastination?

"I just don’t see why we have to come to them," Piper said, shivering against the October chill. "Can’t they just poof to where we’re at?"

"Probably," Annabeth replied, ears and cheeks pink. "Better not to ask any unnecessary questions about them so close to Olympus, though."

Piper slowed her step, gripping tight to Annabeth’s hand. “You? Advising another to not ask questions? What has this world come to?”

Annabeth picked out her phone from her coat pocket long enough to glance at the time. "I’m also advising you to hurry up. My mother doesn’t really approve of tardiness."

A sharp stab of anxiety hit Piper in the stomach and she stopped completely. She replied to Annabeth’s scowl with what she hoped was a sheepish smile. “Sorry, but I think I forgot something important back at the apartment.”


"Um," Piper looked around, avoiding Annabeth stare. "My daggers."

"I have several," Annabeth said. She patted the black material of her front coat pocket, a slightly amused smile on her lips. "And the keys, a little ambrosia, tissues, phone, and a few drachmas."

"Uh—ah, my lucky underwear?" Piper said, voice squeaking slightly. "Because that’s what I forgot."

Annabeth was silent for a  moment, and then with a great deal of seriousness, reached towards her front coat pocket. 

"Okay. Okay!" Piper held up her free hand. "Nevermind. Christ."

"It’s best to just get this over with, Piper" Annabeth said and began to lead them towards the Empire State building.

Piper whined and turned her eyes upwards to the gray sky. The building loomed in the distance, taunting her with it’s mere existence. “Do we have to? Can’t we just…ignore them?”

"No. I’m certain that will make things worse."

"Worst then when they first found out?"

"Let’s just go, Piper.”

Many minutes later as they stood in the warm elevator, Piper made sure to ‘accidentally’ hit as many floor buttons as possible.   

queen-radi said:

Okei but imagine this: { Ian looked at Mickey disdainfully. "Why are you even here?" he asked. His voice was hollow. "Why are you so damn desperate to /fix me/?" His hands were shaking. "Because I love you," said Mickey, without missing a beat. "That's why." He held Ian's gaze. "I love you, and we're getting through this shitstorm, I swear." Ian only nodded. His eyelashes were damp. } Bc if Ian has to be in a mental hospital, Mickey will definitely be there for him.