i thought it’d be cool to show y’all how bad my eyes are. This isn’t completely accurate, as lights tend to show up as much larger fuzzy blobs, but it’s close.

i hate my eyes.


Day 1 of the New Year and were ending it in Urgent care getting my niece checked out. My niece was a month early and due to that her lungs weren’t as ready as they should have been to enter the world so she stayed in the NICU for a few weeks. So when she gets a cold and has her cough that causes her not to breath we need to take precautions. Thank the lord her lungs and ears look good and it’s just a cold that hit her hard. Our little angel is healthy and we can all go home now and rest. Although we didn’t want to spend today like this we spent it as a United front the entire family in the waiting room just for my baby niece.

Annabeth strolls into her favorite coffee shop Monday morning to find it exactly how she likes it: warm, nearly deserted, and helmed by Piper McLean. 

"Hey, you,” Piper says, smiling up at Annabeth as she reaches the front counter. Her hair makes it seem like she’s just rolled out of bed, but her shirt and the colorful bands and strings on her wrists imply that she never went to bed in the first place. As usual, she’s only wearing her apron half-right, folded and hanging around her waist like an extra wide belt. “Pass that paper? Oh, who am I kidding? Hell yeah, you did."

“107%,” Annabeth replies, thankful her cheeks are already red from the morning cold. Piper’s smile is bewitching, and Annabeth always has to remind herself it’s a customer service thing, and not a she’s-totally-into-you-Annabeth thing. With that thought in mind, she fishes out a few bills from her wallet, and tries to keep the eye contact as polite as possible. “One hot chocolate, please. With cinnamon.”

Piper’s cheer fades a little as she takes the bills. “Rough start?”

“No? I just wanted to stop by,” Annabeth replies, her words slipping out before she can stop them.“T-to get something to drink,” she adds quickly, unable to meet Piper’s eyes. Way to sound like a creep, Chase. “Why?”

“Because you only ever order that when you’re,” Piper hesitates, “a bit stressed?”

“Oh,” Annabeth says. Uneasiness fills her. Is that how Piper sees her? A regular always in a bad mood? Someone to vent about when she’s not around? “Um, well, not today. Thanks.”

She turns and heads to her booth seat, hands fisted in her coat pockets. She tosses her bag onto the table and sits, and takes to glaring out the windows at all the students and business folk walking up and down the street.

She can still see Piper, though, in the reflection cast by the glass. Busy at one her machines, soft, warm features and attentive expression muddied against  the cold morning backdrop.

Piper glances up a few times as she works, but Annabeth can’t tell where exactly she’s looking. She wants to think Piper is looking her way, but then again, why would she? Annabeth was just another regular—a moody regular at that.

Better add childish to that list, she thinks with a deep sigh. She slumps deeper into her seat, scowl relaxing into something more contemplative.

If she was the ‘moody regular’ to Piper, then Piper was ‘that cute barista’ to her. In all honestly, Annabeth knew almost nothing about her, save what she had managed to scrape together over the course of the last few months visiting the coffee shop.

Piper is a film student, and before that she was majoring in psychology and before that, law. She works full time at the coffee shop and has no other jobs. She’s a hard worker, a little dramatic, and usually late but never absent. She has an almost hypnotic way with her words, especially when dealing with people—customers and fellow employees alike, and liked to spend her breaks mixing drinks and then forcing her friends to taste-test them with her.

Annabeth wants to know more, though. Much more. Ever since she first began to realize that her bad day pick-me-up also needed to include Piper’s sweet smile and the sharpie-drawn ‘feel better soon! :D’ doodles that she liked to draw on Annabeth’s cups. The combination helped Annabeth every time, whether her woes had come from school, or family, or ex-boyfriends… She always left the little coffee shop feeling a little better.

“One hot chocolate with cinnamon,” Piper says, setting Annabeth’s drink on the table. She’s gone as quick as she had come, zipping back behind the counter and out of sight.

Annabeth hadn’t been able to get a word in, and a sense of disappointment fills her.  She slowly turns her attention to her drink, eyes flickering to the front counter several times, hoping to see Piper return. She eventually finds the sharpie written message, and realizes why she probably isn’t going to see Piper for a long while.

Made special for my favorite customer!! I hope u will feel better soon :’( Here’s my # if u ever need someone to talk to. or to just hang out with sometime??? (im sorry but i think ur rly cute!!!!) ~Piper

Annabeth can’t hide her smile or her disbelieving laugh, and without thinking she takes a long, hot gulp of her drink, gigginess rushing through her.

The hot-chocolate-with-cinnamon deliciousness is almost worth the scalded lips and tongue.


Várady Szabolcs: Székek a Duna fölött

Az a két szék a maga módján
nem is volt csúnya. Kár, hogy a rugó
kiállt belőlük, és hogy a kárpit
olyan reménytelenül koszos volt.
De széknek székek, sőt. Abba a lakásba?
Vittük tehát, jobbára a fejünkön,
az Orlay utcából az egykori
Ferenc József, ma Szabadság hídon át
a Ráday utca 2-be, ahol P. lakott
az idő tájt (nyomait lírája őrzi).
Egy szék is, hát még kettő, alkalmas
lehet sok mindenre. “Két költő a hídon,
fejükön székekkel” - elképzelhető egy
kép ezzel a címmel. Remélem, tárgyilagos
kép volna, nem valamiféle
átszellemítés. Az a két szék,
fontos, hogy ezt megértsük, semmiképp sem
glória a fejünkön. A híd közepe táján
- de nem azért, hogy bármit is bizonyítsunk -
leültünk rájuk. Különösen az egyik-
ből állt ki a rugó, nem tudom, melyikünknek
jutott az. Mindegy, aligha lehetne erre
a későbbieket visszavezetni. Kellemes
nyári este volt. Rágyújtottunk,
élveztük a lakályosságnak ezt a,
mondhatni, szokatlan formáját.

A székek aztán
egy darabig szolgáltak becsületesen: ők voltak a
székek P.-éknél. Hanem az ember
jobbra vágyik, mint ami van: a székeket
beadták egy kárpitoshoz. A lakást is
elcserélték, az elsőt kényszerből, a másodikat,
mert nem szerették. Manapság
ritkábban jövünk össze náluk. Sok minden
közrejátszik. G. elhagyta A.-t
(P. feleségét), aztán M. (B. felesége)
szakított velem, majd G.-től elvált a másik
M. (G. felesége) és hozzám jött (közben B.-ék
is különváltak), P. öngyilkos lett és azóta
félig-meddig szanatóriumban lakik,
nem beszélve a világhelyzet változásairól,
és különben is: nincs hova leülni.