What Reyna hadn’t taken into consideration was the roof.

A shame, to say the least, as a sizable part of her afternoon had consisted of taking into consideration everything else that could’ve been used as a launching platform. The fences, the trees, the shed… She’d made sure to rake away from all these things, eventually landing her and her flame-colored leaf pile near the back patio of her house.

And it was by far the largest pile she had yet to make that fall, free of sticks and other, trash bag-tearing debris. Reyna took a moment from gathering up the stragglers to gaze at the pile, and then turned to survey the rest of her pristine yard with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

She sighed in contentment, leaning on her rake as the wind picked up, chilling the sweat on her forehead. She was almost done for the day; she just needed to grab a few trash bags and—

A great, girlish holler rose from behind her.

Reyna whipped around, eyes wide and unable to anything but watch.

Piper launched herself from the roof, grinning wildly and crashed into the leaf pile, sending up a mushroom cloud of scattered leaves to fall in every direction.

Reyna’s mouth hung open, her mind trying to process what had just happened. A moment later, her mouth shut, teeth clacking together. The rake in her hand began to feel more like a weapon than a gardening tool. A weapon she was about to murder a certain somebody with.

From out of the ruined remains of Reyna’s afternoon, leaves clinging to her brown hair like a messy crown, Piper rose. “Hi, Reyna,” she said, stretching out and wiggling into the pile. She began to make a leaf angel.

"Out. Now." Reyna said, trying her best to keep her voice even.

"Nope.” Piper replied, and she started to roll around like a spoiled house cat, sending Reyna coy looks every time their eyes met.

Reyna gripped the rake tighter, affection and rage tearing against one another. She cursed the day she ever first thought Piper McLean was cute. “Stop acting like a child.”

"Stop acting like a grandma," Piper said, wiggling close enough to reach up and tug at the belt loops of Reyna’s jeans. "Give in. Join me. Embrace your leafy destiny."

"I hate you," Reyna said, through gritted teeth. The rake dropped to the ground, destroying any kind of bite she might’ve put into her words. She let Piper drag her down onto the pile, where everything smelled like grass and dying leaves. "I hate you so much."

Piper only pulled her closer and kissed her, smiling against her lips with a soft look in her eyes.

Reyna choked, frozen by the expression on Piper’s face. Something warm bubbled up into her chest while she sat there, staring into the eyes of the most beautiful girl on the planet, caught up on the sunny but cool fall day. “Piper—”

“Sneak attack!” Piper shouted, shoving a handful of leaves into Reyna’s face.

Reyna fucking hated Piper McLean.