Day 1 of the New Year and were ending it in Urgent care getting my niece checked out. My niece was a month early and due to that her lungs weren’t as ready as they should have been to enter the world so she stayed in the NICU for a few weeks. So when she gets a cold and has her cough that causes her not to breath we need to take precautions. Thank the lord her lungs and ears look good and it’s just a cold that hit her hard. Our little angel is healthy and we can all go home now and rest. Although we didn’t want to spend today like this we spent it as a United front the entire family in the waiting room just for my baby niece.

transbianca asked:

body swap with height difference and lots of awkward ensuing clumsiness AU (thalianca ya know i had to maybe you can even experiment with tall bianca and short thalia while i take forever to finish the vampire au)

“This isn’t possible,” Bianca whispered to herself, in a voice that wasn’t her own. “How can any of this be possible?”

She looked in the mirror, hands grasping at her face and eyes wide with horror. Except, it wasn’t really her face and the hands she moved weren’t really her hands, and the electric blue eyes that stared back at her most certainly weren’t her eyes.

Bianca stared hard into the mirror, but only Thalia Grace stared back.

“Give it a rest,” Thalia said. She stood a bit away, with Bianca’s arms crossed and a scowl on Bianca’s face that didn’t belong. She kept her posture slack, relaxed even, but Bianca could see the tremor fighting its way through her body. Thalia was just as shaken as she was.

“What am I going to tell my parents?” Bianca said next, running Thalia’s hands through Thalia’s hair. It was too short. Too radical. Too many colors. Bianca didn’t associate with people who did that to their hair. To people like Thalia, who wore leather and pierced her eyebrows and skipped class to go smoke behind the gymnasium. If it hadn’t been for archery club, Bianca would’ve so far led a very happy Thalia-free existence. “What am I going to tell my teachers?”

“Nothing, obviously,” Thalia remarked. “I’m the one with your body and voice, in case you hadn’t noticed yet.”

“And you’ll do nothing of the sort,” Bianca snapped, rounding on Thalia and nearly falling in the process. She manages to right herself on a nearby table, body racked with tremors. Wearing Thalia’s body was like wearing a wet coat three sizes too small. No idea how she got in, no idea how she was going to get out.

“There really isn’t anything you can do about it,” Thalia replied. “I mean, what’re you going to say? ‘Help! I’ve fallen into Thalia’s body and I can’t get up!’”

Even though Thalia had Bianca’s voice, she still raised her pitch and threw a hand to her forehead.

Bianca’s face flushed at the overly-dramatic display. “I’d ring your neck right now if you weren’t in my body,” she said, quietly.

“Can you reach? I’m actually liking this new height. Might need to do some clothes shopping, though.” She picked at the fabric of Bianca’s green cardigan with a look of mild disgust.

“Do it and I’ll wear a pink dress tomorrow.”

Thalia’s eyes flashed. “Ever gotten a tattoo before, Di Angelo?”

“Ever tell your parents how much you love them?” Bianca shot back.

Thalia seemed to swell for a moment, using all her new height to tower over Bianca. Bianca held her ground as best she could, wishing she had the motor control to stand on Thalia’s tippy toes.

After a tense second Thalia relaxed, or at least lost the murderous look off Bianca’s face. “You’ll never be able to pull me off.”

“Juvenile delinquent is a lot easier than well-rounded involved student, I assure you.”

“Teacher’s pet.”

“Social reject.”


The Busboys - Cleanin Up The Town