i think the one thing that might actually make me cry in BoO (sans Piper/Hazel/Frank/Reyna dying) is if Rick tries to force in a REyna/Leo/Calypso love triangle. 

Like I will actually cry. 

Then I will set the book down and not finish it. 

And then I will personally write Rick a letter, explaining to him why I will never support a venture written by him again. 

zendria said:

if calypso was bitter about percy completely ignoring her, why the hell did Rick make her curse annabeth instead of percy???? if someone promised they'd free me and then completely ignore me after that i would've cursed the shit out of them

Because Rick intentionally used Calypso as a means to blind Annabeth in Tartarus so that Percy could ANGST about something. I mean, this whole mess right here contains two shitty writing tropes: “girls attack each other over dude because lol” and “girl gets hurt so dude can angst about it”.

There’s nothing even remotely respectful in the way Rick continues to treat Calypso as a plot device for his less-than-deserving male characters, nor is there anYTHING in the Tartarus scenes except wasted words on a pair of characters who by this point are the LEAST INTERESTING.

queen-radi said:

Okei but imagine this: { Ian looked at Mickey disdainfully. "Why are you even here?" he asked. His voice was hollow. "Why are you so damn desperate to /fix me/?" His hands were shaking. "Because I love you," said Mickey, without missing a beat. "That's why." He held Ian's gaze. "I love you, and we're getting through this shitstorm, I swear." Ian only nodded. His eyelashes were damp. } Bc if Ian has to be in a mental hospital, Mickey will definitely be there for him.