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Hey there. I'm sorry if this seems like a silly question to ask. I've seen a lot of stuff you've reblogged about Rickon being a wildling in the north and a cannibal army, and I'm just wondering if people know that stuff for a fact or it's just fan theories? I've read the books, but I'm not sure if I missed that because I read them so fast. Thanks!

it’s more on speculation really. in Davos’ chapter in ADWD it is mentioned that a boy who was up in the heart tree saw Bran and Rickon alive. that boy followed Rickon and Osha and saw that they went to Skagos. Skagos has a notorious reputation and it is speculated that there are cannibals who live there. this then gave birth to the headcanon that Rickon grew up in Skagos and became a leader of a wild cannibal army and that one day Davos will bring him back to Westeros and he and his army will lay waste to all the motherfucking Freys and Boltons who trampled on his family’s honor and killed his loved ones.


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I only just tuned into all this drama and omg tuning out again. These fangirls be crazy.

there are a lot of decent mesut blogs out there. but it will just take one picture of him within breathing space of another woman… and *boom* all hell breaks loose

did i just say boom


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since they changed the ‘block’ to the ‘ignore’-button I always feel like a bitchy teenager using it… but oh well. and the reposters… I like your way dealing with them :)


thank you lol. ayam trying to curb the public whining and just head straight on to reporting them to tumblr. makes me go less hot in the head.


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I might have to add Özil to my savior, no one cause more drama on tumblr than him :p if I had to guess who would have the craziest fangirls it wouldn’t be him, kind of funny and unexpected

you forget some of the kaka drama. it kinda subsided but that other drama made me side-eye the tag for the longest time


sorry for replying so late and slowly! (also still working on some non-anonymous messages)

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Hi! I hope I’m not a bother but I was just wondering if you could post the links to all your deleted Marie Antoinette scenes posts! Thank you! :)

No bother at all! I assume you mean the ones from the 1938 film?

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I’m not sure if you’ve gotten this question a lot (sorry if you have!), but out of all the Marie Antoinette movies, which is your favourite? And which do you think is the closest representation of her?

My favorites change a lot haha. I definitely love Ute Lemper’s performance in L’Autrichienne, but Michele Morgan is also wonderful in the 1956 ‘Marie Antoinette.’ Norma Shearer’s ‘Antoinette’ is also a performance I enjoy, especially during the second act of the film.

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Do you know if the Marie Antoinette Grand Palais exhibition book was available in English? I’ve tried looking online for an English version to purchase but am not having any luck.

Unfortunately it is only available in French! :(

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I was wondering if you know what the blue sash and gold star worn by Marie Antoinette’s two sons in various portraits are for (such as in Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller’s painting of Marie Antoinette and her eldest daughter and second son)? What Louis Joseph is wearing in this Wertmüller painting (the blue little suit with ruffles), also looks similar to the painting you reblogged here (post/77530829336). Is it a ‘uniform’ of royalty?

Sashes (and ornamentation) like these were typically worn to represent various orders that the wearer was part of. Here’s a handy guide to some of the orders common in France, including those worn by royalty & nobility!

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I love the painting you posted here (post/17587147078). What do you think the structure is near the top of the stairs?

probably the the Temple of Love!

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Thank you so very much for answering my question about post/11695463289. Is there anything known of the Venus and Love statue? Such as images/paintings of it? Who it was by? Is there a book or article you could point me towards, which mentions this statue? So it sounds like there has been a lot of switching around of the statue in the Temple. From the Cupid to Venus and Love and then the Cupid again? Sorry for all of the extra questions :)

You’re welcome! The French Wikipedia page for the temple of love leads to this book by Desjardins. As far as I could find, Vassé has at least two statues with Venus: this one and this one. The second statue was in the collection of Empress Josephine, and since the statue was replaced during her restoration of the grounds, I think the second one may be more likely to be the statue that was in the Temple “in between Cupids.”