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Corresponsal de la SER eructa en directo y se le va la pinza.

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Tegomass Radio 2014.08.27

The show was average I think. They discussed homework, behaviour at karaoke, sweating and living together before marriage. But there was one thing about the show that made me write this post. Tegoshi’s epic fail.

At one point (about 11.45 ) there was a letter from a girl:

Massu: “I have a question: I don’t like it when in summer men sweat through their T-shirts and have 2 transparent “beans” on each side.” 

Tegoshi: Around nipples?

Massu: “My father (chichi) wears underwear under the T-shirt so it’s ok but when I ride a train I often see people like this. Aren’t there many men who don’t wear underwear under a T-shirt?”

Tegoshi: I was thinking about this and… Why did she say “my breasts”, isn’t it obvious?

Massu&Miyaji: …

What happened was Tegoshi mistook the word “chichi=father” for “chichi=breast”

Sakura: No, no no… It’s not that “chichi”.

Massu: A! You’re joking. (laugh)

Tegoshi: Ah! She means “papa”! (loud laughter from the other 2) Ah! Sorry, sorry! I was thinking it seemed weird.

Sakura&Massu: Are you serious?

Tegoshi: I am. Excuse me. I’m so sorry.

Massu: I thought you were fooling around.This is funny.

Tegoshi: She said two transparent ‘beans’ so I thought those were near the breasts. I thought that was normal for girls, recently I saw it on Sharapova.

Sakura&Massu: (laughing hard)

Tegoshi: But she meant ‘papa’, right? I see.

Massu: This is funny. It shall become folklore.

Seriously, Tegoshi. What are you, 14? And this girl should ride a train in my country. That will give her some perspective.

I’m sorry if it’s not very clear, I tried my best but I myself am unsure about Tegoshi’s weird fantasies.

Then as they actually got back on track Tegoshi did another thing.

Tegoshi: Doesn’t Shige have that sometimes? Sometimes.

Massu: Sweat, you mean.

Tegoshi: Doesn’t he?

Massu: Well, he belongs to her father’s generation so.

Tegoshi: That’s right.

You little shits.

Victorian Marriage Counselling…


So, Harry, um, how do you feel?


Uh, sad, erm, a little betrayed…


WRONG! You are a man! You feel NOTHING! And Pippa. Uh, what do you think?


I think…


WRONG! You are a woman! Science tells us YOU CANNOT THINK!


Of course, these days, we know women CAN think. It’s just that no-one cares.


So I think by now the internet is familiar with the BBC’s brilliant television, but do you know about the brilliant RADIO? 

This is “Bleak Expectations”, a Dickens spoof, and you should definitely check it out!

"Not only had I lost my wife, but I had gained a deadly enemy"

"It’s like losing a five pound note, and finding a foreign coin covered in poison.  But with more dead wives."