James Bay - Hold Back the River live at Joiz

150423 youngstreet radio chanyeol.jongdae.jongin

Q: the member you wanna take care of?

yeol : kai. becasuse he loses his stuff all the time and he just lies on the ground randomly. it’s like he’s becoming one with nature. he’s so clumsy too.

chen: kai for me too.

kai: suho. because i want to lessen the burden of being a leader.

Q: the member who doesn’t talk much in their dorm?

yeol: d.o

kai: you need to talk to him first (if you want him to talk)

yeol: but he doesn’t talk even when i talk to him though. if i ask ‘what are you doing?’ he would just keep looking at his phone and don’t answer me.

kai: chanyeol used to call d.o’s name over and over again just to annoy him so d.o just ignored him back then but it became a habit now. 

Q: the member would survive even in a desert?

yeol: me! 

dj: like you can fix anything(crafty)? doorknob or lamp?

yeol: that’s basic

kai: that’s good but the problem is he can open it even when i lock the door

yeol: he was talking a shower too long so i just forced open and went in. he was washing his hair so he wasn’t aware even when i stood next to him for like three minutes.

Q: if kai was not in exo, what would he do now?

yeol: pro-gamer.  a soccer commentator.

chen: ballerino

Q: whose picture kai got the most in his cellphone other than himself?

yeol: jjanggu monggu jjangah

chen: rahee (his neice)

Q: when kai can’t stop smiling?

chen: when chelsea fc won the game

yeol: when he looks at rahee’s photos.

Q: who’s chanyeol’s soulmate in the team?

kai: it’s changing all the time. he really liked me before now he doesn’t care about me. i got hurt. i think it moved to d.o and then sehun too at the moment.i hope he likes me again. i’m feeling sad.

yeol: i’m being so nice to you nowadays!

kai: yes but not ‘nicest’ tho! you bought me a scarf and i even kept the michael jackson cup until now.

yeol: don’t lie!!

chen: d.o

kai: think about the old times and come back to me.

Q:if you give a score for chanyeol’s acting in his movie?

kai: 80

yeol: that’s like pretty good.

chen: i’ll give 100

kai: ah~ this why he doesn’t love me. i just lost it.

Q: three things you would bring to a desert island?

chen: lighter, knife and then that thing you can shoot when a ship passes by?

yeol: chanyeolie (himself)

translation by me