KちゃんNEWS (小山慶一郎) 2015年1月27日 ゲスト 加藤シゲアキ

It was a nice episode. Well, Koyashige episodes are always so relaxed. At first they talked about winter sports and activities. Shige mentioned he used to showboard a lot in the past and he went to Naeba with Tegoshi when they were younger (now Tegoshi got so cool he goes with Hyde -_-). Shige asked Koyama what he was doing on days off and he said not much but recently he went to see “Baymax" and it was so touching and then they both flailed about it for a few minutes.

Then there was a couple of very random mails. One stated “people who can whistle are good at kissing”. While Shige thought about it Koyama began whistling, it was so cute. 

S: Isn’t this a question of compatibility? You only had one kiss scene, right? Was it in a musical?

K: In a musical. You?

S: I had a lot. In play, on TV…

K: You did it a lot in a play…

S: I did…

K: What was the last? 

S: The last was in Hanawake. With Mizuki-san.

Stop bragging already! I was weakly hoping they’d evaluate each other but alas. After that there was a mail saying that person liked seeing people get angry and in particular she liked when Shige gets angry (don’t we all?) so she asked him to get angry. He was like “Lately I didn’t get angry… no, wait, I did.” He explained he got angry at their manager who was neglecting his duties in preparing them for performances. Especially ear monitors, they need to attach them when changing and he would always forget about them. So Shige scolded him and then Tegoshi didn’t help making weird faces on the side. I’d love to see that. Then Shige asked Koyama if he gets angry and he replied “I don’t have an angry switch”. I guess only a crying one.

Probably the best ever adaptation of #Tolkien’s #LordoftheRings: @bbcradio4’s 26 episode 1981 masterpiece by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell.

Would you habe known that Ian Holm who played Bilbo with the first PJ trilogy gave his to Frodo? That Bill Nighy of Love Actually, Underworld and Harry Potter fame brought Sam Gamgee to life? RSC and theatre classic Michael Holdern turned into Gandalf or that Bilbo was nothing bit Sgt. Arthur Wilson from Dad’s Army - John Le Mesurier?

Put that together with Stephen Oliver’s haunting music, amazing sounds and this beautiful edition - this is a must have!

P.S. My birthday is Sept 3. If any of you own the original cassette version - you know where to find me ;-)

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KちゃんNEWS 2015.01.27

K: I really want to go snowboarding. But can you do it?

S: I can, I have a board too. During high school years…

K: You have? That’s so cool!

S: I used to go with Tegoshi.

K: Tegoshi!?

S: We would get on shinkansen together, we’d meet and go to Naeba. 

K: I find it hard to imagine, Shige and Tegoshi…

S: It was around the time we were 20.

[AUDIO] 150128 KBS COOL FM Kiss The Radio — Reply You (CNU cut)