I can't with this perfection
  • I can't with this perfection

D.O: *korean korean* Wendy Cinderella *korean korean*
All: woahhh
Lay: Shindewell…wella
Chanyeol: Shinderrerra
Chen: Wendy. Wendy.
D.O: Cinderella
Chanyeol: Shindererra
D.O: CINderella
Chanyeol: Ohhh woah Kyungsoo you!
Ryeowook: Say it one more time!
D.OCinderella *with a proud smile* 
Chaneyol: Ohh I knew it would be like this
Ryeowook: Lay-ssi, is the (pronunciation) correct?
Lay: yes. (lol)

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Fifth Harmony - BO$$ at 96.1 KISS Pittsburgh

Watch on fiftharmonyarmy.tumblr.com

Fifth Harmony - Reflection at 96.1 KISS Pittsburgh

The Rusbies 22/8/14 - The Plug Sheffield

Sheffields’ own rock and roll group The Rusbies styled one of our best loved live music venues the Plug.

The very first thing I noticed was that The Rusbies have a wonderful supportive following who would chant and scream which gave the atmosphere an exciting edge, I particularly enjoyed that they threw out a free t shirt to the crowd which went down fantastically- i wouldn’t have minded one myself! .

There was one point during the gig where a slightly inebriated gentleman was given permission to come on stage as it was allegedly the fellows birthday. I don’t know if was a relative or close friend and although some people in the crowd seemed to love the gimmick, for me it really took away some of the shine from the performance.

Despite this interesting interruption it there were many wonderful things about this gig including the vocals. These were spot on sounding very Doherty-esque which may have been emphasised by I think perhaps lead singer Nathan Keeble having a few beverages previously.

The band also threw out a cover of Tainted Love by Depeche Mode a group I really enjoy and I think they did a superb job of this! The drumming was excellent and it was clear that the group have a passion for what they do, and that others share the passion with them.

At the moment they are a very rough and ready group who are incredibly down to earth and more than happy to interact with a crowd, destroying any barrier between audience and performer, which is one of the reasons local groups can grow to be so popular.

Missed this gig? Not to worry! The Rusbies will also be playing local venue The Rocking Chair (@__RockingChair) November 28th.

140829 Good Morning Pops
  • 140829 Good Morning Pops
  • Sera Ryu

[AUDIO] 140829 Good Morning Pops - Sera Cut

- That frog is not poisonous. 

  (저 개구리는 독이 없어.)

- I’ll steady your hand.

  (내가 당신의 손을 굳게 잡아 줄게요.)

- The Met in NYC is definitely the place for art lovers.

  (뉴욕의 메트로폴리탄 박물관은 확실히 예술 애호가를 위한 곳이야.)