I can't with this perfection
  • I can't with this perfection

D.O: *korean korean* Wendy Cinderella *korean korean*
All: woahhh
Lay: Shindewell…wella
Chanyeol: Shinderrerra
Chen: Wendy. Wendy.
D.O: Cinderella
Chanyeol: Shindererra
D.O: CINderella
Chanyeol: Ohhh woah Kyungsoo you!
Ryeowook: Say it one more time!
D.OCinderella *with a proud smile* 
Chaneyol: Ohh I knew it would be like this
Ryeowook: Lay-ssi, is the (pronunciation) correct?
Lay: yes. (lol)


Otabenga Jones & Associates aim to preserve and promote the core principles of the Black radical tradition, and—in the words of the late O’Shea Jackson— work to “OPEN THE EYES OF EACH!!!” The collective is collaborating with the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium to produce a temporary outdoor radio station that will broadcast live from the back of a pink 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Broadcasts will pay tribute to former Bed-Stuy cultural center “the East,” founded in 1969 a hub for creating cultural awareness around the Black Nationalism and pan-Africanist movements.

Learn more about Funk, God, Jazz & Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn.

Free! WEB Radio Iwatobi Channel ES 05 notes

Free! Iwatobi Channel ES Episode 05 (25 August 2014) Guest: Watanabe Akeno (Matsuoka Gou’s seiyuu)
Free!ES Webラジオ イワトビちゃんねるES 第5回  ゲスト: 渡辺明乃 (松岡 江)


(photo taken from the official page

Here I’ll write some notes about the most important/interesting things they say in the second episode of the ES radio. Things to take note of.

Shimazaki Nobunaga -> Zakki (voicing Nanase Haruka) - the radio’s host (the guy, blue shirt)
Watanabe Akeno -> (voicing Matsuoka Gou) - this episode’s guest. (the girl, back shirt)

I have written at the end of each note the episode number and the approximate minute in the broadcast where they said it. And sometimes who says it.

Free! Eternal Summer official site: http://iwatobi-sc.com/
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club official site: http://1st.iwatobi-sc.com/

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