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  • 細谷さんの新しい好物
  • Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hanae Natsuki, Kobayashi Yuusuke

Perverted Hosoya

Hosoya: I talked a lot about how I like knit one piece. In one event, a fan told me “I wear knit one piece today for Hosoya san”. Her shoulder was bare that time, I’m not sure whether it was her camisole’s or bra’s strap but I saw that. And it was black. It was probably her camisole’s strap but in my mind I thought that was her bra’s strap and I said “that’s the best”
Others: LOL
Hosoya: I honestly said “I love that”
Hanae: LOL Then, it’s not knit one piece anymore, it’s bra that you like
Hosoya: Knit one piece is really bad
Hanae: Your favorite is bra, bra’s strap
Yuusuke: Looks like we found out Hosoya san’s new favorite, black bra
Hosoya: Just because I’m a black knight (referring to Daryun)
Hanae: LOL Let’s tweet that
Hosoya: NO NO NO NO! You can’t! Daryun fans will get mad at me. They’ll say, “Oi, don’t put a knight and bra together!”


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Audio never goes viral. If you posted the most incredible story — literally, the most incredible story that has ever been told since people have had the ability to tell stories, it will never, ever get as many hits as a video of a cat with a moustache.
—  Nate DiMeo

SUSPENSE: A small collection of episodes from the popular radio program, Suspense, that ran from 1942-1962. These are mostly from the 40′s and feature some of the major stars of the time. [listen]

1. The Hitch-Hiker (1942)//Orson Welles 2. Sorry, Wrong Number (1944)//Agnes Moorehead 3. The Sisters (1944)//Ida Lupino & Agnes Moorehead 4. Voyage Through Darkness (1944)//Olivia de Havilland & Reginald Gardiner 5. Suspicion (1944)//Charles Russell 6. Angel Face//Claire Trevor 7. The Lady Pamela (1953)//Deborah Kerr 8. The Black Curtain (1943)//Cary Grant 9. Yellow Wallpaper (1957)//Agnes Moorehead

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SBS 목동 두시탈출 컬투쇼엑소 뉴 유닛 프로젝트 첫 번째 엑소 균 인사영상 #엑소균 #EXOGYUN #엑소 #EXO #EXODAY #컬투쇼 #cultwoshow #찬열 #백현 #세훈 #카이 #김태균 #각종행사환영 #개소리에이스보유 #오십견환자보유 #엑소찬커밍쑨 #EXOCHANcomingsoon

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[ENGSUB] 150415 Yoo In Na Volume Up - Baekhyun, Suho, Chen Full Cut