Fresh Air's Podcast Playlist

The holidays are upon us! It’s a great time to load up on podcasts for planes, trains and automobiles. 

Here are some of our recent favorites:

Don’t know how to get a podcast? Ira Glass explains

141126 Blue Night

J: I have never tried to vocalise a female voice!
(Never once since birth?!)
J: Not since birth, I’ve never did so on Blue Night!!

(Guests kept urging him to vocalise as a female, and tfter he does it)
J: Ahh my face turned red

Cr: cosmicsticks

「 Soon opening!  Nestle Cup International Women’s Football Club Championship SP !?

Today (25th) Nestle Cup international women’s football is starting, the tournament where Image was choosed as theme song! Which players are the girls going to watch out for?

The new SCANOMICS episode is on!


[141124] Cultwo Show - Kyuhyun & Zhoumi

141125 SHINee at Ichioshi Morning (Radio) - Otaru Aquarium

MC: It seems that before their Hokkaido concert, SHINee had gone somewhere…?
Key: We went to Otaru Aquarium. We saw penguins. And what was the name of that animal?
Onew: Seal! Seal!
Key: The seals were just naturally placed there outside and we were surprised. It was fun.

Cr: keihissi

Federigo and His Falcon

The one hundred stories which make up Giovanni Boccaccio’s humane and comic masterpiece, come from all over the world. This Renaissance work is considered a landmark in world literature.

The stories are vividly reset by Boccaccio among the flourishing merchant classes in the cities of fourteenth-century Italy. But their witty, satirical, bawdy voice sounds utterly modern, and their subjects - love, fate, sex, religion, morality - are universal.

Radio 3 is retelling ten of these choice Florentine Fancies, adapted from Boccaccio by Robin Brooks, and introduced by Terry Jones. Like the original, our stories are told over ten days, each of which has its own theme. You can hear them every evening in the Essay, and in omnibus form on Sunday evenings in Drama on 3.

Today’s theme is “Lovers who, after many disasters, finally find happiness.”

Courtly Federigo spends every last groat trying to win the affections of the beautiful Monna. But there is only one thing of his that she wants. And it has feathers.

Episode 2 of 10 airs Tuesday December 2, at 22.45 on BBC Radio 3.

Federigo degli Alberighi - John Finnemore

Elena - Carrie Quinlan