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don't you think that yo-landi's look is a text book example of blackface and therefore really racist?We have the white girl painting herself black with red lips dancing around in Africa. that's a really racially charged image and for me and alot of other people its really racist and distasteful.

I’m not saying I support racism or anything like that and I truly, truly apologize if that’s how I came off or am about to come off. I feel artistic expression, for some, is about pushing boundaries. I think Yo-Landi painting her face black or even when the group uses the word “faggot” is the same as Marilyn Manson dressing as the pope or burning a bible. Was it distasteful? Absolutely. That’s their art though, so it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. Also (and please don’t take this demeaning at all) but I don’t think it was done in a malicious way.

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Oh my god my yesterday. December 20, 2011

This was literally the best day of my life.

So i get to mos [radicaltigger] house and were like Omg let’s do something, so we went to little 5 points in search of wonder balls (remember those hollow chocolate balls with the candy inside from like, the 90s?), but after asking in every store we couldn’t find any, so we spent our moneys on iced coffee which was JUST SO GOOOOOD. Then we bought some tapes(the gogos and the breeders), for some free posters, then this homeless man asked us for some money, we said we didn’t have any cash but i asked if i could photograph him, and went on our merry way(all pictures posted). When we got back to mos house, we got invited to hang out with Vivian [fictionallovestory] and quist, so we went to vivs house and saw justine(vivians sister who just had her wisdom teeth removed), then we decided we would go to centennial park so we drive over there and the car ride was just a hoot. It was so great. We watched the ice skaters and some guys were really obviously showing off for me and vivians benefit, then we haggled with the horse drawn carrige ride and took a $100 rise for 9 bucks. Booooom. Then we played on the playground and i fell over then we went back to vivians, and i took a shower cause I was cold and wet and they called me down to watch the snl Dick in a box video(cause I’m getting my sister a Dick in a box for Christmas- a picture of my ex in a box) so i run down and I’m standing there in a towel and vivians dad walks in and I’m just like GOOD. So then mo leaves and me quist and Vivian go to the grove, and there are these super drunk guys 2 tables over and we hear bits of there conversation every so often: “i just wanna ride up on a giraffe!” “i mean, I wouldn’t fuck her the whole time, I’d hang out with you too I swear!” And then Liz came and we were playing never have i ever and we were in absolute hysterics and then my dad comes in, and so we play never have i ever with him! He’s really cool. I live him so much. Liz said shed never had alcohol and my dad said she needed an iep(my dad works with special ed students, and iep is a plan of how to reach a goal). So some night show was on the tv and the American idol judges were on, and the drunk guys were arguing over whether or not Paula abdule was Paula abdule, so finally they asked us, so we all got talking and it turns out we all went to the same high school and it was just a ton of fun. Like. I can’t even believe how much fun I had.

I LOVE my friends.