When I met death too early
I did not pray for you, or beg for time
to peel back like muscle from the bone.
I thought of our child who never was.
Her hair like mine, a blackberry bush of curls.
Your half moon eyes shining
from her face, always giving too much away.
It is my swan song. My final scream.
The cry of women, my good lord.

so the pres of a feminist org that i’m in is srsly offended that some people in the group r openly “man-haters” because it creates an “unwelcoming atmosphere.” 

what kind of inclusive feminist space are we creating if we shun women who have been abused, hurt, or exploited by men 2 the point of hating them? 


Demian Diné Yazhi’ (RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment) hit the grimy streets of the Indian Capital of the World (Gallup, NM) today, initiating our ‪#‎DECOLONIZEFEMINISM‬ wheatpaste poster project. A special “Thank You” goes out to Ryan Dennison (Deadrezkids Records) for his phenomenal rezstyle Blue Bird Flour wheatpaste mix and for driving through familiar territory as an ally & warrior!

For further information on the posters, please email us at: burymyart@gmail.com



anonymous said:

but wait aren't we cis women privileged over trans women? i mean both are disenfranchised in patriarchy but trans women do have it pretty hard. it's hazardous to be a woman in general and REALLy hazardous to be a trans woman.

Nope. If you’re thinking the “one in twelve” myth, that’s been thoroughly, thoroughly debunked. Search it.

We real women have to survive female socialization. We have to survive a 25% chance that we’ll be victims of sexual violence. We have to survive harassment and gaslighting and abuse from birth.

Imagine if you could’ve been raised knowing that your opinion mattered, knowing that you were a real person, knowing to trust yourself. Imagine if you could’ve been raised without the fear of strange men (or only a very little fear), without worrying if you’d be raped or abused or assaulted one day. Imagine if you could go to a store without seeing idealized, objectified versions of people with your anatomy on the front of every magazine. Imagine if when you were a teenager you weren’t forced to wear makeup, boys didn’t snap your bra straps, you weren’t ridiculed for being “too slutty” or “such a prude” or “tease” or “bitch” or “cunt.” Imagine if you could go outside feeling safe because you have a masculine stature and testosterone that allows you to buff up easily. Imagine if you were raised to think that your problems were the only thing that mattered, if you weren’t afraid to speak up and speak over others, if you weren’t taught not to take up space, if you were told that you were worth something. Imagine if people thought your orgasm mattered. Imagine if people thought your happiness mattered. Imagine if people saw you and thought “human being,” not “sex object.” Imagine if your healthcare actually covered your reproductive needs. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay for pads or tampons despite that being an unavoidable bodily function, and were instead given free condoms and then people didn’t blame you or expect you to do anything about it if the condom burst and the girl got pregnant.

Imagine if you had a choice whether to be perceived as female or male.

That’s what it would be like to be a trans woman, right up until the moment you start “passing” as a real woman. And so much of that would stick with you afterward, not just because of socialisation, but because of anatomy.

I’d take that over being born female in a heartbeat.

Just because they tell you you’re privileged doesn’t mean you have to take it.



Ursus arctos horribilis walking with Ursa Major.

8″ x 11″

This print was created for an anarchist eco crust/black metal band from Germany. This image will be used for their merch, but you can grab a print here. They are currently working on their first EP.  You can check out a little more about them at Resist, Rewild Records.

You can get this print HERE.

Watch on theanticlimactic.tumblr.com

By the way made a new video on feminism and forgot to post it but here

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